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I take it that life hit you really hard.
Still, if you no longer want to pre-read for me, I would appreate if you could at least say it in a message. I really dislike when others keep me in the dark.

:ajbemused: Look, you said you'd take a look at it "tomorrow" a week ago. If you don't want, it's your call, but I'd appreciate it if you'd just come out and say so.

Comment posted by Snake Staff deleted Sep 14th, 2014

Whenever you've got the time would be great.


I certainly am - I just had a very busy time at work for the past few weeks, leaving me with little time or energy to do much (read: anything) in terms of reading once I got home in the evening.

Things have gone back to normal for the past two days though, so I'm catching up on all the stuff on my backlog. I'll get to your stories soon enough - if not this evening, then certainly no later than tomorrow :twilightsmile:

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