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A lot has happened, and I mean A LOT. But... I'm slowly coming back. May need help with that.


Sunset Shimmer has had a few things on her mind for a while, so she sends Princess Twilight Sparkle a message asking her to visit and help Sunset think things through. After finding out her majesty's busy schedule will only allow her to stay just a little after Sunset's shift ends, Sunset asks Twilight to wait for her at her favorite coffee shop: the Sunlight Café.

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The Sunlight Café Fan Reading.

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Sunset turned around and pointed at the sign in front of the building. "The Sunlight Café."
"Huh. I like that name."
"Me too. It's part of why this is my favorite café in town."

*squee* I love it, I love it, I love it! Love this story!

7129447 Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

Sunlight shipping :heart:? :heart: sorry for asking, but well, sometimes some people write "friendshipping" and i don't know how to feel about that .-. :rainbowhuh:

7129892 It's cool. We all have different tastes. Nothing wrong with diversity.

This is a very sweet story! :twilightsmile:

7130038 Thanks! Glad you liked it.

Oh great Celestia, my Sunlight shipper feels :fluttershyouch: This is so sweet! I love seeing Twilight comfort Sunset :heart: Great work :rainbowkiss:

7130615 Thank you! Your feedback means a lot. You can expect more SunLight later ;)

7130705 Glad you think so too! :)

7130711 deleted scene? Normal afternoon? You do know that Princess Twilight wasnt in the movue right? She appeared coming out of thd portal at the last few seconds of the movie, and it wasnt a deleted scene cause it was shown

7130782 In the bonus features of Friendship Games, there's a deleted scene where Princess Twilight comes to visit Sunset. Here it is.

7130711 lol never mind....just remember the deleted scene of the sweet shop with Twilight and Sunset :twilightblush:

Very charming reinterpretation. I always did think that the scene didn't give Sunset a satisfying reason to consider returning, so I like the one you used here. Sunset rambling about her life story interrupts the natural flow of the conversation a bit, but it does flow well otherwise. And the shipping elements are delightful. Good story!

7130796 Hey no worries. Things happen ha.

7130801 Trust me, writing her life's story was one heck of a challenge lol. I had to try to make it flow as much as I could while at the same time trying to patch some of the plot holes from the first movie. It wasn't easy, but I had fun ha. Glad you liked it :)

7130782 That's why he said "deleted scene". The dialog was recorded but was not animated beyond story board. It's on the dvd if you have it.

Talk about STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!

The bacon-haired girl

daaaamn fandom
back at it again with the bacon hair memes

This was a lovely story. I give it 10/10! :twilightsmile:

7131407 You have to admit, she has pretty hair.

7131452 yes

i am lowkey in love with sunset (and her color scheme)

This was pretty good, and Sunlight is one of my top ships. Keep up the good work!

7131595 Thanks :) I'll keep doing my best.

That was such a sweet story. And I believe the ending matches my profile picture.

7132055 Ha I've seen that pic before. You might see it from me in the future ;)

Definitely a sweet little tale, this. Well done.

7132362 Thanks a bunch!


Ughh they're too adorable!:rainbowkiss: If i were there i'd grab their heads and say, "Now KISS!" This one's a keeper. Have an upvote and favourite! :twilightsmile:

7132443 I appreciate it! Keep an eye out. There'll be more in due time ;)

Aw, I'm always happy to see a Sunlight story, especially a Sunset and Princess Twilight story. Cute, slightly awkward relationship between the two, really adorable. I really wish that scene had made it into the movie, but that scene was probably put together quite a few drafts before the finished product. At least it had the voices, and was included in the extras.

7133261 I agree. That deleted scene was pretty cute, but since they didn't go with the homesick-Sunset subplot, I understand why they cut it. Thanks for the read! :)

Aww, that was so cute :twilightsmile:

7150019 Glad you think so, too. Thank you so much.

On the one hand my heart is doing little cartwheels around this story. On the other hand, it's in dire need of some commas.
The story that is, not my heart.
You're getting a like anyway, but seriously, the punctuation is a teensy bit jarring. Feel free to ask me for advice.

7158440 First, thank you so much for the thumbs up :) Second, I'd actually appreciate the grammar help. My usual proof reader didn't respond to my messages this time, and I didn't want to delay this story's release, so I went ahead and posted it. Please, contact me for the if you do feel like helping.

this was a pretty good shippy ship fic fic. hope you like the like.

7271032 I always appreciate feedback, especially positives ones. Thank you :twilightsmile:

7271037 think nothing of it, my fine author

Pretty heart warming li'l story and also nice for the fact of adding a bit of story between these two (something Hasbro should do more).
Thank you for this nice story :derpytongue2:

7325511 Glad you like it :pinkiehappy:

lecturing a class from Canterlot about cutie marks

This is awfully similar to the start of the Season 5 Finale! The impending doom though :rainbowderp:!

7327957 Ha. Yeah, this story takes place just before the Season 5 finale and Friendship Games. Sunset and Twilight both had a pretty interesting day that day :pinkiecrazy:

"I mean-I just thought it'd be nice to have somepony else around the castle and, you know, teach them about the magic of friendship,"

Is that what the fillies are calling it these days... :trollestia:

Power was all I desired

"But all that grew inside me was the darkness I acquired. Wait... that's kind of catchy. I should write a song about this."

She pulled out a few Equestrian bits from her backpack and began to worry. Oh Sweet Celestia...Of all things that DIDN'T change through the portal!

Star Swirl actually made sure of that, just in case anypony ever found the portal and decided to arbitrage the hell out of it until both worlds' economies collapsed. :trollestia:

"And since you're my best friend, I guess that means I love you a little more."

Twilight cheeks reddened. "I love you too, best friend.


Www., this was really sweet

Hiya! I made a fan-reading of this great story! thank you so much! <3


7602197 I'm flattered ha. Thank you :twilightsmile:

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