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I do this because I want to make people happy in some sort of way. I try my best to be a good writer so that I can brighter some one's day. Just one person who likes my work makes this all worth it!


Button Mash has lived in Ponyville for a few months now. Still has no friends, his father is always gone for business trips, his big brother left long ago to join the guard, and now it's usually only him and his mom. His mother tries to talk him into having friends, but he knows all he needs is his joyboy and nothing else. After standing up to a certain, harsh duo of bratty fillies, the Cutie Mark Crusaders want to get to know Button Mash a bit more after seeing him stand up to them.

Ok for everyone here, yeah I know that this pairing is VERY common, I get it. But all of the ones I read put them together right off the bat. If it where a bit more realistic, they would warm up to each other first. So I decided to write my own story of it how I think it might look like. Just so everyone knows, I am not writing this for you guys, I am writing this because I want to and I think a couple of you might like it as well. I did not plan this, I didn't brain storm this, this is my pleasure only and for fun. I write this while I am learning how to be better, so writing styles may change. Hope some of you guys enjoy it, this will be a little long just so you guys know. (P.S. Wtf why isn't Button Mash on the list of character selection?! That hurts me!) Also on a side note, I feel ashamed that I do not have proof, but this story reached the special featured box. The reason why no one saw it is because it was at 1:30 in the morning and it got taken off the list after it was there for 5 minutes :fluttercry: I was so heart broken that day. Anyway, so if that get's any credit, it was there if it counts :pinkiesad2:

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By the way for anyone who chooses to read this, please ignore the dislikes. Some how I have only one other reader to this series, and I have four dislikes. This shouldn't even be technically possible. So please do not judge the series from the dislikes, I believe this is a glitch, or people just didn't actually give the story a try and disliked it for no reason at all. I will try to figure out what is going on here

People do dislike things for no reason at all. It sucks.

Well, I'm happy to read a ButtonBelle fic! I'm even going to toss it a like to balance out the other stuff, how's that?

I don't care how common a pairing is if it's cute and it's written well.

Technically speaking, your writing could use a good amount of work. The story itself seems okay, but there are some writing issues that you are making that really should not be made.
Get yourself an editor before you go any further. That's my recommendation.

4144784 Oh I know that. If some one read it and disliked it, that is a lot more fair, but I mean 1 other viewer and 4 dislikes, I mean that is just complete bull! And like 5 minutes after I posted it. That is unfair :ajbemused: but thank you, I will take a look at it and fix up some stuff. Do you mind sharing what is wrong besides the oppsy stuff? :twilightsmile:

4144825 There are a lot of places where you don't use the right punctuation, or there is some sort of punctuation that shouldn't be there. You also tend to forget to use commas at the end of your speech. for example. instead of adding a comma, for a small example: "hi," he said cheerfully. Few spelling mistakes here and there, but fairly good so far. I'll definitely be watching the story to see where it goes, but I have to go with
DJ GarV the Expert there. You kind of need an editor for this, or need to go over this carefully to get the worst mistakes out.

Hopefully that helped somewhat. :twilightsheepish:

I am the one how knocks.

I LOVE IT!! Very good start!!

This fanfic has lots of potential especially after what you said I shall be watching this very closely also so far I love it!

Oh my! Where do I even begin!! :pinkiehappy:
4144873 My main proof reader is in college for writing (lucky me, huh :raritywink: ) but right now he is facing important testing so he can't help me. I do all the work myself, although my proof reading skills are. . . . well obviously lacking. I'll take better care to do it though, thank you so so much for telling me all of that, thank you! :twilightsmile:
4144934 What do you mean by "I am the one how knocks?" knocks on what? :rainbowhuh:
4145641 My friend. . . . .this is only the begining! :twilightsmile:
4145912 After I said what? I said many things all over this chapter :rainbowlaugh: But thank you none the less for the compliment :twilightsmile:

When I went to bed last night, my story was getting not-so-great attention, and it made me sad. I started thinking "Hey, a few people liked it, so just keep going no matter what" and now I wake up to THIS!:pinkiegasp: Thank you everyone, a highly pleasent surprise! :twilightsmile: As a final warning to all, I am making this up as I go along and I am taking my time to write this, but I will do my best for it to all make sense, I hope you all have a wonderful morning/day/evening! :twilightsmile:

4147009 I don't know. I just saw it in a video called

Honest Trailers, walking dead. I'll try to make a link

4148453 Twas a reference to breaking bad

4149680 lol, what episode, what season? I have all 6 seasons on DVD.

4150195 I have no Idea. Never watched it.

4150199 ? Why? It is one of the best shows ever.

4150776 2 reasons
1. It seems stupid
2. too mainstream/ over-rated.

4150780 1. It's not stupid

2. You haven't watched it.

4150820 1. I'm a lost cause, no one can effect me
2. I have seen a small bit.

4150833 well it is not enough. You got to watch an episode to the end to see if it was good. You know, you where me. When I first watched MLP I didn't think I would like it. So after I watched a small part, I told my self I didn't like it. About a week later, I watched that same episode again, but this time whole. After that I was in brony denial. But I couldn't stop watching it. Until one day, I finally dealt with it. So I learned to not just judge something cause just how it looks. I understand if you still don't want to watch it, and I'm not urging you too. But that could happen to you too.

4150886 Re-read number one.
I MIGHT watch it eventually.

I'm trying to decide if I love you because Sword Art Online or hate you because Breaking Bad.

Hm. Good start. I'm going to fav it.

Wow, I just saw this in the sidebar on the main page and this has come a long way from the fic I first saw with 5 dislikes and only 1 like. Congrats!

My god... I love this fic!! I can't wait to read the next chapter.

Man, make the next chapter! I wanna see your skills make this happen! :raritystarry:

WOW! congrats on getting to the popular list. Not a easy feat, one I doubt I could ever achieve :)

Wow guys, just wow. We have made 466 views and 85 likes together on one chapter alone and still climbing. ONE CHAPTER!!! :pinkiegasp: when I first posted this I had 3 views and 4 dislikes, now look at us now! Thanks guys, and don't worry, another chapter is being made, I've already started it. Thanks every one for supporting this story. I am completely bafled by how well this story is doing with the lack of my professional editor. You guys are awesome! :twilightsmile: I hope to see you all in the future chapters ahead, this was a story just for me, but now I think I am gonna work on this series a little more than planned. I hope you all have a wonderful morning/day/evening. It is awesome to see this much feed back from you guys! :twilightsmile:

i know that feel where you just have no plan for a fic:twilightsmile:, instead you write what you want when you want, its my prefered way of writing a fic:derpytongue2: its just that i wish my fics raked in the views like yours did:ajsleepy:

4162194 Wow, you are the first person to say that. I say that all the time, it feels really super awesome to have some one actually say that back to me for a change :pinkiehappy: . Thanks a lot my friend :twilightsmile: I normally write what I think my followers will like and just try my best with it, this was a huge surprise for me. Thanks for the huge compliment, means a lot. I hope you have a wonderful morning/day/evening! :twilightsmile:

4162211 well thank you, and i learned that writing fics isnt about followers i write what i want, if you like it stick around, but if you don't then get the crap out of here, if you only write what you think ppl will like then you fics will inevitably suffer from C.o.d syndrome where you just write the same thing over and over for the sake of being popular, let you fics out, take risks, do things diffrently, it may not make you popular (believe me i know) but writing will shure feel good and to me, thats all that matters.:ajsmug:

4162246 Wow. . . . thank you for that, I was a little shocked to read something so insperational from a viewer like that. :rainbowderp: Still, thank you. You know, I think I will do just that then. I think for now on I will only write what I believe I should write. Not what my followers want, but what I actually want to write. I think now I am ready to write something I have had locked away for some time now. I hide it away because I thought people wouldn't be interested. But you know what? I think I am gonna do it anyway, thank you for your kind words, it really helped me out here :twilightsmile:

Wow, I am like you I don't usually don't like shippings, but Button Mash and Sweetie Bell is the only one I like.:derpytongue2: And like Heavy said just write to write. I started writing myself and It is just for the fun. I keep adding more to my story cuz I have to much time on my hand and a wild (well semi wild) imagination. When I posted my story I was surprised it went well. Now back to you, Keep up with this and I may just start following you I really enjoyed this. AND I AM SO JELLY THAT YOU GOT SO POPULAR ON YOUR FIRST CHAPTER!!! :moustache:

4162706 :rainbowlaugh: I will warn you now, if you are gonna follow me JUST because of this story then don't. Take a glance at my other work because I have a large variety of writing styles and story types. If you like this because of Button Mash and Sweetie Belle, or because it is cute, or popular, or romantic, then you should. . . . actually romance ties somewhere in my stories eventually :rainbowlaugh: either way, thank you for the compliment, I am a little shocked how well this is doing, and do not worry, working on the next chapter as is :twilightsmile: If you like this one then check out "See No Evil" it was popular at one point, romance, mystery, and a tad lengthy(er). Any older stories will have bad grammar, as a warning, I get better as I write, so older stuff isn't as well structured as now

4162726 Oh I looked, every story I enjoy I look at what else the arthur has. A few you wrote I don't find interesting though but I would follow to see if you make something else I would enjoy. I like how you wrote this one and I am not to concern about bad grammar. When I write I am terrible at it., so says my editor :rainbowlaugh: I have read a terribly written story all the way through. I read for the story not grammar, English is picky on that so i don't hold it back on anyone (Even if English is the only language they know lol)

4162756 There is not too many of your type out there, it is nice to see that there are people like that around still. Thank you then, I do have some really intensive stories in the works, and I can tell them to you to help you decide, I have another story still being worked out, a mystery. Some one hires and assassin to kill Twilight Sparkle and the assassin is unknown, they are ordered to get as close as they can to her before they kill her. Another is an 8 parts series with a whole bunch of stories to connect to it, Pony of Death is one of those parts, as well as One's Past is Another's future. I plan on remaking Darkest of Souls because it sucks so much :rainbowlaugh: a couple horror stories will be made some time down the road, a secret ultra story that I plan on getting it on Equestria daily, a story no one has ever done before (But if I say what it is, then other people will copy the idea) and just so you know, no one has ever done this idea before, I checked. 100% original :raritywink: then there is a couple romance stories that I might do (still working on the idea) a human high school tragedy, a short, one chapter sad story (planning on it being a tear jerker) and lastly a continuation of See No Evil, except it goes into detail about the main characters past. If that sounds like something you might like, any of them, then stick around, sit back, enjoy a tasty beverage of your choice, and enjoy. I write for me mostly, but I write these stories so that at least one person out there can say they had a good day because of me, that is the joy I feel when I do this, and that is why I do it. I aim to please others, that is my life :twilightsmile:

4162786 Wow, you have a lot planed there. Your dark stories I might not read, not something I like to read. Cupcakes I know....oh do I know and same with Rainbow Factory but I never read the fan fics about it. But the other stuff I will :raritywink: I have a series of stories that interconnect and like you and Marvel with Avengers I plan to set it up for something like that. I have 6 stories for its set up then its final showdown story and maybe just maybe more for that saga. I think I will follow and look at a few of your old work (the good and bad) and it is a shame there isn't many people like me who read for the story. I look past the grammar cuz I have always sucked at English classes. :facehoof: Good luck with all you endeavors with your fics and I do look forward to seeing what you have in store :moustache:

4162843 But of course ^_^ Also if I could get enough interaction and more followers, I plan on writing a fun fun series I have planned for a while. It is called "Pony Versus Anime". It is a show down series of poeple's favorite anime characters against people's favorite ponies! I need more followers and people who will interact because I some one comments who they want to see next, if it get's enough likes then I will do that battle. I find a reason for them to meet up, and then they fight. I carefully analize both sides and deturmine the winner. Ponies consist of the show, popular Oc's, and OC versions of the show (For example, Smile HD Pinkie Pie, or Psyco Twi) I just need more interaction before I start it, but I would end up giving two chapters for an a nexample what the story is :twilightsmile: It should be good, but that is my biggest series planned, mostly because it would never end :raritywink:

4162885 lol that sounds like an interesting idea :rainbowlaugh: I thought of something similar, It would be more just what the people think should happen. Like what the character would react to situations and such. I only have 3 followers so that idea would have to wait for a long time. I still think what you thought of would be very interesting. Good luck with that :moustache:

4162942 Thank you very much. I had a lot of fun talking to you! :twilightsmile: I wish you luck on your stories as well, I hope to see you in the future stories and chapters ahead. Have a wonderful morning/day/evening. As always, bye bye for now! :twilightsmile:

Can't that filly find another way to entertain herself?

Still can't wait for the next chapter. :derpytongue2:

4167400 Your profile picture makes it look like you are in desperation for the next chapter! :rainbowlaugh: It looks like you are chasing after it or something, I keep laughing when I see you post something like this :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: I hope to see you in the future chapters ahead :twilightsmile:

100TH LIKE! Well written. good length of chapter too.:eeyup:

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