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Ebony Stallion

Hello, my name is Ebony Stallion. I am new to this site. I am not what you call a brony per se...but I am greatly interested in the MLP stories nowadays. I hope to make a mark here.


Regarding my stories · 5:56am Jan 30th, 2020

Hey, everyone... it's your pal, Ebony Stallion.

I know it has been a long, LONG time since we have seen each other. I bet so little of you remember me. The only noteworthy thing I have done really is on this site is make a not half bad smutfic starring a OC Couple from an artist who isn't into MLP anymore (we miss you, kilala97).

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It's my B-Day! · 8:04am Jan 5th, 2019

Another year has come and gone, and am now 24. Accomplished a bit between last year and this year:

- Started my campaign to 100% all Pokemon games (still on Gen 1 and 2. Currently speedrunning Crystal for Celebis)
- Left my job at Subway and finally got a better job at my local grocery store
- Finally got my Nintendo Switch
- Got the Bombshells finally drawn (and have a story coming soon by Calico)
- Remodeled my room
- Made some new friends on FA and otherwise.

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WINNER! · 12:00am Jun 1st, 2015

Allow me to present to my followers the winner of the Fun In The Sun Contest!

The Amulet of Marea by Kirb

Come and read this winning fic!

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Do you love big-breasted women in bikinis? · 7:45pm Mar 27th, 2015

Well, I hope so. 'Cause there's a contest!

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Apologies · 8:00pm Mar 19th, 2015

Hey, a fellow member of the site had brought to my attention something that I might had done wrong.

I was trying to promote a couple of posts, about bikini-clad mares and getting stories based on their pictures, and I think I might had gone a little overboard in getting it out there, and the member 'The Abyss' had told me that it was 'spam'

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A new story approaches! · 12:46am Aug 25th, 2014

Okay, everybody, I have a new story for you to come and enjoy, starring the mares of kilala herself...

Or for you Weird Al fans out there, Like A Surgeon.

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My brand new story! · 8:03pm Jun 16th, 2014

Well, after four months of hard work and trying to get myself motivated, as well as a few extra days trying to get things in order, I had finally finished it. I hope you people will enjoy this story, though warning, this is a clop-fic...a rather clean clop-fic, but a clop-fic no less.

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