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Big Macintosh and Twilight Sparkle are happily married and expecting their first child. This keeps Big Mac busy and unable to work as much at Sweet Apple Acres. So they seek outside help in the form of cousin Braeburn. The Appleoosan native decides to bring his best friend, Malady "Mal" Wesson, along which doesn't please Applejack as he used to pick on her when she was a little filly. Pinkie immediately befriends Braeburn, and it's easy to see sparks flying between the two. For the first time in her life, somepony asks Pinkie what she would do, instead of her just going along with what every other pony wants; and she doesn't know how to deal with this. Meanwhile, Applejack finds herself developing feelings for her childhood tormentor; and she can't stand it!

This is the third story in my TwiMacVerse. I highly recommend reading the first two stories in the series if you haven't already. Malady Wesson is a character from my story, My Little Wasteland, but that story is not connected to this continuity so you don't have to read that story to know anything about the character. Cover art altered by me using some google images.

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YES! I am going to read this tonight... now to go to school bye :twilightsmile:.

1963796If you read My Little Wasteland, then Mal has been best pony

Also, the Apple Family has got it goin! 2(possibly 3) of the mane 6 are marrying/married/possibly dating a member of the Apple Family. And is it just me or is there mild romantic tension between Mal and AJ?:ajsmug:

1964864 It's like a tsundere from anime. The main female shows hostility towards a male character at first, but of course has underling feelings. Also, I don't really feel I was keeping the plot all that secret, I mean look at the title of the story and the cover art. :derpytongue2:

Hmm. Worth a fav and a +1, but a tad choppy/not as smooth as the first/second chapters.
Overall, certainly worth the read though!

1965004Every cool grand parent is like that.

1964892Ya coulda had them become platonic best friends. Tsundere, that was the term I was lookin for when I read this. Thanks!

1965860 I felt the mane six had enough friends, I wanted them to all be reaching points in their lives where they were getting into relationships. I also wanted them to get into relationships in different ways. Fluttershy and Snowflake was the easiest to come up with and I figured keeping with her shy nature to not make a huge story out of it. Rarity and Hayseed I had thought of before really writing my fics, and it was after writing My Little Wasteland that I knew I wanted to use Mal again and since he's a cowboy ship him with Applejack. Braeburn and Pinkie Pie I thought up after seeing a couple other fics that shipped those two. Twilight and Big Macintosh has always been one of my favorite shippings, they just make the most sense in terms of pairings. Those that want to do otherwise is cool of course, to each their own and all, but this is just the direction I went with.

Might want to get a proof-reader bro. I see Braeburn spelled like "Breaburn" and "Braburn"

1966106I'm fine with your direction; in fact I quite like it. I was just making some cruddy retort to your statement about how Mal/AJ should be obviously the mane main ship.

1966156 I tend to write these late into the evening and get sleepy, so I don't always notice. But I can easily fix it. I'm not really interested in getting it proof read first because I wanna load it as soon as I can. I'm just interested in telling a fun story, and since I'm doing this for fun, I don't mind if my grammar or spelling is off. Plus I can always go back and fix it.

“Well, ah’ll be, exclaimed Granny Smith, going wide eyed. “Lil ol Mal Wesson!”

Dafaq.... Granny Smith said "Exclaimed Granny Smith, going wide eyed."

1966248 Much better, now time to wait... And wait... And wait... I feel alone waiting... I'll call my friends to wait with me..

Oh crap! why didn't i check for 3rd yet?!
*goes to FanatiGeekBrony's soories*
-10 minutes later-
thanks for making more to the twimac verse!
now, i requested last story :moustache::heart::applecry:

1968191 Right now I'm trying to focus on the mane six. But I might do something with Spike and Apple Bloom.


LOVE IT! Well now I have to wait for an update... OH WELL patience is a virtue :twilightsmile:

Okay if this is going with braeburn being with pinkie pie i might give this story a chance but the pairings of twilight/macintosh,spike/apple bloom i never really like all that much i am a sparity and fluttermac fan so i would prefer those pairings

1970244 Well I haven't paired Spike with anyone at the moment. As for the others, while I can see Fluttershy and Big Mac being a cute pairing, I don't see them as making for interesting stories because both are so soft spoken and shy that it would take forever for either to make a first move. Twilight and Big Mac make sense to me partly for the opposites, Twilight being more chatty and a bookish type, while Big Mac is a stoic workhorse. And you can prefer your pairings all you want of course, that's your preference, but you definitely won't find those pairings here, especially since Twilight and Big Mac are married now and expecting a child. The opposites approach is what i went with for Rarity and Hayseed as well, the idea being that Rarity has learned that rich handsome stallions are a dime a dozen, but someone like Hayseed will always be respectful and appreciate her. I never really cared for Spike and Rarity (or Spike and any pony really since I'm not a huge fan of interspecies stuff, plus I myself would rather pair Spike with someone around his own age). I'm not knocking those pairings you mentioned, I've read some of those that work fine, but it's not what I'm writing at the moment in this series of continuity. I would also recommend reading the first two stories in this series as there is a continuity to all this.

Though I was a tiny bit disappointed there was no build up in the romance( I just love that:twilightsmile:) I still love this series....well this made my night :pinkiehappy: . I can't wait for new upd-... blah blah blah and all the compliments I have repeated many times... GOOD LUCK AS ALWAYS :twilightsmile:


Okay, so I think Rarity's hit the nail bang on the head there. And even though she doesn't know it herself, AJ actually liked the attention.
And are we getting some PinkieBurn as well?? Or BraePie?

Which is better?

1964692 And I'm the official ambassador to Equestria!!!

I like the BraePie/PinkieBurn. They seem well suited together.

Granny just pulled a :trollestia: Nice!!

This one should be fun!!

1974272 Not for Braeburn!!!! He's too nice to do that to!!!
Now Mal, on the other hand. Go right ahead!!

If I had a heart, I'd be dead from the adorkableness.

Now back to BraePie and JanOW!!! :ajbemused:Fine!!! AppleMal!!!! Happy?OW!!:ajbemused:
Stop hitting me!!!
BraePie and Applejack and Mal, who she has no intention of giving a chance!!! Better? :ajsmug:

1980700I call the two of them Maple. But yeah, I want more of them. BTW, I'm typing this as a zombie.

I really appreciate this chapter. Sometimes we need to look back at the beginning.. this reminded me of how all this started :twilightsmile: Well Good luck! :pinkiehappy:

Wow. I wasn't expecting that!!!
Still, I'm on Dash's side here. It does sound like petty jealousy for something that was an accident!!

have her involved in the shenanigans of Applejack and Pinkie Pie

You spelt that wrong!! It's Janaluska!!! Ha!! Even she can't find when I'm wearing CS95's!!!
Uh, I forgot she had a dog. Um, gottarunbye!!!

Rainbow Dash don't need those flying pricks.She is an Element of Harmony. The Wonderbolts may ' represent Equestria', but she has saved it.TWICE. Try to beat that, ya posers.:rainbowdetermined2:


“Well, sure I do,” said Pinkie Pie. “I* go see what my friends are doing…”


1980702 The mustaches have to wait...

“You doubt yerlsef* too much,” said Big Mac. “You’ve taken care of Spike most of yer life haven’t ya?”



1987056 You might want to get some proof-readers, they are helpful.

1987058 Sorry. I tend to write these things late into the night. Thankfully I can always edit and fix even after on the site.

1987070 Fixed them. Nah, I want to load these as fast as I can and I'm just doing this for fun, so I don't really mind if I have a couple goofs. And I can always fix them later if I or someone else discovers a goof.

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