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Short bio

Age: 27
Country: Poland
Hometown: Wrocław
Nationality: Polish/Greek
Occupation: Archaeologist
Hobbies: reading fantasy books, playing video games
Goals in life: become a successfull writer, have fun
Mentality: borderline insane

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Hi, can't reply to you through PM for some reason, here's a reply:

Hi, sorry it took me a bit to reply, was awfully busy. Anyway, here's my discord contact: Borsuq #8131. I don't really use Discord too often though, and even when I do I mostly only chat.

Huh, dunno what to tell you, I guess this site has its bugs :/ I for example sometimes can't send PMs to certain people. It still shows up for me that you are my follower though.

i do not see it next to your name

Hm? What do you mean?

  • Viewing 175 - 179 of 179
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