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After a bad crash, Whirlwind needs her wing bandaged. Just so happens that her best friends/ex boyfriend happens to be with her.

(a one-shot with kilala97's characters)

Chapters (1)
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Ebrony stallion, eat your heart out

5236902 Hey now, he's still a good writer.

5237037 thats not what i meant.

cause whenever he sees a PrismXwhirlwind story I believe he screams like a little fangirl

A story centered around my OTP? Consider it faved!

That was sweet. Good job. I wish you good luck with future stories.

There's a random "a" at the end of the line where Prism mentions Candy wrapping his wings.

When Dash acknowledges the kids, you used "you're" (you are) instead of "your" (possessive).

"It's what I, a supreme gentlecolt, does."

This is a bit awkward. Add in "as" between the first comma and the "a", and change "does" to "do", so it reads out as;
"It's what I, as a supreme gentlecolt, do."

And this made me crack up;

It wasn't until Cloud Chaser noticed her daughter and Rainbow Dash's sin walk in that she spoke up.

That's either a typo, or a bad opinion on Prism.

Nice story overall, though.


First off, it's Ebony Stallion (unless you were making a joke about putting Brony in Ebony, which then, I compliment you for your cleverness), and I don't fangirl scream...I just get uber-excited. I'm sorry that I hadn't updated lately...the latest chapter is just becoming brutal for me.


Thank you for that compliment. The story itself was nice...although too short for my liking. You got points though for Prism and Dubz and their little miracle Raine. Respect, man.

Haha so cute especially the ending.

D'aaw :rainbowkiss:
A little short...but I love it anyways :rainbowkiss:

Dawwwwww, so cute! *dies from cuteness*:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

her daughter and Rainbow Dash's sin walk in

I think you mean "Rainbow Dash's son", don't just rely on spellcheck to correct you, sometimes you need to come back and look at it after a few minutes.

"My favorite was crashing into the throne room at Canterlot castle." funniest line xD

Why is it tagged 'Incomplete'?

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