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An aspiring writer just looking to make his mark.


This is my first entry into Kilala's 'Fun Fact Fan Fic' contest.

Fun Fact: Whirlwind is terrified of fire

I will be writing based on my own NON-CANON ideas and I will be borrowing a little bit from the events in Kilala's picture "Burn", Enjoy.

Whirlwind has finally accomplished her dream of becoming a Wonderbolt. But when a house fire breaks out in Ponyville, Whirlwind finds herself facing her worst fear. After sustaining a crippling injury, Whirlwind will find comfort in one of her best friends. Though she might just find a little more then just comfort.

Cover art drawn by Kilala97, and colored by Soulnik

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 3 )

Nice little story. Good luck with future stories. You may want to mark this story as complete though.

She may have gotten the lob a few weeks ago

I think you meant to say "gotten the job a few weeks ago", it's always a good idea to read through after you have posted your works, it helps you spot some of your errors. I still like reading stories like this, I enjoyed this.

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