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Ever since I became a Brony, I have always loved cross-overs. I made this account to finally write my own!


Sergeant Gary "Roach" Sanderson and Lieutenant Simon "Ghost" Riley of Task Force 141 are revived in Equestria after being K.I.A. on the Russian-Georgian border. A massive combined evil force threatens to destroy the nation, and now the two must defend the ponies. Is there more to their arrival though?
Crossover with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Takes place between episodes 12 and 13 of Season 3.

This story was granted to me by JWR832, since he was unable to continue it. So, as one of his editors, I will be taking over. I will be consulting with him often, and he will be helping me change it to his liking. For my own purposes, all cursing (other than a few British words) will be omitted. I'm sorry if you don't like this, but it's just the way I write. Thank you all for supporting him, and I hope I can do almost as good as he did. This fic was just too good to die.

Featured February 5th, 2014. Keep it up, guys!
Reached 400 likes 11/11/14! Thank you guys!!!

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Twilight Sparkle thought that she had felt all that happiness could offer. She had perfect friends, an amazing mentor, and even became part of the Princess monarchy. She was as happy as she could be.

Until one day the news came...

Princess Twilight Sparkle was going to be a mother. And she never knew just how beautiful being a mother could be.

This fic was inspired by the picture, and the title came from it as well. The picture and title do not belong to me. I would like to thank Hikariviny for drawing such a wonderful picture. It inspired me to write the single best thing I've ever written. I don't wanna sound modest, but this story is the one that's most likely to be featured out of all of my stories. If it is featured, please let me know when if it was featured!!! Oh, and WHOO!!! 400 LIKES!!! I FINALLY MADE IT! THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT!!!

I understand that many of you don't like that it's Flash X Twilight. It's just who the picture was related to, and I wrote it based on the picture. Please don't dislike it because of this. It's more for the motherly aspect, and not for the shipping. I am very sorry if you do not like the shipping, but please don't be mean!!!

I will be posting songs that inspired me to write each chapter. Trust me, it adds to the feels. Here they are:


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What happens when a Changeling hears about a night when ponies dress up as other ponies? Well, she gets really ticked off. After getting a plan, and a good disguise, she decides to have some fun with Ponyville as...
Nightmare Moon! At least, that's who she's supposed to be...

Everyone's writing Nightmare Night stories, so I thought, "Hey, why not?" This is my first story with the Comedy tag and the Everyone rating, so I hope I did a good job!

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Why is it that I do what I do?

I ask myself that every day. Scavenging old burial sites, searching for rare artifacts, and sneaking around any bloody bandit that gets in my way. It's a dangerous job, but I love it with a passion. History's been cherished in my family for generations. But it just so happens that another one of mine is exploring. Adventure, mystery... Danger.

My name is Golden Compass. And I am a Tomb Raider.

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Harmony's Elements were not fully prepared for the Outbreak, but they had the proper tools to fight back. But what about the civilians? What did the outbreak look like through their eyes? Unfortunately, they weren't as well prepared, but many did survive the night. And they chose to fight back.

Because that's the only thing you can do. Fight back when the demons trot again...

Mission II: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/32582/resident-ponevil-mission-ii-operation-phoenix-fire
Mission I: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/21572/resident-ponevil-operation-equestrian-downfall

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It nearly took hold of her. The sheer emotional desperation. Discord had nearly broken her, but she seemed to triumph. But had Twilight truly forgotten what he had done to her emotions? Had he actually almost managed to break her?

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Chrysalis had been expelled from the Canterlot Wedding, but where did she go? When she finds herself in a new world, two men discover her, and she is thrown into a twist of plots none of them had ever imagined. Will they remain as simply student and teachers, or will they discover that they may be the becomings of a new age of a Brotherhood?

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After their triumphant success over Harrow's End, Harmony's Elements celebrate their victory. But as time goes on, they realize the infection has escaped the city, all due to a group of ties to Harrow who want revenge. As they venture back into the heart of the unknown, they encounter old friends, new enemies, and discover of secrets buried under the ruins as they delve back into the nightmare they had once thought they had stopped...

(If you have not read the previous story, you can find it here.)
Mission I: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/21572/resident-ponevil-operation-equestrian-downfall

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After the incident a the Royal Wedding in attempting to steal the love of Shining Armour from her sister, Cadence, Queen Chrysalis is left banished to the Crystal Cave. As she stares to her reflection in the walls of gems, she recalls the memories that turned her into a dark being. As she delves into her past of pain, misery, and heartbreak, she discovers that maybe anypony can change... Or can they?

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Equestria is in ruin, and the virus continues to spread. But from the shadows emerges a group of soldiers that may be able to stop the outbreak. As they fight their way through the wasteland of mutated beings that once were their Equestrian friends, they discover that there is more to a mass outbreak than just a simple cleanup job...


I'm sorry for any spelling errors. My keyboard isn't exactly the best in the world, but I will do by best to fix any I find. The first two chapters are merely storyline, not very exciting. 3 and so on are much better. Bear with me, and give them a try!

(If you have played Resident Evil - Operation Raccoon City, do NOT accuse me for chapters one and two. I know they are exact. It's storyline. Deal with it and read on.)

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