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Nearly 3 years after being married, Sweetie Belle is almost ready to give birth to her and Button Mash's first child. Just how will the new-born parents handle their new challenge of life, being parents.

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That little comic helped me picture, Thanks!

Oh how Rarity designed her very dress with ears in her eyes,

If I'm not mistaken you mean stars correct.

The two ate snacks while listening to the radio, Sweetie Belle singing along while Button listened with contempt

I hope that's wrong, otherwise this marriage is gonna last for a long

Beyond those problems great story a great concept I really want to see more.
D'aww story's really get.

3842075 He meant to tears. I think:unsuresweetie:.

An excellent start! I would collar yourself a pre-reader for the next chapter though, a few errors broke the flow.

Did rarity question the loading bar on her sisters stomach,saying 90%?
At all?

I love it. I just freaking love it. It's amazing! I APPROVE OF THE SWEETIE BUTTON SHIP! THIS IS AN AMAZING FAN FIC!
3842704 That's probably because she would know Button by now. Rarity is a slightly overbearing sister, so I think that at some point (most likely when he was a teen and being banned from the house) probably when they were dating, Rarity and Button had a talk. That, and Button is pretty open that he likes video games. We also don't know how long Rarity was standing there.

THOU SHALL NOT RUIN MY NEWEST HEADCANNON/FAVORITE SWEETIE BUTTON STORY!That is, unless ya wanna help fix the grammar mistakes that are here and there.

3842764 I usually don't like shipping. The only shipping I approve of is sweetiemash,or buttonbelle, or sweeton, or whatever the heck you wanna call it.
Basically, I almost only like sweetieXbutton,
And, soarin X rainbow

i wuv it!

To make it harder for the two they should have twins one a boy and the other a girl:pinkiehappy:

This is so cute, and I'm looking forward to more. :rainbowkiss:

:rainbowhuh: "Psony?" Is the "P" silent?

Anyway, can't wait for what's to come next! :pinkiehappy:

3842787 Goody. Also, I like the Soarin X Rainbow, too.

Great start, have a like and fave :moustache:

:trixieshiftright:Okay, You have my attention. Let's see what you make of it.

Alright. This is amazing. More! More! More!

3842487 now that you mention it that does sound better.

Sorry, I stopped at the description. As much as I like some ButtonBelle, your front page is what you use to grab and entice a reader:

Nearly 3 years after being married, Sweetie Belle is nearly ready to give birth to her and Button Mash's first child. Just how will the new-born parents handle their new challenge of life, being parents.

'Nearly' used twice in one sentence. Incredibly clunky and sounds awkward.
Second sentence is a question, and should have a question mark.
The parents are not new-born, so the placement of the modifier is awkward.
'new challenge of life' reads incredibly awkwardly.

Come on, man. Spit and polish.

"It has been almost three years since Sweetie Belle accepted Button Mash's proposal. Now, with their first foal on the way, the two must rise to the greatest challenge they have ever faced: being parents."


They bathed in rainbow juice at one point,

:pinkiegasp: has anyone read rainbow factory

I can see that there is going to be even more greatness to come of this, it has brought me a feeling of joyful bliss.

This is good, now I need more!

3843209 My headcannon is that it was only done once, but was shut done when a colt escaped and his mother reported the illegal activities.

Thanks for adding this to Button Belle, great story

Wonderful stuff so far,
I can't wait to read more, and to really see where parenthood will take our favorite gamer into..................

The cutie marks in the pictures keep changing?

Comment posted by Erik the Enigma deleted Jan 25th, 2014

Luv da mustache bros.......:moustache:

This is good, but I would recommend to find a pre reader.

I think Sweetiemash/Buttonbelle <=(thank you Alex) is my favorite ship, and I don't even have a favorite ship really :T

new-born parents

u wot m8

ButtonBelle ships, must have more... :pinkiecrazy:

3844200 I think most call it ButtonBelle.

I just want to say, I can't wait to read this! It is an honer to me that you posted it in my group by the way!
-Derpy 2

3844305 Well...


...ah fuck...

I kind of imagined button working at like a Rooster Teeth-type place...

"Well, I'm here to bring some cheese and crackers." She said as she set the plate on the table.

"What are we, six? Oh, pepperjack!" Button exclaimed as he dug into the crackers.

This made me laugh. :rainbowlaugh:


What an amazingly adorable story, very well written too if I may add. You've definitely deserved a fav and a thumbs up on this one. :pinkiehappy:

osdjgpowjojdklfjrpoejgiuo;slkd[dqpoe :rainbowkiss:

In a good way. MOAR PLS

This is very good. I noticed a couple issues with possessives, but other than that the story flowed perfectly.

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