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Ever since I became a Brony, I have always loved cross-overs. I made this account to finally write my own!


Twilight Sparkle thought that she had felt all that happiness could offer. She had perfect friends, an amazing mentor, and even became part of the Princess monarchy. She was as happy as she could be.

Until one day the news came...

Princess Twilight Sparkle was going to be a mother. And she never knew just how beautiful being a mother could be.

This fic was inspired by the picture, and the title came from it as well. The picture and title do not belong to me. I would like to thank Hikariviny for drawing such a wonderful picture. It inspired me to write the single best thing I've ever written. I don't wanna sound modest, but this story is the one that's most likely to be featured out of all of my stories. If it is featured, please let me know when if it was featured!!! Oh, and WHOO!!! 400 LIKES!!! I FINALLY MADE IT! THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT!!!

I understand that many of you don't like that it's Flash X Twilight. It's just who the picture was related to, and I wrote it based on the picture. Please don't dislike it because of this. It's more for the motherly aspect, and not for the shipping. I am very sorry if you do not like the shipping, but please don't be mean!!!

I will be posting songs that inspired me to write each chapter. Trust me, it adds to the feels. Here they are:


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i like it please make more chapters for this story

this looks good. sad that people have downvote this only because flash sentry is in it

3498512 Sorry, that's the only chapter. I thought it was enough to sum it up. But did you like it for what it was?

3498514 Yeah... I was expecting it. At least they weren't disliking it for something worse. I hope the likes take more. Only did it with Flash since he was the one in the picture. It's more for the story, and less for the shipping.

3498522 that ok and then why dose it say incomplete and i did like for what it was

3498539 Forgot to set it to complete. Sorry. :twilightoops:

This just ticks me off.

That was a beautiful story. I really loved it, it had some Grammer issues, but it was really sweet.

What ticks me off is the Flash Sentry haters, he barely does anything and people hate on him. It is speculated he's kinda one of the reasons Luaren Fuast left. But the EG guys and gals took a stupid, overused, Barbie-esque plot, and did pretty darn well, without Fuast.

Back to the hate, it's bull, it's stupid. It's whatever you wanna call it. Flash barely got any screen time, and he's thought to be a Gary stu. Why?

Flashlight isn't my favorite Twilight ship, but I like it a heck of a lot more than slash pairings, WHICH AREN'T EVEN CANON.

Well done, sir or maam, that was a beautiful fic and you may have my up vote and favorite.

Omg!!!!!! I loved this! haha almost me meee cry it was sooo sweet<3 :heart:

3499030 Whoof, scared me there for a second! Anyways, I get that people don't like it. It was predicted in the Equestria Girls movie, and people didn't like it. But thank you. Thank you very much. I think this story has a very bright future. And it's not really for the shipping. It was just the picture, but it still kinda fits. I'm really glad to know you have my back, but please, don't insult them. That's not the kind of people we are. They may not tolerate it, but we still need to tolerate them. People's interests and dislikes are understandable. Not everyone is gonna like it, and that's okay.

Oh, and I'm a sir. :pinkiehappy:

3499038 Thank you very much. That's what I was aiming for. Not to make you cry, but just to make you kinda get those d'aww-sy feels-ies. :twilightsmile:

3499052 Well you did a good job at that! I hope you make more stories because you are a great writer! :twilightsmile:

3499055 Check the story lists, bro. I gots ze good stuff.

im sooo happy for twilight and her foal *sniff* its so beautiful :twilightsmile::raritywink::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::eeyup::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

3499153 Yep. Nothing brings out the fuzzy feeling in people like a mother and her foal.

it really annoys me how much hate flash gets. i mean other hated characters like diamond tiara, gilda, and prince blueblood don't get nearly this much hate, heck when there a story with them in it there aren't people downvoting the story and the comments without actually reading it just because it has them it. no flash sentry is the only one who gets that kind of treatment

3499174 Alot of people hated Equestria Girls in general. Bringing him over into the canon world wasn't the most desirable thing for alot of people. :fluttershysad:

Full of D'aaaaw.

Considering "daddy" plays the role of "Sir Not Appearing in this Fic," the daddy could have been anypony from Big McIntosh to Snowflake to King Sombra and it really wouldn't have mattered worth a hill of beans. The point of the story was that Twilight was a proud mommy, and it was beautiful.

3499263 GIVE THIS MAN A MEDAL. :flutterrage:

This is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too good of an idea to stop here... I also noticed you left it as incomplete which helps my idea-- I think you should make more chapters of twilight's foal growing up-- other then that---

This story I think is the definition of "liquid pride" or tears if you prefer it...
Liked faved let's see where this ride takes us

3499301 It still says incomplete? Sorry, but this is where it stops. It's not really for a continuous story. It's just to show them what mothers feel for their children. Although... I think I can expand on this. Tell you what, if it gets popular enough, and enough people want more, I'll start working on another chapter. :pinkiehappy:

3499320 sorry bout that, t loaded in complete after I posted he comment, anyways that'd be real awesome if you did continue it. It's a good story to be inspired by just a picture... Either way... Works for me

3499384 Just about all of my non-crossover stories were inspired by the picture, pretty much. :applejackunsure:

3499444 still pretty impressive I'd say...

I agree with fanon here. Why are people downvoting the story because it has Flash? He did nothing to hurt Twilight in EG. He seems like the type of guy most girls would like, and make other guys want to be like him.

I know Twilight would make a wonderful mother, and she would raise a wonderful foal if she met Mr. Right.

I believe the people who downvote this story are heartless and cruel people who will never understand what the true meaning of love is. I believe that's the non-existent seventh Element of Harmony, "Love". They also don't want Twilight to be happy. Yes it's great to have friends who love you, but it's even better to be in love with a special somepony and raise a family.

All I can say to all the haters out there is that if you can't let Twilight have a happy ever after, then neither shall you. Checkmate!

Sorry for sounding too bitter:fluttershyouch:

This is so...awesome. That's all I can say, awesome. If there were any story's To read over and over again, this would be the first.

I wish there were more artist like you i generally stick with crossfics but this story was so good just thank you there should be more writers like you who make stories like this and for the record and i don't care who has a problem with this i like equestria girls also good sir have you looked at little shining sentry(my name for her foal) he has hiss mothers highlightsXD! Also to give you a idea how much i was touched i made MADE this account so that i could tell you what a great job you did


Most likely that's because Flash threatens their imaginary lesbian shipping between the mane 6 that they have all but adopted as canon in their heads. And shipping is much more serious business than bullies and stuck up douchebags of aristocrats that actually commit disagreeable acts, of course! But Twilight displaying a little bit of interest in a male and her friends teasing her about it in a good-natured manner instead of shooting jealousy-filled glares in her direction? Pure heresy, I tell you!

Seriously, anyone who downvotes a story simply for the characters it features (especially in a manner that doesn't deviate a whole lot from what the show itself has shown us) simply don't deserve to be taken seriously, and you certainly don't owe them an apology - the other way around if anything, not that you would get one.


Ranting aside, this was a wonderful little read. You did supremely well in capturing the bubbling gentle excitement and boundless heartwarming joy that the birth of a new life inspires, and those emotions came across clearly and strongly. You managed to put a smile on my face with this simple yet touching piece, and I thank you for that - a pretty good way to start a day.

The only segment that felt a little bit odd was Rainbow's - I mean, it certainly wouldn't hurt to have Rainbow as an additional flight teacher, but the conversation almost made it sound like she would be the only one - and I imagine both Twilight and Flash would want to teach their son on their own as well. That's a pretty important bonding experience, I imagine, not necessarily something the parents would want to delegate solely to someone else, even a very good friend of the family.

The bit about Rainbow having to pull some strings to get him in to the flight camp seemed somewhat odd as well. I mean, Twilight can likely do all the string pulling she needs herself if it comes to that - Princess and all. Not that she would need to, I imagine - if for some reason she decides he needs to attend flight camp, I imagine all the camps would be tripping over themselves in a frenzied hurry to offer their services to Twilight, for the prestige of having a Prince attending it :trollestia:

A shame we didn't have Flash visiting as well, but oh well - I imagine that could have made for the most emotional moment of them all. Still though, this was a wonderful piece and a delight to read, and I thank you for bringing it to us. Here is hoping you decide to add a continuation sometime down the road.

3499647 No biggie. In fact... *Sniff* That was beautiful...

3499689 Wow, that means alot, man. I felt the same about My Little Dashie. Lemme tell ya, this one'll never beat that! :twilightsmile:

3500129 Wow, that's really something, man. I'm really glad you did. I'll think about that whole name thing if I continue it. Not sure, yet... :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:

3500682 Yes, this is all true. But I did decide to do that since I figured they might turn her down since Twilight barely knew how to fly herself. It might not make too much sense, but I figured it'd fit. I wanted each character to have a part with the foal, but Twilight's a busy mare. And Flash wasn't in for fear of ranting... :rainbowderp:


If there is one thing I were to say, then that would be: write the the story that you want to tell, never mind those who wouldn't appreciate what you are doing. That's not to say that reader concerns and criticisms should be ignored outright (Though obviously that is an option as well), as occasionally enough someone could point out a thing or two that might improve the quality of your writing, even if only a little bit, or at least provide another viewpoint to consider that might lead to some interesting ideas later on.

There is a difference, however, between constructive criticism and what basically amounts to rabid shippers that have nothing productive to say or add beyond ranting about their pairing preferences, who never even intended to look past the character tags in order to decide the worth of your writing. Those are not "opinions" worthy of consideration, never mind actually stifling your writing for.

Chances are they wouldn't have read the story in order to find something enjoyable in the first place (assuming they read it at all) - they would have done so and subsequently showed up with the sole intention of bitching and moaning from the start. Given the premise you are working with, there would have been no pleasing them anyway, so no real reason to hold back on their behalf and potentially stopping your story from being the best it could be.

Have more pride in your own work and don't be so defensive about it - from what I saw in this chapter, you have things to be proud for. And if it could have been better with some additions that might ruffle people who never had the intention to give your story a chance in the first place simply because of Flash's presence? They would know where to find the door, and are certainly not worth hampering your writing ability over, and even less worthy of your consideration, for they would give you none of their own.


Regarding the flying part, even if Twilight doesn't know how to fly too well herself (though she did make the comment that Dash had taught her, so supposedly she isn't clueless about it either) that still leaves Flash, who is a pegasus - he should be no less capable of teaching his son how to fly than Rainbow, and honestly kinda has dibs on that position :P He can help Twilight as well, if she needs it - that sounds like the perfect family bonding experience, to be honest.

I know you sort of tried pretending that Flash both does and doesn't exist at the same time in the fic (which only hurts it, IMO), but even if he doesn't make an appearance he is still there, and he is still the father - it honestly feels wrong of Twilight to so readily assign Rainbow as the primary flight teacher of their son, when the little colt has two winged parents himself, one of whom has been a pegasus since the day he was born and would be both capable and more than glad to teach his little tyke how to stay airborne :rainbowdetermined2:

3501653 Eh. Just wanted her to have a part in it. I knew that's what she was capable of teaching. TBH, I kinda wanted to shy away from FLash myself. This was focused more toward her and her friends, and that's what I wanted the focus to be. Other than that, thanks! Glad to know somepony can help me make this better. Even so, I plan to leave it the way it is. Doesn't sound broken, and I don't like changing a fic after it's published. Kinda messes with it. :derpyderp1:

3500682 thank you so much. i mean i think another reason why people hate flash so much is because lauren said that there will be no romance for the mane cast but she doesn't work on the show anymore. and as long as they make it work like don't let it outshine the main focus of the show and don't make flash a satellite character, i think even lauren would be okay with it

3502391 If I had to guess, I think he'll just be a background character for a while. No real impact on the story. At least not yet.

This is just beautiful!Almost made me cry.:fluttercry:

3504126 Don't cry man... You're gonna make me cry! :raritydespair:


3506917 GOOD LORD MAN, CALM YOURSELF DOWN!!! I SHALL WORK ON THIS WHEN I CAN IF IT GETS POPULAR, BUT WHY CAN'T YOU JUST KNOW THAT HE'S GONNA BE A HAPPY WITTLE FOAL WITH HIS MOTHER!!! :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair:



3498522 This is the most beautiful fic I have ever read, I can feel tears of joy welling up in my eyes.:fluttercry:

Why, if I were to find out one day that I was going to be a father, I would miss an entire week of work to be with my wife/girlfriend (depending on when we do it, which i hope is not until after we are married) and the newborn when the baby is first born, and when I actually do have kids I hope to have a son so that he can proudly carry the Zanker family name as I did. I would spend as much time with our child as possible, even after work, and with all of the videos that I had seen that involved child abuse, neglect and such things after each one that I had seen, it angered me to know that people would do such a thing, the anger I felt with each video brought out the side of me that said

Michael Anthony Zanker, with these videos bringing you the truth of the world and what some parents do to their children and the anger it brings to you for having this truth revealed, that reveals that you will a great father, even though you may not be the best.

and I will strive to be the best father I can be when the time comes that I have to begin raising my own. If you know about Baby Peter and what happened to him because of his abusive and neglective parents and their method of getting him to "shut up" and it made you angrier than you ever thought you could get then that will tell you how good a parent you will be.

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3507703 it is not only his word, it is his existence to this very day, the bible is our access key to the knowledge of the lord and the key to building our relationship with him and our ability to embrace him is not only in our hearts and minds, but in the bible as well it is an embrace on the lords teachings, and you would do well to remember this.
FYI: the lord has never abandoned us, it is you whom have fallen from his grace and abandoned him and forsaken him.

3510809 what the hell? dude I already am a firm believer in god, this is the internet calm your self

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