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Where do you think I got the idea for the name of it? :D

I certainly didn't have that in mind when I was writing it--I don't even know what that is--but 6013593 must have snuck that reference behind my back. Ah well. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Emoticons/shrug_Luna_apple.png


Man, that story was hot.

What's the point of having a fertility enhancement, and then having them use protection for the rest of the story? It's such a tease for those with impregnation fetishes :fluttershbad:

6014188 Well, sorry for teasing you, but I never said this story had that. As far as I was concerned, I was just stating what the Amulet's powers were. :applejackunsure:


Has Daring ever fuck a dragon?

6014309 I'm guessing she might have. Who knows what goes on on her adventures?


Well, it's a http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheLawOfConservationOfDetail thing. If removing the fertility enhancement from the amulet doesn't affect the story at all, then there's really no reason for it to have been written to even have said powers in the first place, at least in a short one-shot like this one. Since it had zero effect on anything, it feels like a red herring. It's not a dealbreaker, just a minor quibble.

I mean, unless you're planning on writing a sequel or something.

6014548 This is true, though to be fair to me, Zeph and I were really rushed in writing this and didn't have time to remove little details in it like that--we had to meet the contest deadline, after all.


6014548 6014621
These said and I'm still telling Kirb that we CAN write a sequel where that specific detail will show up.
How does that sound for you, hmm?

Hmm...Amulet of Marea...Amulet of Mara...why? why...WHY LYDIA!

6014907 I swear to god, that was completely unintentional on Dana and my parts. (But not on Zeph's... I feel betrayed somehow.) Hell, I don't even know where the Amulet of Mara is from.


6017571 It's from The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. When you wear it, if you have done favors for someone (like retrieving a lost weapon, or giving someone an item) or they are our follower, they will allow you to ask to marry them.

6018407 I see, thanks for the info. I also see that this story isn't getting as positive reception as my previous fics. To be honest, it wasn't one of my better ones. Hopefully my next story, The Best of Both Worlds, gets better reception.


6018696 Probably disliked because people were hoping for a sexy MlP-Skyrim crossover clopfic instead of this. Possibly with Fluttershy having fun times with Parthurnax or Odahviing.(2 dragons in Skyrim.)

6018896 Ah. Well, I guess we can blame Zeph for giving me the title idea, but I really didn't know what else to call it, sooo... :twilightsheepish:


This story won The Fun in the Sun contest. Congratulations!

Your deserved prize from me is a review. Without further ado, I present to you:
Bad Dragon’s review of: The Amulet of Marea

You 3 writers did a marvelous job and should be proud of yourselves.

Out of curiosity, why does the amulet cause increased fertility?

Well, Dash is less aerodynamic now. But she will be able to get over it by the sheer power of her awesome!
Judging by Daring, it won't be killing her back and she's also more sex dynamic now, so that's more or less double win for her :rainbowlaugh:
Good thing she's always ready to prevent any unwanted kids. So triple win!
Also her friends will be jealous. That is another kinda-sorta win, as long as it isn't a hindrance instead of just teasing.

So, bigger tits/dicks, increased fertility, extreme horniness, and the last one being only temporary. Interesting.
Well, Daring's jugs are massive now, let's hope it won't cause her undue problems not only with her back but also in other situations when she has to squeeze through something narrow :rainbowlaugh:

I like how you drop tiny hints of previous fics, makes a thin continuity there (mentioning the human who is from Spring is in Bloom I presume).

Speaking of continuity, Daring mentioned no longer having a gag reflex thanks to a "flower" she once encountered. and then hinted that her ability to bottom out Soarin's now-monster is thanks to that as well, yet there's no story about that in your repertoire.
Any chance of seeing that later? If for nothing else than just for the fun situations that happened (and I actually mean fun - even sex scenes can be written in such a way which make people giggle or even outright laugh).
I know I'd definitely be up for reading that (no, tentacles are not my fetish, but this story just intrigued me and I'd like to know how exactly that came to be).

All in all, another good fic! Keep at it, and let's see if you hint some situations in this story in any future stories (like... "haven't you guys noticed that a mare REALLY similar to Daring is visiting Dash's place quite often? Come to think of it, Soarin's doing that too"). That'd be fun!

6051134 It's something Zeph said we should add in. And I know it doesn't really contribute anything to the plot, and I'm considering removing it altogether whenever I edit in 6040386's suggestions. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Emoticons/sillyfilly_Rainbow_Dash.png

6065320 It's funny, Daring already had massive ones, so all this really did was make hers bigger and sexier! i453.photobucket.com/albums/qq260/spacewings/EmoteDashWet_zps24095993.png

Ha, I can imagine now a scene like in Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana Jones slid under the closing door, only this one, Daring tries to slide under it... and gets caught on her tits! Oh no! :raritydespair:

Yep. I may mention events from this in future stories, as I'll also mention the fact that Pipsqueak is now a chick, bro! in stories after The Best of Both Worlds. As for the tentacle monster story, we could possibly do one, when/if I have time. Remember, my big move is coming up soon, so that and searching for a new job will take up a lot of my time. :pinkiesad2:

Again, thanks! fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/002/7/b/clapping_pony_icon___soarin___wonderbolt_uniform_by_taritoons-d5q6w8j.gif


My gosh this is the largest fuck fic I've ever read, And I enjoyed every second of it, I have issues.

6195525 Haha, I'm glad you liked it. I aim to make clopfics more than just two (in this case three) ponies fucking, I also like giving them some semblance of a plot. And it seems I succeeded on this one. :yay:
Thanks for faving it too! I also wrote another fic, The Best of Both Worlds, that's also around 14,000 words long, if you're interested.


6195594 Ill be sure to read more of them.

don’t get to overjoyous
“Hope you are ready for this, little bird..:

1. Too.
2. Extra colon. Or... Is it a colon? I forgot.

Finally read it. And I say... What a tease Daring. Methinks it's actually possible for a sequel with her with a bigger belly next time simply because I don't recall reading at any point where Soarin replaced the condom. After all, no girl wants a filled condom already on a stallion do they? But hey, I could be wrong and might've missed it.

6014188 I agree, what a troll

6311474 What, you wanted to see one of them get pregnant? Sorry, but you won't find that in my stories.

To be honest, since we were kind of making this up as we went, we never really got around to removing those parts from the story. When I revise this, I might remove that, as it never really contributes anything to the plot.


6311630 what u got against impreg fics?

6312815 Impregnation leads to babies. And I can't stand babies. Sorry. :applejackunsure:

(Nice icon, though. Gotta love Spits and Dashie in swimsuits.)


6313363 yeah, I get that a lot, but why include some reference to it if you don't like it? either mention it and have it, or don't mention and don't.

P.S. I hate babies too, but I love impreg fics, so.

6315504 Well, this was a collaborative fic with Zephyr, and he decided to throw that in there. Since we were sort of coming up with it on the spot, I guess it never occurred to us to remove it before we published it.


6316670 you have said, but how about you make like 2 versions, just edit that part out of this one, and take the one as it it, and just add impreg, two versions of the same story

6317578 I'd really rather not. It's going to take long enough to edit in all of Bad Dragon's suggestions in this one, and besides, I've said before that I'm not into that fetish. Sorry.


6318098 its ok, im not unaccustomed to that reasoning

Damn! Daring making Rainbow Dash kiss her is so fucking hot!
Sadly there is no way to find stories which contain scenes like this, so I am glad I found this.

6792970 I'm glad you enjoy it.


7186734 Nor do I, mind you. :derpytongue2:

Darn it, this is why I shouldn't read these downstairs. Gets me so horny. Good job, this is certainly unique.

He glanced next to the bed to find the bag of money. “Huh… well, what do you know. Uh, ‘I have the Amulet with me now and I hope the two of you have fun with your new, enhanced parts, but always remember to use protection! Well, I’ll be off exploring and possibly looking for other artifacts of the old gods, but after today I wouldn’t mind if either of you wanted to join in. Squirt, you know where I live if you and Birdy wanted to help. Have fun! ~D.D.’ That’s all.”

Of course, protection is only 90 or so percent effective. And with them being 20 times more fertile, well.... :ajsmug:

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