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I'm a Portuguese author who wants to share his stories.

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A New Ancient Story! · 12:11pm Mar 6th, 2016

Today, I posted a new story called The Tale of Coltypt. In my saga, I already mentionated Coltypt in some of my chapters, but it was never developed... until now. In this new story that happens long before the Light Kingdom's creation, I will explain everything about it and the reason why it doesn't exist anymore in the Pony World. This will also be some kind of prequel to a story I'm thinking in doing in a not very near future (you'll see when that time comes). I hope you like read this story and that you share it with others.

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My Main Saga

  • The Life of a Young Colt This is about Shining Armor's childhood and adolescence, since he was born to his promotion to captain of the royal guard, running through his relationship with his younger sister, Twilight, and his courtship with Princess Cadance. by Rakoon1 63,538 words · 2,613 views · 94 likes · 8 dislikes
  • Twilight and Blue Sword What happen when a mare fall in love with her big brother's best friend? Does it brings problems for a fraternal relationship? That's what happens with Twilight. Will she be able to overcome all this problems and get the love? by Rakoon1 56,180 words · 1,421 views · 75 likes · 15 dislikes
  • The Light Kingdom When an envoy of a fallen kingdom appears, a quest to restore the kingdom will begin, whart will make Twilight and her friends enter in a race against time to retrieve the star seeds of the six Generals of the Order to find what might raise it. by Rakoon1 61,597 words · 922 views · 33 likes · 6 dislikes
  • The Taking of Tartarus When the Lord of Chaos conquer Tartarus, he use every villain in there to get revenge from the ponies who ruined his plans and also to spread his darkness. Will our heroes win this new battle agains the most evil being that exist? by Rakoon1 169,974 words · 1,105 views · 18 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Star Knight and the Nine-Tailed Fox Star Knight will live his own adventure that is growing up with something evil inside of him whose power he will have to master if he wants to stop another plan of the Lord of Chaos to conquer the Pony Reality. by Rakoon1 271,222 words · 314 views · 13 likes · 18 dislikes

My New Great Story · 10:27am May 11th, 2016

After having made some side stories and some prequels, I can say with all the certain that I am ready to advance seriously in my saga with the story that will be the sequel of The Taking of Tartarus. It will be probably my greatest project ever made, as I'm planning making it even longer than its prequel. In this story, we will have as main character Twilight and Blue Sword's son, Star Knight, as we will see how his foalhood will be and all the adventures he will live. This young alicorn will also be a great hero that will do something that nopony ever dared to do: defeat the Lord of Chaos in a way he has never been defeated before. We will also se the return of some other villains, like the ones who escaped Tartarus. I just have some work to do with other stories before starting this exciting new fase in the Order and Chaos Saga.

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Bom para ti.

Eu sou português tbm!

Thank you for the fave my dear!

Thanks for adding Conquest to favourites!

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Bloom's saga

  • Bloom's New Life When Bloom, in order to save the magical dimension, sacrifice herself by unleashing an immense amount of light energy which cause her banishment to another reality, where she will live a new life. by Rakoon1 54,688 words · 3,746 views · 49 likes · 27 dislikes
  • Apple Wedding Big McIntosh and Cherry Blossom are about to marry. Let's see what happens during this engagement and obstacles that will appear. by Rakoon1 38,258 words · 800 views · 29 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Apple Born This is the story when Cherry Big Mac have their first foal. by Rakoon1 1,398 words · 421 views

My Short Stories

  • Fire Punch's Reborn What happened to Fire Punch after he been expelled from the Royal Guard? That's what we'll find out with this story. by Rakoon1 3,603 words · 446 views · 13 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Searching the Crystal Butterflies Rarity asked to Fluttershy to help her to search the mysterious crystal butterflies which flew away from the Crystal Empire when King Sombra appeared in the empire. by Rakoon1 2,274 words · 244 views
  • The Resurgence of the Shadow Fire Punch returned to the Changeling nest, completly defeated, and he will faced the Lord of Chaos' judgement. Will he forgive Fire Punch for all his failures? by Rakoon1 1,953 words · 202 views
  • Apple Born This is the story when Cherry Big Mac have their first foal. by Rakoon1 1,398 words · 421 views
  • Princess Ingrid's Old Kingdom After finding the love of her sisters, Princess Ingrid must now face what she had done while she was the Snow Queen. When a monster attacks a place she had ruled in the past, she sees this as an oportunity for redemption. by Rakoon1 2,915 words · 103 views

My Mature Stories

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  • A Guard and a Princess The now-completed comedic romantic adventure of Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle. by TorontoFCBrony 111,668 words · 26,127 views · 1,302 likes · 205 dislikes
  • Kiss of the Dark Sombra tries to win over Twilight, in a way Twilight will never see coming. by Soothing Stone 82,186 words · 15,254 views · 1,056 likes · 63 dislikes
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