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Welcome to the land of the insane made into a form not only understandable, but can be rather quite compelling. This groups goal is to try and get together all those ideas that seemed just way too out there to ever be taken seriously yet somehow managed to be done. Stories that where based off something that most would never think could ever be seen as anything other than silly, dumb, or creepy. If your story somehow takes the concept of blue aliens turning into ponies and makes it relateabal then this is the group for you!

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A quick little guide to the folders and what stories should go in them:

Main - This is where all the stories in the group are put, regardless of how strange or mundane they are. It's for if someone wants to look at all the stories at once rather then go through the folders one at a time. I highly recommend that you put your story in this one along with whatever other folder it belongs in.

Normal Concepts - This folder is for stories where the base concepts themselves are rather normal, but the results they lead to are quite strange. These stories can be split into either of two sub-folders.

{ Slow Descent - Stories that lets the weirdness and strangeness creep up
on you slowly, letting you take it in at a calm pace so you can absorb it easily.

{ Fast Descent - Stories that go wild fast, whip lashing you with the speed
it drops into madness, shocking your brain with a jolt of insanity.

Kinda strange - Stories that are out there, but don't need too much explanation to understand.

Strange - Stories that have only a few unusual concepts working at the same time.

Wut? - Stories that have a LOT of different concepts or a few really unusual concepts working together in tandem.

If this doesn't clear thing up for you then please refer to this more detailed guide to the folders: Folders Detailed Guide

Simple rules of the group:

1. Follow basic group politeness regarding spoilers

2. Abusive or irrelevant stories and threads will be removed and the abuser kicked or permanently banned

3.If you have any questions please either use this thread or PM me. Don't spam the comments section.

4. Have fun!

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I have some shipping fic ideas, like Rarity X Steven Magnet(rarinet), Terramar x Smolder(Smoldermar), Ocellus x Bramble(bramblecellus), Trouble Shoes x Gilda(gildashoes), rarithorn(Rarity X Blackthorn.

crossover ships Rafiki x Zecora

mlp g1 ship ideas Sting x Morning Glory, Teddy X Sweetheart(teddyheart), Catrina x Rep, Captain Crabnasty x Posey

Hello i'm the fiery phoenix and new and I have a question. Does my story 'The life of a Thestral' belong on this page. I'm not sure.


I'm not here to judge rather a story was of quality or not, I just make sure they abide by the few rules I have set. If they fit the bill then that's it. It's just what you have to expect from this group I suppose, for better or worse.

This is an interesting group. I just wish there was a bit more... quality control, I guess? And maybe less clop (or rather more regular stories next to it).


Ack, it's been so long since there has been any activity I didn't even realize there was any comments here! Sorry about that.

This a kind of subjective group Deli, while I have done my best to narrow down what "strange" is supposed to mean it's still more or less your opinion.

I've looked and everything seems to check out Ponyess, and thanks for the submissions!

I think all my story ideas could fit in this group. :rainbowderp:

Slow Decent
Fast Decent

I believe the word you're looking for is descent, assuming you're referring to a slow descent into madness.

O-kay.. time to punch out a few more ideas.
Just hope I got the right folders for them,
If not, fel free to help me getting them right, please.

384215 Happy to have you on board. :twilightsmile:

Taking silly ideas and making them serious is one of my favorite things. I'm in.

It's no problem. I now how it is taking care of your first group, being inexperienced and all.

381061 I suppose that would be my fault. Seeing as this is my first group I wasn't sure what needed saying and what didn't. But I've gone and made as clear as I think I could what each folder is for. It should help to keep away any future confusion. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Actually, I weren't sure where to post it, and I'll move it now.

380503 I really mean no harm by what I said. It's just after looking over your story, as I do with all stories posted, I personaly think it belongs in kinda strange rather then strange, but it treads the line between the two and you don't have to move it if you don't want to. I'm just giving my view is all.

Hi! Is the concept of Granny Smith having dated Rainbow Dash's grandmother and Pinkie’s grandmother having dated Twily's grandmother crazy enough for this grpup?

379567 Only fresh groups get featured in New Groups, and your group was still fresh enough. It was a close call, though.

379485 This is absolutly amazing! Thank you so much! I'm really thankful for the attention and just could never thank you enough for featuring my group.:raritystarry:
Congratulations! Your group is now featured in New Groups.

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