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Story Approver and sometimes writer. PM me if you have a Story-related question.

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May not be writing at the moment, but... · 7:24am Jun 5th, 2017

I have been starting to pop up on Twitch from time to time. If you're ever interested in poking your head in, take a gander over here. I'm actually about to go live here in a few.

Going to try and sit down and write Wednesday, but finding that it just isn't all that much fun lately. Add in ~10 weeks left in my Bachelor's program, and so many other things to do that are fun, it's difficult to force myself to write.

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Sorry my story lacked pronunciation

My name is cheerful9 and I've submitted a story. I'm waiting for your approval. Please reply back soon.

Here's a link to my story:https://www.fimfiction.net/story/412974/a-case-of-mystery-and-love

I have a question about the rules. The rules say you can't submit multiple chapters of a story as separate stories. But what if the story has multiple seasons. My story CMCARS (The CMC's Adventures In Radiator Springs) has multiple seasons and I'm almost complete with season 1. Can I make season 2 a separate story?
(I've asked Meeester this question and haven't gotten a reply yet and I really need an answer now because I'm near the end of season one.)

How do I download a picture saved to my phone onto a chapter?

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