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This is my first fiction, so I just want it to be simple. It's only about a boy reacting to a girl's confession. So... Sweetie Belle and Spike has been hang out together and Sweetie has grown to Spike. After confessing her feeling for the young dragon, she left him with fuzzy feeling. Now, Spike must choose whether to take their relationship further. Watch, I mean, read as how things go out. It's filled with cliche' and my sense of humor so, enjoy!

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This is too cute to call this cliche' :raritystarry:

Also, FIRST! :pinkiehappy:

So cute! :heart: 👍

Also, I would like to see a sequel. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, I would read a sequel! 👍

This was so cute, and I love at the beginning how it jumps at you, already getting to the good part.SO CUTE I LOVE IT!

:duck: So how was it?
:scootangel: Sweetie and Spike got into a fight!
:raritystarry: No!
:applecry: Yes! it was a real knock down drag out !
:raritycry: NO!
:scootangel: Yes! and Spike used his fire breath!
:raritydespair: Fire breath? Sweetie Belle Spikey Wikey!
:unsuresweetie: It was a really big fight!
:raritystarry: Sweetie you're not singed fried or other wise harmed?
:twilightoops: The fight was sort a one sided
:duck: Sweetie what did you do to Spikey Wikey?
:unsuresweetie: nothing...
:moustache: But Rumble and his gang wont be bullying anypony anymore
:raritystarry: Spikey you didn't!? Did you? Spikey? Sweetie Belle?

:trollestia: I had some little hooligans delivered...Twilight what is this about?

cute Spike Belle:pinkiehappy:

Cute story, however, the title should be correctly capitalized as this: "I like You: a Cliche' Story (But a Cute One)"

When the moon hits your eye, like a big




That was pretty cute.

You totally should!!!!!!

Oh. My. Gosh. This is cute. I'm new to this fandom so I never seen this ship before, but I can't believe I never thought of it before!

"More like plot device." Rarity says.

Did Rarity turn into Fimfiction Pinkie then?

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