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Just a normal college student who loves to workout, play cards, and is also a bit of a hopeless romantic. Most of all, I love MLP:FiM. Can't wait to start reading and writing.

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I'm on the bus. · 2:36am April 25th

I'm currently on the bus, on my way to basic training. This will be my last blog post or fimfiction interaction for some time. I just want to thank everyone who's supported me through out my time here, and I PROMISE, I'll be back :raritywink:

Take my latest story as my final gift for the time being.

Until we meet again!!! :fluttercry::raritydespair::pinkiesad2::raritywink::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

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Could you imagine Princess Twilight and Sunset Shimmer having Ultra Instinct.... I think it would be badass!!!!

I think it looks pretty cool. I can't wait to see what it can do, but I'm also a little disappointed because we won't be seeing much of it (and, for that matter, maybe not everything it's capable of) due to Super's sudden end.

What's your thoughts on Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku?

Alright! I'm excited! Can't wait!

Yes, there will be. I'm working on it right now. I was planning to release it last week, but some things came up.

  • Viewing 44 - 48 of 48
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