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Hi, I'm EllyCoo. But you can call me Elly or Amy. I'm french so excuse my grammar errors and all that. Thanks! Hope you like stuff I do



Cotton Candy always thought that Prank Partners pranked together. A team, ya know? But when Prism tells her Prank Partners always prank each other harmlessly, the mare has a bright idea of a prank. And with her mad acting skills, he'd totally fall for it.
She spends the entire afternoon preparing it, knowing it was going to be hilarious. Well, hilarious at 80%... 60%... 4- NO. It was going to be hilarious at 100%. She was (pratically?) sure of it. It was a totally harmless joke. What would go wrong?

Nothing, it just went weird.

The characters belong to kilala97. She's my favorite artist and OC maker. She's also an awesome writer!
PLEASE ask me through PM before submitting to any groups.

This story has a sequel,Love's Complicated

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Its a great piece of writing with an awesome storyline, and I'm now hooked on the shipping.
I would recommend continuing! You have a genuinely amazing style.
My only complaint is that the details are a little vague. Linger on the words, brushing and styling them until they glitter like diamonds.
For example:

fell on his back miserably.

You could replace it with-

Toppled over with a barely audible grunt, his face still painted in the same emotionless look.

Otherwise, I loved the story! Following and faving!

That was awesome. Needs another chapter, where either Candy tells Prism it was a prank and he laughs it off, or he convinces her to be his marefriend. Good luck with future stories.

And thus they get married because after Candy learns how he feels she doesn't want to hurt his feelings and goes along with everything xD

5168631 I know I'm suck hard at writing details. :c I just had 4 years of english studying, and it was only once a week. And now that I'm back to France, I can't study english ^^; Plus, I I didn't want Gummy to make any noise. Just fall miserably. That was on purpose ;) But thankies for the lovely comments!

5168652 It was supposed to be a One-Shot. And I don't have any ideas for a continuation... I might draw one last panel. But yeah, Cotton has a crush on him x3 Why would she feel nervous and everything? :pinkiehappy:

5168756 Ooorrrrrrr I thought of like:

Cotton Candy: ... Wait, what?
Prism Bolt: Oh I probably look dumb right now but Candy! I love you so much!
Cotton Candy: I love you too. Wait, what?!!

Like, she doesn't realise what her mouth says and then discovers she also has feelings for him and well... yeh, they date, get married and have foals!

I really loved the story! it was well written and the storyline was awesome to follow!
Oh and what a cute ship you have there, don't make it a Titanic.
Anyway, keep on writing!

5169050 Aw! You're so nice ;v; I'm really glad you liked it.

Lol cute idea o3o I ship PrizDubz (PrismxWhirlwind) but I could still see CandyBolt -3-


Ooooor where Prism realized this was a setup, and turned it around on her.

So he waits for a few minutes until rescuing her from the awkwardness by admitting he got her good.

Of course, by this time, she's studied her inner feelings and realized she actually does like him...

She was in a parc


"You're maybe my prank partner, but partners can prank each other!" Should probably be...

"You may be my prank partner, but partners can prank each other!"

"I can't afford an armor... Plus, it would be weird."

An armor? I am not entirely sure what you are talking about. Do you mean a suit of armor like chain mail or plate? If so you should say...

"I can't afford armor" or "I can't afford a suit of armor"

Regardless I like the pairing so keep going.

5170238 Did I say parc... Oh my fucking god I told myself "Remember it's park with a K!" and there, I forgot! xD
And yeah it's an armor suit thing. What else could it be?


Honestly I could not think of anything (except perhaps amour but that would be very different) but I wanted to be sure because I wanted to be sure I was correcting the right problem.

5171629 I think armour is just the british and australian and maybe other accents
I use the American one. ... Most of the time x'3


Lol not armour/armor I mean the word "amour" which is a word that can mean "a love affair".

5171661 xD Lol! Nah, modelling an amour with dough over someone isn't possible xD


However this story could lead to an amour if given time...

Finally a CandyBolt story. YES!!!

5172111 Candybolt is best Prism Bolt ship and best Cotton Candy ship.

Bah...this needs a chapter or two more, at least. It's a cute short story, to be sure. Just think it could benefit from more.

Of course, I'm biased towards longer stories. I always want to see the 'and then what happened...?' stuff. :twilightsheepish:

5173740 I understand that feel... xD
Might add an extra-chapter

5173758 Thanks for the comment! Yayyy my story has been sealed :rainbowkiss: It was supposed to stop here but since you guys insist an all... :ajsmug: Might as well write a chapter.

Still, the word 'an' doesn't fit.

Bolt said he always wanted an armor

It should be either 'a suit or armor' or just 'armor'. An needs to be taken out because its grammatically incorrect.

I can't afford an armor

Here, along with the aforementioned change options, you also have the option of changing it to 'any armor' so it reads 'I can't afford any armor'.

5173802 So...... "He wants armor" is supposed to be correct?

5175759 Yes it is. I can point out the basics of English grammar (and punctuation) if you ever need it.

5175924 I want armor. It sounds pretty strange to me...

5176125 Well, things are going to sound strange when learning a foreign language. For instance, I'm studying Spanish. Sentences like "es una ciudad grande" are complete sentences despite the fact that it literally translates to "is a big city." In English, that's incomplete because there's no subject. It's not unusual for the subject to be implied in Spanish.

Another one: "la cultura no es indígena nunca mas" literally translates to "the culture is not indigenous no more." In English, double negatives are wrong, but they're proper in Spanish.

So, yes. Things are going to sound strange in another language, regardless of which language you're learning.

I got to say, this was quite decent.
However, the only criticisms I have is the following:
- You were making it very obvious that the cake isn't a prank but a gift. I recommend that you try to cleverly hide the fact that it is a gift; because in the end, it ends up feeling predictable.
On the bright side, I liked how you expressed how Cotton felt about what she was going to do. It made up for the criticism above, despite being hindered by that criticism above. Also, the humor was kind of funny; not LOL hilarious,but chuckle worthy.
So, overall, I liked it. It's not the best, but it's a good one nonetheless.:twilightsmile:


You're welcome, my friend.:twilightsmile:

I thought the pony term was "coltfriend"

5183294 I stick to canon terms. And the canon terms are girlfriend and boyfriend.

Do you mind if I put Dear Princess Celestia in the Equestria Girls group?

Nice idea having them flip back and forth about who was pranking who. Thanks for the sequel chapter. It was nice to read.


10 out of fucking 10!!!

5227714 Thanks to you!

5227727 I'll do a sequel like that. You can ^^

Great!! The problem is now I want more!!!

5246583 I'll wrote a sequel <3

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