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I love reading, writing, One Piece, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic... eeyup.


I'm about to give up on school and just write fanfiction for a while · 5:13am Sep 5th, 2012

I am so freaking frustrated! The instructions for the assignment are unclear and I just have no idea what to do now. I'm too mad to work on Yes, Another Human in Equestria Fic right now, I'd just mess it up, but I might jet a on-shot that I got an idea for at A-fest in here. asdfghjklkhgdfrtyghbigyu. *sigh*
I promise I haven't forgotten about it, though. :3

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Hello there, kind Squeaker.
With much delight and a whole lot of awww I've read your brony in Equestria story. Or at least the two chapters it does consist of so far. Just for them you got a favourite, a hoof up and a follow as I don't want to miss anything. I consider it one of the best fictions I have read on this site. It seems as if you do not visit fimfiction anymore, which is very sad. I'd love to read how yor story goes on. That said I can just wait and hope for the best.

Hello there! Thanks for the fav on my story "Luna, There's a Sentient Race Inside Your Mane." :twilightsmile:



This ammuses me. To prove how much we do stalk, (me being one of said followers), I managed to find this page, talking about stalking, through stalking. That's like so many levels of stalker-ception. We must go deeper.

Anyhow, I've kinda ben interested in the idea of a female HiE, so I will be reading this when I get time! I feel I should stop being so bias towards males... Beisdes, it might give me a new outlook on these things. Who knows.

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