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I made this group to house any and all stories about villains, whether it be Gilda, Flim and Flam, Nightmare Moon, Trixie or any other baddie, getting a chance to be a hero or at least an anti-hero.

I think that redemption is one of the best Plot-Types ever created and it's always a total ball to see a villain try to earn the hero's trust and be accepted by the public eye ( like Rogue from X-Men) or have something traumatic happen to them and end up getting cared for by a hero (like Trixie from Getting Back On Your Hooves) or any other scenario that involves a Bad Guy going Good.

So here they are.... Ladies and Gentlecolts, I present: Villainous Redemption

Oh, I almost forgot absolutely NO CLOP WHATSOEVER, I'm looking for stories, not porn.

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Hi! I have story adding permissions on the "Other" folder, but not on the "Dazzlings" folder.

So I put the story "Dissonance, Chords, and Harmonies" there because it was the closest I could do. It's mostly about the Dazzling Sonata, though. So maybe people should have persmissions to add to the Dazzlings folder?

Since I'm not entirely sure how plonking a story into a group works, I would like to have this story made by me be a part of the thing:

EDIT: Never mind, I figured it out :derpytongue2:

401075 And a loooooong belated pleasure to meet you :) Sorry for taking so long :twilightsheepish:

Wow, a group like this actually existed. I'm sure glad i found out about it, anyway, a pleasure to meet you.

Who knew such a group exist? Anyhow time to cue the laugh!

Would a situation where the villain agrees to help the hero defeat another villain but then double cross them later on fit into this group?

Why didn't I find this group sooner? This is now officially my favorite group of all time.

333943 Of course, take your time, as will I.

333942 Maybe you're right, but I still will hold off for now, I'm still on a redemption/villain binge, but I'll see what I can do later on...

333941 Too not your taste huh? All the more to broaden that sense! Now, I may also have a little over 170 others to read, but that still won't stop me. "Hold on Pheonix, Pilate's on his implicit way!"

333940 I'm not sure I want to read it now that I've found out what it's about.... it just sounds a bit too... not my taste.

That and I have at least 50 other stories that I am reading, but I may get to Austraeoh sometime.

333939 Why the reading of Austraeoh, of course! I still need to finish the catching up....

I do hope that you at one point take some time to at least begin reading about the experience. It gets better consecutively, more active, but the passive frequencies are just as imperative.

333876 Indeed, this is my last word: Trixie.

333875 Hmm, but you certainly have an idea as to what it nonetheless, I will bother you no longer. I would respond to every message, but that leads to some worries; like some never ending conversation where, it's not as though one feels right to have the last word, rather it respectful to respond to, well, each response.

333873 Now what is that one supposed to symbolize?

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