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Science guy that likes reading stories about colorful ponies. Now also help proofread/edit them.

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1586030 You're welcome! :twilightsmile: I liked it because of the pretty original means of "defeating" CelestAI that I don't recall ever seeing. It can be a little tough to do something original with the Optimalverse given how much people have explored the idea. So kudos! :yay:

Besides, some of the advice that Devin gives is also applicable to the real world, such as people being at their best when they have a plan and a goal. Or how dreams that you treasure being ones that have permanence, such as the greenhouse mentioned. Not too many pony fics make me stop and contemplate things like the meaning of life (at least, of a life worth living).

p.s. As for the avatar, I knew that I had to use it when I saw it given how much of a science nerd I am. :twilightsmile: Three guesses for my favorite pony. :derpytongue2:

Thanks for the fav and I love the avatar. :twilightsmile:

1544377 Uh, for the box or stories I had edited, I used a custom box and just typed that in myself.

I'm more into the hard sciences, namely physics and biology, but I have always had a soft heart for psychology.

1543841 Thanks, you do too! :twilightsmile: As you probably have seen, I think Aragon's an absolute riot, and one of the best comedy writers here. :pinkiehappy: And as one of his editors, I'd like to extend a thanks to you as well, for helping to make his work shine :yay: (even though I saw on your blog post that there's not much that you actually add to Aragon's work). Besides, I know that editing can sometimes be a thankless job, even if I haven't been able to do much of it due to RL.

On a semi-related note, how did you add that box for stories that you edited on your page? I couldn't quite figure it out myself.

And what kind of science are you interested in? I like reading about pretty much everything from particle physics to general relativity. Or are you more into the social sciences? I do have a passing fancy with psychology/sociology, anthropology, and the like. I'd include economics as well, but I hesitate to call that a science.

Hello. I noticed you on Aragon's blog, and I wanted to say hi! You look like a nice person.

Also because I like science too. And editing.

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