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So I'm sorta, kinda, almost famous... I think.


If you were given the chance to go to Equestria, would you take? I sure did, unfortunately for me I had no idea what I was getting into or how my presence would affect everything. Now Equestria is going crazy and only myself and a rag-tag group of new friends can stop the events. But if we do win and Equestria goes back to normal, how will I get home?

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Discord. I know already. Discord is the creepy old guy

Hmm... Know who can the the old guy be? I mean it's not like you gave subtle hints. I can't think of a single person to fit thank descritption.

Sarcasm aside, good story chap.

ok you hav to write more now that you put a cliff hanger there gaa the susspense is killing me

A few spelling and grammar mistakes here and there, such as saying "punch straight threw" instead of "punch straight through" and the a in "Some guys mugging me for a the paper in my wallet."


985667 Thank you for spotting those I'll change them right away.
986029 Soon my friend, I just need to make time betwwen my Fimfiction life and personal life.

I would have actually laughed if the old crazy guy gave him a glass of chocolate rain milk.:pinkiecrazy:

THAT I DO SAY IS DARN RIGHT GOOD AND I CANT WAIT FOR THE REST THERE BUDDY AND I FORGOT ABOUT CAPSLOCK AGAIN......ah well and off to the forest myself while i try and find a place to write my own mind storys

1105905 I'm trying, but DarkWing's My Little Caboose: Blue is Magic is too good to stop reading.

Hey guys Redwolf15 here. New chapter update will be soon. The rest of these are just old chapters already posted. I just deleted the other's and renamed them. Didn't feel like making parts to them, so now there will be smaller inividual chapters. That's all I got.

This chapter is Legen - wait for it - dary!

Dun Dun Dun.....

Obvious cliffhanger is obvious.

God this chapter was a bitch to write. Sorry if it sucks, has massive plot holes, I lost my train of thought, and everything else you have a problem with, I honestly didn't have enough motivation or creativity for it. So if you didn't like it or thought it could have been better, I agree with you. Believe it or not but I was actual able to male it better than it was a week ago.

Here's the answer you want: It was just one of those chapters that you just can't think about without it sucking.
Here's my answer

Seriously though, no motivation. I hate myself for this chapter and apologize. Now if you have any common sense you probably killed yourself because of me, but if you haven't, then I promise you shit will get better. In the next chapter or two.

Spoiler though: shit will get really good in the next two chapters because that's when we finally get to Ponyville. So there's something to get excited about.

1471347 Jesse just went supersayian. Let the badassness comence!:yay::pinkiehappy:

and to the blackness with all.

Huzzah! We're inally done with the Cave. Man this took longer than I expected. Anyway, pretty soon things are going to be looking up. Next chapter our heroes finally reach their destination: Ponyville. But this chapter won't be upload for a while. I've started on two new stories. "A Bleeding Heart" which will be a massive story with so many crossovers from shows and video games. And (the hopefully approved Chessverse story) "A Walking Shadow."

That's right! I'm making a chessverse story. I have yet to send it in for approval, but I hope it makes the cut. If you don't know what the chessverse is, then go kill yourself for not knowing. Or at least go read "The Ballad of Echo" and "Griffin the Griffin" and any other chessverse stories like "The Blue Stranger, The Red Curtain" and "Dancing Flames, Cooling Embers". Seriously so do that, they're amazing.

So quick re-cap as to what is in store for the future:
1. Ponyville
2. Chessverse story
3. Something totally awesome

"When this baby reaches 88 mlp... You're going to see some serious shit." -Doc Brown

before i read this. It is "ally" not "allie"

Chapter title fail aside, great!

Did you spill batter over the walls again?
Then if that was Pinkie... who's flicking the lights?
*turns and sees Nosferatu*
Oh Nosferatu.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! If you love this story (And we all know you do! Don't try and cover it up, you know you wish you had thought of this idea before me!:moustache:) then get a load of my new story: A Painful Past, Bleeding Heart. Have fun cleaning yourself up after reading that. Like, favourite, and keep your eye on me because I'm soon gonna come out with a few more awesome stories real soon.:pinkiehappy:

This is a great story so far keep up the good work will be interesting to see how the main 6 react too everything

1607845 I knew the author name looked familiar.

*Drags out gallons of Root Beer* "Almost"

*Jumbo popcorn maker* "Hmmm, what's missing?.... I know!"

*Recliner complete with Pinkie Pie* "Ready for EPICNESS!!!!!" "YEAH!!!

Okay, lets get a few things out here.
1. Like every other name of a Child's (other than Flora), Chex is also taken from somewhere else. There's a centaur named Chex in a book series called Xanth, she was the first known centaur to have wings, her mother was a centaur but her father was a hippogryph. In that world compatible DNA for breeding is un-needed. Bump uglies with something and you're bound to get a cross-breed of some sort. Anyway, the series is full of magic, lolz, puns, and some mature content. I recomend you give it a try. :moustache:
2. I'm looking for experienced or amateur editors. If you think you're up to the task then P.M. me and we'll talk. I've sent a call to the group Looking for Editors but have had no luck of a response.
Scratch that, got someone.
3. This one is relating to the second one, I'm also looking for artists. Again, P.M. me and we'll talk. And again, I sent a request for anyone in the group Art for Fanfiction and no one has responded. Does anyone even respond to those?
4. I'll be posting this on my other story A Bleeding Herat, Painful Past if anyone's interested.
5. ???:rainbowhuh:
6. Profit.:rainbowkiss:

Oh yeah and one of my favourite Youtubers made a new video. This:

And if you hated this then you'll hate his other ones. And what the hell, here's the link to his channel. Link. And while I'm on the subject as to youtube videos I like, here's something I absolutely love. I guess I love it so much because it's full of random crap that makes no sense. But it's funny as hell and I laugh every time I watch it. And I suppose that's why I love Discord so much. To me, he will always be best pony draconequus character(?) in the show.
Warning: this is very disturbing and I recommend that you don't watch it when young children, concerned parents, or anyone else is around. This is a legitimate warning, I'm serious.

So that's stuff...
I now get the feeling that people are going to be more interested in the youtube videos rather than my story.

1726058 hellbenders and spoilers ahead ftw.

Well it took me what feels like months, but I finally got around to reading this chapter. Still, for some reason when I think about Steel Fang, I just picture Vergil. Or the katana I keep in my room. Either way, I love katanas. Looking forward to more of this story.

1726058I'd be interested in pre-reading. Though it might take me a while. Sometimes school can be a bitch.:ajbemused:

P.P.S. Looking for artist. Anybody interested?

that scene when jesse cut the chaos shield in ponyville so reminded me of kazuma from s-CRy-ed

i missed you, this is a really good story and i was was worried it wouldn't start back up


I missed yoooooou!

Can't wait for moar!

wooooooooooooooooooooooooo first lol love the story so far keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:

If you need abother proofreader, I would be happy to help! : ) I have noticed quite a few instances where you have used the wrong word, and would be willing to help with that. PM me if you are interested!

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