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Story Approver and formerly sometimes writer. PM me if you have a Story-related question.

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Hey so I figure I'll point out something to you and anyone else who comes here looking to ask questions about story approvals and such. If you look in the upper left corner of the page, you'll see a box that says not only how long this person has been a member of the site, but also THE LAST TIME THEY LOGGED IN.

Sadly as of my writing this it says [Offline: Last seen Aug 20th, 2021]

Meaning they haven't logged into this site for over two years now. So yeah I think they've grown out of ponies. Or so I hope it's just something like that and nothing terrible happened to them. At the very least this sadly means this particular person probably isn't going to give you any answers. ;/

What is the average time to get a story approved?

I think they pretty much abandoned the site

Hi, I kinda deleted my story "Rainbow's of Fate" and kinda want it restored. Thanks if you can.

  • Viewing 291 - 295 of 295
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