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Age: 30
Country: Poland
Hometown: Wrocław
Nationality: Polish/Greek
Occupation: Archaeologist
Hobbies: reading fantasy books, playing video games
Goals in life: become a successfull writer, have fun
Mentality: borderline insane

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Ugh, those notifications about user page...

Yeah, it's about Warrior Cats, been kinda obsessed with them ever since I got back into reading them, and can't stop thinking about this story :twilightsheepish:

Here's a link to AO3 and Warriors Fanfiction Wiki, whichever is more comfortable for you^^ Hope you enjoy it^^

Phew, nice to hear that you're doing at least okay! I'll check that story out too, it's the one about warrior cats right?

Yeah, I'm alright, thanks for asking^^ Sorry for not updating my stories here, I've been too engrossed with writing a Warriors fanficion :twilightsheepish: I will try to write something here soonish. I just can't seem to focus on my MLP stories

Hey there! You doing alright? Remembered about you and your awesome stories and decided to check up on ya.

  • Viewing 185 - 189 of 189
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