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A hopeless Luna fanatic, and a nerd of all (or at least most) things video game-related. Favorite games include Pokémon, Super Smash Bros, BlazBlue, Metroid Prime, Donkey Kong Country, and more.


In the aftermath of a huge explosion in the Everfree Forest, Ponyville soon finds itself as the new home for Lucario, an "Aura Pokemon" from another dimension. While he avoids explaining what has happened to him and where he came from, he repays his new friends' kindness by protecting them from the evil forces that suddenly appears around Equestria.

Meanwhile, a certain princess of the night watches his every move, unable to judge if this new visitor will bring safety or utter destruction upon the land.

(This story primarily takes place between season 2 and season 3. Elements from season 3 and beyond may occur, but won't have a significant impact on the plot.)

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Pokemon... and ponies? MY LIFE JUST GOT BETTER! now to dig out my old pokemon games and name all of them after MLP characters.


favorite pokemon: lucario
favorite mlp character: luna
instant fav for the win!


500364 favorite pokemon: magikarp.:moustache:

Well, so far I'm liking what I see. Can't wait to see how this story pans out.

500376 Does Magikarp have an awesome nickname? Like Grave?

Decently written? Luna? LUCARIO? I need to read more of this.

keep up the good work

Ponies? Epic.
Pokemon? Epic
Ponies AND Pokemon at one time? Nerd-gasm.

I wouldn't mind proofreading for you, and I very much like the story concept you have going here. Lucario is now best pony. Wait, what?:derpytongue2:

Hmm, a Pokemon Pony Crossfic that does not make me cringe while reading? I will have to follow this :ajsmug:

Magikarps can jump over mountains, MOTHER FUDGING MOUNTAINS.

Pikachu and Twilight approve this story! :twilightsmile:

It's got some decent writing, and it opens up the story very well. Plus, getting the wolves to back off with just one word? BAD@$$!

iv been waiting for this fic (like this one)
i will read and savoir everytime youll update (translation: traking and liking)

*scrolling up and down aimlessly*

Us amateurs gotta stick together, and this fic is just great

You earned yourself another reader :twilightsmile:

:rainbowderp: a LunaxLucario shipfic?
:pinkiehappy: Now THIS I gotta see!

500457 I just might take you up on that offer. Misspellings or wrong choice of words can ruin an entire story in my opinion so I would be very grateful for the help...um, that is if you aren't busy or anything...wouldn't want to be a burden :fluttercry:

500643 Thank you for putting up with my writing. Hopefully I'll improve down the line :raritywink:

503801 Just posted chapter 2. Happy read- Oh wait, you MEAN the second chapter, I get it :twilightsheepish:

oh and good job, im love n it!:pinkiehappy:

Excellent characterization concerning the CMC and Applejack. The only negative points are some run-on sentences which disrupt what would otherwise be a well-flowing story.I would also try being a little less wordy, but don't let that make you think I'm not enjoying the story! Nice concept, and you're executing it well!

503874 Oh Blue Wolf, you scary schizophrenic you :rainbowlaugh:


503878 I will admit that one of my weaknesses in writing is just what you mentioned. Some sentences goes on for WAY too long and I'm constantly confused over just how much I need to describe a situation or a character's thoughts. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it as the story goes on. Thank you for your opinion! :pinkiehappy:

503898 Whoawhoawhoa, dude, take a deep breath...grab a Klondike Bar...and relax. There's more to come, I assure you :twilightsmile:

Wording mistake:
“I…I have to confess that I haven’t paid any intention to the clock tonight.” Luna admitted with a light blush.
It should be attention.
BTW great story so far!:pinkiehappy:

504009 Oh horseapples, how could I have missed that?! Edited and fixed. Thank you for telling me :twilightblush:

I just have one question: Is this the same Lucario that met Ash?

Nice chapter as always. Keep it up :rainbowkiss:

comeon......aura spirit bomb......

503927 ok calm...calm mmmmgfmhsdfh sdzwEVSSVZSDBS S GSRS

I like how Celestia leaned on the fourth wall for a bit.

I wanna be, the very best... DANANA
like no one ever was... DA NA NANA

to catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause... DANANA

This is interesting, i think ya got something there lad, i'll be tracking this to see what will come of it, who knows you might have a future follower if ya keep up the good work.


Looks like SOMEone used a full restore...:rainbowlaugh:

I swear to God, for every chapter of this I'm gonna post another pokemon reference.

I now require DashxGardevior and my life will be complete.

(skipping this part)
these Pokemon, they understand,
the power thats insi-i-i-i-i-e-e-e-e-e-e-PIKACHUUUU!!!

great job with the story, I'm looking forward to seeing more Lucario badass-ness. Keep goin and stay golden^^

504130 Yes...and no. It is the same Lucario from the "Lucario and the Mystery of Mew" movie. However I have heavily rewritten his backstory so that he never met Ash at all, thus the "Alternate Universe" tag. His past is going to play an important part later on, but for now I'll keep it a secret. I'll throw in a few subtle hints in the next chapter.

504818 I'll do my best not to let you down, good sir :twilightsmile:

504905 I'm going to reveal why he healed so fast in the next chapter. SPOILERS: It's not a full restore :trollestia:

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