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I do stuff that might fall under your purview of "Good Writing". Perhaps you would dain my work as the opposite. Either way it's here and you may look upon it and draw your conclusions thusly.

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Yo, if you like my junk (Doubtful) then check this junk out too.

First I've got two groups for ya to check out, first being Weird Ideas Done Seriously, the jist of it being:

Welcome to the land of the insane made into a form not only understandable, but can be rather quite compelling. This groups goal is to try and get together all those ideas that seemed just way too out there to ever be taken seriously yet somehow managed to be done. Stories that where based off something that most would never think could ever be seen as anything other than silly, dumb, or creepy. If your story somehow takes the concept of blue aliens turning into ponies and makes it relateabal then this is the group for you!

Then there's What's Taking So Long?!, which is all about this:

This group is dedicated to archiving all those stories that update at the pace of a tortoise. Their not dead, but you can't be blamed for thinking so. Rather it's because the authors busy, focusing more on other stories, or just lazy, if it takes a year to add a new chapter to a story then it belongs here. It doesn't matter if it's on a schedule or not, if it takes forever IT TAKES FOREVER, simple and plane.

I've also got a Derpibooru account if you want to look at some the "art" I make for story covers and what not. ( DERPI-LINKVALIDATION-240A89AB89 )

Last thing is my FanFiction.net account. If I have to brutally honest, it's just for more attention. You have no obligation to check it out.


Story Update Rotation · 7:16pm May 25th, 2016

So now I've five stories to keep updates with huh?

While I still can't set a definitive schedule for when updates will be out I can give a guarantee in what order I'll be updating each story.

In order of upcoming update:

1. The Moms have been Doubled.

2. Big Sis Twily Shorts

3. The definition of "Soulmate"

4. Bridging Words

5. "Why does everypony say that?!"

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I know, and really it's kinda the reaction I expected, but I always thought that a gender change like this would be very...intimate. I mean do you know how hard it is write this stuff? Honestly I regret choosing this as my first story as I've found a much different niche that I feel comfortable in, not that I regret writing it period. I think if you looked you could see how my writing improved as the story went on, but the truth is I jumped the gun and went for something a bit too big for me to start on, but I'm glad it got the reception it did, so I'm not gonna complain anymore than I need to. and I shouldn't forget to thank you for liking the thing...So thanks!

Honestly dude, some parts are really pushing the boundaries there. Especially when it gets... To an "exploring" part. One example that comes to mind is the bath scene.


It's closer to being done then you think, I'm just having some...personal problems with finishing it. I'm not quite sure how to put it, just that the last chapters is 95% done and I just need to get my fat bum past this little block of mine and do it. And uh...CLOP??? I mean I wasn't beating around the bush by all means when it came to the content, but is that really what people see with my story? Clop?

Eh, whatever, if your enjoying anyway then by all means go ahead, don't let me spoil it with my yapping.

Do you have any news on appetizer? It's strangely a guilty pleasure of mine, even though I'm not into clop.


I don't mean to sound rude, but it's not in my favs yet. I haven't even read it yet, hence why it's in my "Read Later" library.

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