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After getting accepted into the same college, Spike and Sweetie Belle decide to become roommates. They have known each other for most of their lives and have since become good friends, so it only makes sense, right? However, the day they move in together, Spike and Sweetie slowly begin to realize that some things they've known all their lives might not be the same as they were before. With all these changes happening around them, what will come of Spike's and Sweetie's friendship?

Rated T for implications.
Special thanks to MLPfan1907, sonicfan05, Jtyler12, and B_25 for proofreading.
Artwork by mauroz
Featured 1/31/2020

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This is a very cute, funny and sweet story. Love the interactions between the two and I would like to see more stories about them.

Once again you did a fantastic job and I'm happy to help out! :twilightsmile:

Thanks! I'm always happy to have your support. Of course I'll write more. I don't see a reason to stop any time soon.

Sunset walks into the lab where Twilight is working.
Sunset: Twilight, you'll never believe it. We've found a naturally occurring substance on earth denser than osmium.
Twilight: That's amazing Sunny! What is it.
Sunset: …your brother.

Cute, fun and well written. Thanks for the SpikeBelle.

This was a wholesome yet fun little romp, I’d be interested in seeing more of this version of the pairing

I would totally make that canon to this story.

Thanks! Of my more recent stories, I definitely think this is definitely the one with the most potential in the future.

Well, I am glad they didn’t fall into the pond. Swans can be mean!

Fun times, I always pictured Spike being kinda oblivious to someone else liking him, but this takes to another level. Still kinda endearing though.

Ha. I considered it but ultimately decided against it.

Swans are mean? Huh. I wonder why Sweetie didn't mention that?

He is that oblivious?

So sickeningly adorable, these two dorks are just... good grief, I think I have diabetes now.

Oh, no! I didn't mean to give you that!

Well swans do mate for life however they can also “divorce” if they so feel like and if a male dies the female just goes find another, so Sweetiebelle doesn’t really know the truth about Swans :twilightsmile:

Cute, sweet, and fluffy! I love SpikeBelle. :rainbowkiss:

This is a very romantic story. I love the chemistry between these two characters. It's what makes the story interesting.

I thought we were talking about them falling into the pond?

Me, too! My favorite MLP ship :heart:

I agree. I think chemistry is the biggest thing when writing ship fics.

We were. Just swan facts.

Well, I'm sure Sweetie Belle didn't want to mention that part to Spike.

Either that or she didn’t know

Either/or. She just thinks they're romantic.

Ah, so fluffy! So cute! I like it!

Thanks! I try my best. I'll try to bring more :raritywink:

Jeez, that was so....tropey...:pinkiesick:

I kept expecting Spike to rub the back of his head and say 'g-gomen'.

Thought about another new series?

Sorry you feel that way. I just write what I feel.

Also, I don't get the "gomen" reference.

All my stories these days are intended one-shots. If there's enough demand for it and see a potential next scenario, I'll consider a sequel.

Spike's load

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hard to tell who's more dencer....Ash Ketchum or this universe Spike

I like to believe that, sometimes, any of us could be as dense as Spike or Ash.

I've certainly been there :twilightblush:

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