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Ever since I became a Brony, I have always loved cross-overs. I made this account to finally write my own!


Why is it that I do what I do?

I ask myself that every day. Scavenging old burial sites, searching for rare artifacts, and sneaking around any bloody bandit that gets in my way. It's a dangerous job, but I love it with a passion. History's been cherished in my family for generations. But it just so happens that another one of mine is exploring. Adventure, mystery... Danger.

My name is Golden Compass. And I am a Tomb Raider.

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FUCKING NICE!!! Continue sir or madam!

And I'll be continuing it when I can. I'm still working on my Resident Pon-Evil series, so check that out too! And REALLY glad I didn't get ragged on for taking the idea from a picture that isn't mine... But that's where most of my stories come from! :pinkiehappy:

What is this magic I see before me?!!!!!

I have to read this now! RIGHT NOW!

5752314 It's wonderful, amirite? But it's been on hiatus for... A really long time, since it's not really popular at all.

That is such a shame! :(

Well if you do ever decide to continue it; I will be watching
Always watching!

Creepy much? :D

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