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Age: 25
Country: Poland
Hometown: Wrocław
Nationality: Polish/Greek
Occupation: Student
Hobbies: reading fantasy books, playing video games
Goals in life: become a successfull writer, have fun
Mentality: borderline insane

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2426720 Finished chapter for Infinite Potential, will be working on Rebirth of the Damned next, about 2 or 3 chapters, after that I will see if I am well enough to write a good Stars in the Making chapter

2413146 Cool. I know what ya mean about the time and everything. I just love the story and you know how it is when you pick up a book and it's so compelling that it bugs you until you find out what happens

2412652 Hm, I did publish chapter 5 not so long ago... considering it was over a year since chapter 4, I did not expect to be asked about next chapter so soon ;p

I'm currently working on chapter for Rebirth of the Damned, but gonna work on Infinite Potential right after I finish it^^

I hate to be a bother but are still working on Infinite Potential? I really love that story.

  • Viewing 155 - 159 of 159
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