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Whirlwind, one of the newest Wonderbolts, is a on a brink of finally returning to active duty. Her wounds from the fire had almost healed, and today is her final day of recovery. But a shadow of uncertainty looms over her thoughts. Will Prism Bolt, her former boyfriend and one of her best friends, be able to disperse it?

Story dedicated to a special friend^^

Universe and characters by: kilala
Cover art by: Faith-Wolff
Edited by: Zaleros, Lazygamer313
Proof-read by: Bazing, Sage Probo, guardianxela

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 5 )

saw this coming the moment that cover art appeared in my watch notifications

Always enjoy more Prism.

Oh my god this is now my favorite next gen story. I love this pairing and the fact that Amber was in it and all her little lines got me laughing so much. Your a great writer and I'd love to see even more of your work in the next gen group. Keep on writing!

Am I missing stuff?

What do you mean?

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