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Ebony Stallion

Hello, my name is Ebony Stallion. I am new to this site. I am not what you call a brony per se...but I am greatly interested in the MLP stories nowadays. I hope to make a mark here.

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It's my B-Day! · 8:04am January 5th

Another year has come and gone, and am now 24. Accomplished a bit between last year and this year:

- Started my campaign to 100% all Pokemon games (still on Gen 1 and 2. Currently speedrunning Crystal for Celebis)
- Left my job at Subway and finally got a better job at my local grocery store
- Finally got my Nintendo Switch
- Got the Bombshells finally drawn (and have a story coming soon by Calico)
- Remodeled my room
- Made some new friends on FA and otherwise.

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ohhh, alright. thats fine, i just hope you get to make that mark on here some day!

I don't know if I will. Sorry.

will you ever return? I love your story, please continue!

Kilala97 or as she's known now, Kilalaaa. If you've been around the fanart circle, you should know who she is. This pic was actually a cover art for a story I did of her two characters, Prism Bolt and Whirlwind, that she decided to make for me. I decided to use it as my icon because some troll was being an asshole, having bashed my old pic (which wasn't all that great in retrospect).

Nice profile pic, who drew it?

  • Viewing 45 - 49 of 49
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