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May not be writing at the moment, but... · 7:24am June 5th

I have been starting to pop up on Twitch from time to time. If you're ever interested in poking your head in, take a gander over here. I'm actually about to go live here in a few.

Going to try and sit down and write Wednesday, but finding that it just isn't all that much fun lately. Add in ~10 weeks left in my Bachelor's program, and so many other things to do that are fun, it's difficult to force myself to write.

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Comment posted by GameBoy_Gamer deleted October 9th

Hey, I was led here looking for help. Hopefully I found the right place/ this isn't an annoying question. I made some changes to a story that is already published, is the only way to get those changes published to revoke the submission and resubmit it. Some parts of the FAQ point to this being the case but my specific situation was not fully covered and I didn't want to lose my story. Thank you in advance for any help you can give. Love your profile pic btw

Comment posted by xXNinjafred deleted August 25th

heyo! random user here, i have to follow oyu now, such a great profile paying homage to an even greater anime. anywho..

~see you space cowboy!

Hello there I see that you recently took down two of my stories that you said and i quote "Breaking the rules of no MST3K style stories" but yet you let Deadmanx513 story the mane six reacts to death battle and I was wondering why is that cause I'm sorry to say this but it's such bullshit and please give me a good explanation about it

  • Viewing 259 - 263 of 263
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