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Hearth's Warming Eve has arrived once again, and Spike has a very special gift for Flurry Heart that she is sure to love. However, some grumpy pony shows up from out of nowhere and declares his intention to ruin Hearth's Warming! Left alone, it's up to Spike and the Cutie Mark Crusaders to stop this pony and save Flurry Heart's Hearth's Warming. Can they do it?

Special thanks to all my proofreaders. Thank you for your time and input.
Featured on Equestria Daily: 12/26/2019
Featured on Equestria Daily's 20 of the Best Fanfics to Read for Spike Day 2021

Art by shutterflyeqd.

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This is a very well written, heartwarming and funny story. The Crusaders were a lot of fun, the "villian" was insane and funny and the things Spike did with Flurry Heart was sweet and touching.

I enjoyed your story from beginning to end and it's already my favorite MLP: Hearth's Warming story of this year!

Well done RS-Belle14! :twilightsmile:

Thanks! I always appreciate your support. I'm gonna try to write stories a lot more often, now. I have to make up for lost time.

This was such a sweet heartwarming story that gave me a big smile while reading it & an even bigger chuckle at the kids antics dealing with this *villain* of sorts! :rainbowlaugh:

"No," Spike scowled. "No buts, no ands, no ifs, and no whats. You're leaving. You're not going to bother us, again, and if you even think about it..." Spike took a deep breath and the chimney felt a lot warmer. "I won't hold back next time."
Spike really does take after his big sister in putting his claw down at moments like these, he's a pretty cool uncle to Flurry! :moustache:

Thank you for such an enjoyable story & hope you have an awesome holiday! :twilightsmile:

The same pony who dressed up as Princess Luna and tried to declare Nightmare Night canceled?

Be thankful that's all he did. Harmony help everypony if he brought the paraphernalia wagon into town.

Thanks! I really appreciate it. I just hope this story does okay. Happy Holidays!

If I had know that was thing before I read your comment, I might've included it, somehow.

Good old fashioned slapstick. We don't have enough of it anymore.

The bit with Flurry reciting her ABC's is spot on. My two year old niece does the exact same thing. She'll sing the song, but after about D, it's just mish-mash of random letters and noises.

I know, right? I miss classic Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry.

My brother used to mess up his ABC's all the time when he was little. It was so cute.

This was simply amazing. Really well written, funny, and saccharine sweet. There aren't enough stories of Spike and the Crusaders. Really wish the show had shown them interacting, since Spike never really had friends his age. Flurry Heart was tooth-meltingly adorable.

Really, a fantastic job, my friend! Merry Christmas! :yay:

Thank you so much!

And I know, right? I always thought Spike should spend more time with the CMC. He's a kid, let him be a kid.
And Flurry... well, if you read the author's notes, you know :raritywink:

Merry Christmas :scootangel::twilightsmile:

Thanks for this RS-Belle. This was wonderful to read.

Thank you. I try my best. My biggest hope is people liking my stories. I really appreciate it.

"GUH-GUH-GUH-OH-HO-HO-HO-MAKE IT STOP!" the Grump continued to get shocked as his radiant display grew brighter. Then, in a flash, the Grump shot out of the window like a lightning bolt. "DAH!"

Aw, I was hoping he'd turn into a skeleton like Marv in Lost in New York.

I figured that would a bit too dark for Flurry to see.

Flurry's eyes sparkled. "Santa Hooves?"

*desperately holds onto Flurry Heart's tail*


"What are you-" Spike suddenly noticed something move above him. He looked up and saw some mistletoe covered in green aura floating above his head. "Huh?!"

All three Crusaders leaned in. *Muah.*

Random cat: "Ooooooh!"

But jokes aside, I'm sure the little girl is in a better place now and is forever grateful that you've made her last day the best she's ever had.

Thanks but I think there's a little confusion. I gave her a Minnie Mouse balloon for her birthday, and she passed away much later.

That aside, I agree. She should be much more comfortable now.

Loved it! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you! Happy Holidays :twilightsmile:


And on that day, Green Lump's heart grew three sizes!

Finally! I was waiting forever for someone in the comments to say that!

Comment posted by Hobbestc deleted Dec 27th, 2019

Thanks! First time I ever got comment like that lol. I appreciate it!

You say the jokes were groan worthy? Lol I can see that. I'm more of a "Slice of Life" and "Shipping" writer.

Right in the feels! :fluttershysad:

Sorry for your lose. I'm hoping you have more happier times in the near and far future.:fluttercry:

I appreciate it. Thank you. If it's any uplifting news, her passing was last year in 2018. It did hit us pretty hard, but we've had some time. Her parents and her brother are looking better these days. I think her brother actually just encountered the Tooth Fairy for the first time not too long ago. We all still miss her dearly, but we try to live happy lives while always honoring her memory.

Hope this was in the same universe as,

Spike's Little Sweet Hearts

, because I love the the relationship with Spike, Flurry Heart and The CMC! Especially Sweetie Belle!

Great job!
Merry Christmas!:heart:

Ha. There's a thought. I, personally, don't see it that way. In Sweethearts, Spike and Sweetie end up together. In this story, I didn't want shipping to be the main focus of the story (in part because I wanted Spike to get a reward from ALL the CMCs). I did take elements from Sweethearts into this one because, like you, I love the character interactions in Sweethearts, but I, myself, don't necessarily see the two stories in the same universe.

That's cool. I just really enjoy the "Uncle" moments. I think MLP canon really missed out on a lot there. But I love how you worked it in your stories! This is the kind of display/growth in Spike's character that is always enjoyable to see!:twilightsmile:

Really awesome job!:moustache:

MLP missed out on a lot of opportunities (not to mention giving us extremely questionable ones but I digress). Uncle Spike is one of the top things I wish the show did.

Spike playing with the CMC is cute.

Something I wish the show and comics did more of.

"Of her safety, you need not be concerned. She will not be hit, nor tortured, nor burned. After some time, I will even return her to thee. For that, all I'm asking for is a... small fee." The Grump chuckled.


Spike's fillyfriends better have the traps set on Severe Stun.

CMC kissing Spike on the mistletoe is a highlight.

I just thought he deserved a good Hearth's Warming gift from three nice fillies :raritywink:

Yup! I mean, the show and comics do give us some moments, but it's rarely the focus.

Granted they are usually nice moments (Spike and Sweetie dancing, Spike and Apple Bloom building a snowdragon together, Sweetie sleeping with a Spike plushy, Apple Bloom jumping into Spike's arms when she's frightened, etc.), but I wish we got more of that. I hope we get more Spike + CMC moments in the future.

I am honestly hoping to have some in the Season 10 comics, but G5 also sounds good.

I also want Spikebelle to be canon!

Oooh, I'd like that. SpikeBelle is my favorite MLP ship.

That ending reminded of the ending of the PPG episode "Cootie Gras" where the PPGs all kissed the boy after realizing that cooties doesn’t exist (Which is fitting since CMCs were inspired the PPGs.)

Hey, I remember that episode! Yeah, they were so afraid of that boy until they realized it was all in their head.

Though, I can't say this story took inspiration from the Power Puff Girls. I didn't remember about that episode until you mentioned it.

Oh, I know it was just the ending gave me those vibes personally was all!

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