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This is a site about Ponies..... Why is it so awesome?


“Do you remember the day we first met?”

Celestia has been having recurring dreams; dreams that she wishes would go away. But they won't, they only increase in their frequency. One night, she gives in and visits that statue in the royal garden. The statue that haunts her sleep. The statue of her one true love, the statue that she made. That night, under the statue, she remembers the day they first met.

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Looks promising. Looking forward to reading

Another FlimFlam masterpiece. Impossible to disappoint readers. :eeyup:

Well isn't this a nice surprise :derpyderp2: you didn't even tell me :pinkiesmile:

Hmm... enjoying this so far. I will keep watching :)

Commence read.


Great and Powerful Discord.

I kinda like the idea that Trixie is somehow the great, great, great, etc, descendent of Discord. :pinkiecrazy:

Interesting take on this type of fic.

I would give it a shot IF this was set after the events of "keep calm and flutter on"... Then again Discord's character development was dumped (along with that of Trixie) so you might as well imply that it never happened:twilightoops:

not what i was exspecting was hoping they would meat like if tia ran away and he found her but lets see were this gose:coolphoto:

I have always had a soft spot for this particular ship. I'm not sure why though.

So . . . is Trixie considered the "daughter" of Discord then? I'm seriously confused about that.

Also I keep thinking this Curator guy may turn into King Sombra. I mean he's already king and lives in the Crystal Empire.

That picture. My god. It's so Disney.

And that alone is enough to make me want to read this.

Who's the artist?

You have my attention. Please, continue.

Didn't Art Inspired have a story with the same premise and name?

2181219 I don't know. Maybe. I dont follow that guy. If so then it is by coincidence.

2181251 Actually, it turns out I'm an idiot. :facehoof: Similar premise, except a bit more melancholy than yours, and it's called "When You Were Young"
My mistake.

Discord X Celestia fic = FAVORITE in my scale.

I don't know why there aren't more of these. The pairing its so obvious it is almost like a sure thing.

2181318 no problem Redigar, happens to the best of us. Always nice to have you comment.

PS sorry this story didn't make you ejaculate.:pinkiesad2:

i thought faust was a cuss word in pony language... it just like sayingg Queen F*** :facehoof:

2181376 My reputation precedes me. :moustache:

Also, the irony in your avatar made me chuckle.

2181405 I'll take that as a victory:twilightsmile:

218142 :rainbowlaugh: That comment made me laugh WAY more than I should have

finally, a discord x celestia fic! took long enough!


Curator huh? Does this tie in with "For the Ones we Love"?

dkfjsjdfiurehwgv Luna is so cute <3

2181530 I'll never tell!:raritywink: But no, I just like the character too much and felt like he got screwed over a bit in FTOWL. This has nothing to do with FTOWL, just like the dragons in Their Story aren't related to the ones in FTOWL either. So just enjoy the fact that he is back and alive. And apparently the father of Cadance!:raritystarry:

Comment posted by CaveRave deleted Nov 1st, 2013

Please do continue this intrepid adventure.

The title is too similar to Art Inspired's "When You Were Young" - another Discord x Celestia fic.

2181426 Go away, you're supposed to be dead.

*Click Read Later because he is busy

I really like how you went about combining the history of some of your writing along with the show's recently shown history. Can't wait to see where this goes.

hmm you've perked my interest lets see how this goes:duck:

This is off to a brilliant start! I've never really read any fics about Celestia and Luna when they were younger, (Well, maybe one or two) but the concept of it seemed interesting. Your grammar is good, the dialogue is natural and funny and the story is great so far! Keep up the good work!

Oh god no... you turned Discord into trixie please no

Celestia and Luna as fillies.
Curator before he turns into Conquest (Sombra). Symphony as his bride, and now we have a theory for Cadence!!
Queen Fausticorn as Celesia, Curator, and Luna's mommy!!!!! Even better, Queen Fausicorn, period!!!!
The arrival of the Spirit of Chaos, and Discord isn't bat-shit crazy!!!! And Celestia likes what she sees....a ship literally a millenium or two in the making...

INSTANT FAVE!!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::raritystarry::raritystarry::yay::yay:

Hmm I wonder if Trixie is a descendent of Discord?:trixieshiftright:

Oh man... this is miles beyond awesome! Celestia as a teenager, as a normal pony! It's BRILLIANT and something I've never seen before!

'Stache, 'stache, 'stache!

We all knew it was coming at some point.Celestia and Discord just somehow fit together.

Your pre readers and editors do a great job, though I know you wrote the story I think they deserve an applause

You're off to a strong start. I like the idea of Luna as a metalhead, for some reason...

No grammar or spelling mistakes that I can see, and this appears to be quite the interesting plotline so far. Well done.

Luna: "You had sex?!"
That was so funny. xD

All in all, here's my rating board:
Story: 10/10
Grammar: 9.8/10
Spelling: 9.8/10
Detail: 9.7/10
Pacing: 9.7/10
Altogether Mark: 10/10

Great job!

2183558 So, there were grammar and spelling errors? Please, elaborate.

2183490 I like the idea of every pony as a metal head, mainly because I am one.

Comment posted by FluttershyisMetal deleted Feb 26th, 2013

“That’s not how it works, Celestia,” said her mother. “As a Goddess, I cannot intervene unless it is of the most crucial nature. If I were to solve everypony’s problems with magic, they would become too reliant on me and it could have disastrous results on the world as we know it.”

And this is why praying to win the lottery doesn't work.:ajsleepy:

One: This is looking really interesting. Good on.

Two: This line:

At this rate she’ll transform faster than Cadence did.

That is totally my head canon in regards for Cadence being an alicorn. Well played my friend.

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