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If you love Bluecatcinema's fanfics about her nex gen characters, then this group is for you! Just use the ocs listed and the folders provided. And remember to give Bluecatcinema the credit for the ocs. Have fun!

Dusk Glow (Boy)
Starlight Twinkle (Girl)
Son and daughter of Princess Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry

Daughter of Rarity and Orion

Crab Apple
Son of Applejack and Caramel

Rainbow Flash (Girl)
Thunder Storm (Boy)
Twin offspring of Rainbow Dash and Thunder Clap

Purple Punch
Daughter of Pinkie Pie and Cherry Fizzy

Daughter of Fluttershy and Forrest

Any details on how the characters look, you will probably want to read
'The young Prince' Or maybe ask Bluecatcinema on her page. And remember, have fun!

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Has anyone made fanarts of BlueCat's next gen kids, I wonder?
And who was the one who made that group picture of Dusk Glow?

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