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Friendship is Aura - KangTheGuardian

Lucario, the Aura Pokemon, and the newest resident of Equestria.

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My Worried Watcher

”Girls, are you all right?! What the hay do you think you’re doing out here all on your own?! Apple Bloom, what were you thinking?! How many times do I and everypony else have to tell you about-”

Applejack predictably entered her scolding mode the second she caught up with the fillies. When she had arrived at the CMC-clubhouse, it was abandoned, and the three fillies’ saddlebags were missing. It didn’t take a genius of Twilight’s level to figure out where they had run off to after the explosion in the forest.

“Sis, stop it! We don’t have time for this right now. He needs our help!” Applejack was startled at being so suddenly interrupted by Apple Bloom in the middle of her sentence. She was about to give the younger filly another mouthful when she finally noticed the blue figure lying on the ground. Her eyes widened upon seeing the mysterious creature, even more so upon noticing the small puddle of blood that had formed under its body. She worked her mouth pointlessly trying to question the fillies about this, but was yet again interrupted, this time by Sweetie Belle.

“Please Miss Applejack! I know this is all weird and that he looks scary, but he just saved us from being eaten by a pack of timberwolves! If we don't get him to a hospital fast, he'll-”

“That... was... so... AWESOME!”

Sweetie Belle and the Apple sisters all jumped as Scootaloo finally spoke for the first time since the attack. Her eyes were sparkling out of excitement and admiration over what she had just witnessed.

“DID YOU GIRLS SEE THAT?! First it was like *ROAR*, and then it was like *POW*, and then it was like *GASP*, and then it was like 'Leave', and then it was- OH MY FAUST, HE WAS SO COOL!”

Despite having just been in a near-death situation, Scootaloo was skipping up and down around the motionless body, beating her small wings like a hummingbird as she let her inner fan girl out. Considering that the body in question was bleeding to death as she did so, the resulting scene was as equally disturbing as it was hilarious.

“Since when did you turn into Pinkie Pie?” Apple Bloom asked the pegasus, struggling somewhere on the line between smacking her friend over the head and bursting out laughing. “He isn’t going to be that awesome ever again if we let him die here!”

Applejack was still speechless as she watched the bizarre scene before her. Sweetie Belle hunched over the creature on the ground, Scootaloo jumping up and down in circles around it, and Apple Bloom holding on to the pegasus filly’s tail in an attempt to calm her down.

I have no idea what's going on here... but at least it isn't weirder than any of our usual adventures, she thought to herself before finally moving forward to pick up and bring the creature to the hospital.

“We need to stop the bleeding immediately! Hay Dee, prepare disinfectants at once!”

These were the only two sentences Applejack could manage to make out before the hospital lounge erupted in a sea of commands and orders upon her barge through the front doors. The doctors and nurses had only stared at her mysterious patient for a brief moment before dashing away in all directions to prepare an operating room, a bed table, and various medical tools Applejack could never hope to recognize by name. Sacred Trot Hospital may not be the greatest hospital in Equestria, but its workers were professionals by the looks of things. As she let a pair of doctors pick the creature off her back, Applejack was approached by a familiar white-coated and pink-maned earth pony.

“Miss Applejack, what happened? More importantly, what kind of species is the patient? A diamond dog? We need to know if we’re going to give it the right treatments,” Nurse Redheart asked in a focused and professional voice. Applejack’s response was anything but that.

“We were- I mean THEY were- I don’t know what they- I just found- and that thing was-” It wasn’t necessarily because Applejack was in shock over the recent events that she stumbled with her words. First off, she DIDN’T know what kind of animal the creature was. Secondly, the explanation she had gotten from the three fillies on their way out of the forest hadn’t been very informative. Redheart was impatiently staring at Applejack and stomping her hoof when Sweetie Belle suddenly spoke behind her.

“I don’t think it’s a diamond dog, Miss Redheart. Miss Cheerliee had us read about them not too long ago in school, and I’ve never heard of a diamond dog that can talk without moving its mouth or glow in blue magical energy.”

Applejack and Nurse Redheart both stared dumbfounded at the small unicorn. Talk without moving its mouth? Blue magical energy? Was she describing the patient or a character from a children’s story? Yet her description was told very calmly and coherently, as if she really was telling them the honest truth. She wasn’t even paying attention to the chaotic scene around them.

Leave it to the innocent fillies to stay calm like this in an emergency, Applejack thought to herself, suddenly very embarrassed by her inability to keep her own cool. Nurse Redheart shook herself from her confused state and sighed.

“That’s sadly even less for us to go on then. We’ll treat it with our safest options for now until we have more to go on. You are free to go, Miss Applejack. We’ll take it from here.”

With that, she turned around and joined her co-workers. Realizing that waiting for the treatments to finish would take several hours, and that none of them really knew the patient, she gathered the cutie mark crusaders and left the building. Just as she left, one of the doctors spoke.

“Hay Dee?”

“Yes, Doctor Box?”

“Did you just treat the patient with some kind of miracle potion, or has its wounds started to heal up by themselves?”

Night had finally fallen over Ponyville. By now, the mysterious explosion was the village’s number one topic of gossip. Many ponies were still awake in their houses, talking to their friends and families about the peculiar day. The rumors of Applejack bringing some kind of canine-like creature to the hospital shortly afterwards was another hotly discussed topic among the villagers.

The hospital itself had actually quieted down rather quickly. To the doctors’ surprise, it seemed like their unknown patient had fewer wounds for every hour that passed. By the time it was given a room to spend the night in, it only had a few bandages covering the deeper wounds. Needless to say, the personnel of Sacred Trot were stunned. At this rate, the creature would be fully healed and ready to leave the very next day.

The blue creature was sleeping rather peacefully in its bed. It hadn’t regained consciousness after collapsing in the forest, despite the bumpy ride on Applejack’s back and the deafening voices that greeted them upon arriving at the hospital. Hay Dee had actually tried to poke it in the nose with a scalpel in an immature experiment to test its slumber. The end result was a still sleeping patient and Hay Dee turning into Doctor Box’s daily punching bag.

Visiting hours were long since over, and security guards were now patrolling outside the rooms. The hospital staff had decided to increase security once they realized that someponies would even break inside just to read one of their books. Yet none of the guards had noticed the figure that now stood by the bed and studied the creature sleeping in it. Her dark blue mane floated in the air, sparkling like the night sky itself. She didn’t know how long she had just stood there and watched it. In her heart, she knew it was pointless, but she felt like the creature would go on a rampage the second she took her eyes off it.

“Is this how you spend your nights nowadays, Luna?” a sudden voice asked behind her. The only thing that kept the princess of the night from jumping up in fright was the familiarity of the voice. It still surprised her a bit, and she swiftly turned around to face her companion.

“Sister? What are you doing up so late?” Luna asked upon seeing her elder sister Celestia standing behind her. The princess of the sun wore her usual motherly smile as she stepped closer to her younger sister.

“I noticed that you left Canterlot quite a while ago. I’m not usually up this late, but I wanted to see what you were up to.” Celestia let out a loud yawn as she finished her explanation, making Luna feel a little guilty over making her sister to stay up so late.

“You should be resting, dear sister," she said as she stepped up and gave her sister a quick nuzzle. "The council will certainly have many questions waiting for you tomorrow regarding the... incident.”

“Yes, don’t remind me." Celestia kept her smile as she nodded, "Thankfully, Twilight sent me a letter detailing what transpired here. It was quite thorough, despite that she hadn't actually met the subject in person before sending it.” She cast a quick glance at the sleeping creature before turning back to Luna. “It seems you’ve kept yourself busy here for a long time. Do you know just HOW long you’ve been gone?”

“I… I have to confess that I haven’t paid any attention to the clock tonight,” Luna admitted with a light blush.

“Good, because trust me, you REALLY don’t want to know,” Celestia answered with a laugh. It was still hard to believe for most ponies that their eternal ruler was keen on making subtle jokes whenever she found the opportunity. Those who did know about it loved her even more for it. Luna normally loved her for this as well, but her otherwise usual smile was now replaced by a concerned frown as she slowly walked back to the bed. Celestia quickly noticed her sister’s gloomy behavior. “What is wrong, Luna?”

“Sister, why is it that… you’re so calm about all of this?” Luna asked. Celestia gave her a puzzled look.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean regarding this!” Luna pointed her hoof towards the bed. “You felt it as well as I did. The huge burst of magic or... whatever that energy was that pretty much covered all of Equestria today. I think we both realize that whatever triggered that explosion…” She once again glanced back toward the bed. “… was this thing.”

Celestia regarded the theory for a moment. She didn’t doubt that the creature resting peacefully in the bed was extremely powerful. Even she, Luna, and Discord could never display such a strong outburst of energy without unleashing nearly all of their power. Before she could get any further on that, thought, Luna spoke again.

“I presume you have never seen this kind of creature before either.”

“No, I can’t say I have." Celestia searched through her memories. "After ruling Equestria for a thousand years, I’ve seen my share of strange creatures, but I’m afraid this one has avoided me.”

“Then it’s just all the more dangerous! We don’t know what it is, where it came from, what it can do, or what it is PLANNING to do. It could be the greatest threat Equestria has ever known! We should-”

Luna’s plan remained unspoken as she felt a hoof on her shoulder. She turned around and saw her sister’s smile replaced by a frown. The kind of frown that said 'I don’t know what you were going to say, but don’t do it.' Luna let out a shaking sigh before starting over.

“I’m just scared, sister. I know that we should love and tolerate every creature in Equestria if possible but… I’m scared of what this thing could do to all our subjects if it should choose to do something. I’ve finally broken free from my thousand-year long banishment, and I’ve gained so many new friends. I just can’t bear the thought of anything happening to them…”

The hoof disappeared from her shoulder and was replaced by a comforting wing hugging her body like a blanket. For a moment, Luna just stood there, enjoying the all too familiar warm embrace that Celestia had given her throughout the years, ever since they were fillies. Once the wing finally unwrapped itself from her, Luna could see her sister's smile returned to her face.

“The future scares us because it is unknown to us, my sister. Just like how we don’t know anything about him.” She tilted her head towards the creature. “But I believe that once we get to understand the unknown, it will soon feel as familiar, safe, and close to us as anything else we know and love. All we have to do is to give it a chance.”

Celestia gave her younger sister one last nuzzle before walking to the back of the room, her horn briefly flashing as she teleported away in a glow of yellow light. Luna stayed behind for a few more minutes, reflecting over her sister’s words. She looked back at the bed and realized that she still couldn’t make herself trust the creature just yet. She needed more time, more answers.

“Then I will keep watch over you,” she told it, knowing that it wouldn’t wake up. She stepped back as well and began to charge her horn.

“I will find out everything there is to know about you.” The blue light from her horn engulfed her as she disappeared.

So that you may never scare me again…

To be continued…

Author's Note:

Many thanks to Icestar156 for proofreading the chapter, and also to Niarro Moreau for helping me with editing.

I would like to thank you all for your reactions toward this story so far. I’m having a blast writing it, I can tell you! Once again, feel free to leave any comments, criticisms, advice or thoughts in the comment section below.

There were a couple of Scrubs-references in this one. Hay Dee, Doctor Box, Sacred Trot Hospital, I just love making these pony puns. Oh yeah, and the name of the chapter (My Worried Watcher) also references how every episode of the show is named My (x), His (x), Her (x) and so on.

I apologize if this chapter was somewhat shorter than the last one. It was a good place to end the chapter and I believe it is better to upload a short, well paced chapter more frequently than uploading a huge chapter that some of you may not even be able to read through in one sitting.

Next chapter the story finally focuses more on our main hero. Look forward to it!

- KangTheGuardian -