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Princess Twilight Sparkle is a teacher, a ruler, and the occasional savior of Equestria, and she loves it. Her jobs can be rewarding and fulfilling, but they can also be a bit exhausting. Hearing her friend is feeling a little worn out from all the responsibilities she has, Sunset Shimmer offers Twilight a holiday together across the portal in the human world. No evil magic, no intramural sports, and no one else. Just the two of them spending the entire day together.

Original art by Uotapo
Cover text generously added by Novel Idea

First story in the Rays of SunLight series.

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This was a good little one-shot. Okay, maybe not little but you know what I mean. Great work!

Awesome fic, well written nicely paced you gotta sunlight

7384389 Ha. Thanks Bricklayer. Always make the story as long as it needs to be :twilightblush:

7384395 Thanks! I do love me some SunLight

This was a really good story, sadly its one shot though :c
I look forward to your other story !!!
And Twilight / Sunset Friendship Carries On Through The Ages so you have nothing to worry about ;3

7384493 Ha. I actually did consider putting that song in the story, but I didn't think it fit the tone. Thank you so much :raritywink:

Oh man, this was adorable! And you wrote it very nicely, I like how much you described their day of hanging out together!

7384673 so glad you liked it :twilightsmile: Thank you so much. PS I like your username.

Well, that was an ordeal. I love this story's tone and plot. It was nice to read, and it was definitely worth the 30+ minutes I spent reading it. SunLight really is an awesome ship, and you are an awesome SunLight writer.

Good job. :twilightsmile:

7384707 I didn't realize I made the story that long! :pinkiegasp: Sorry :twilightsheepish:

I really love this one shot! :raritystarry:

The pacing is really good, it is well written and the moments with Sunset and Twilight is very sweet, especially at the very end. All the effort you put into writing this story really paid off. Definitely earned a spot for my top favorite SunLight stories on this site!

Well done! :twilightsmile:

7384755 Music to my ears. Thanks, sonicfan05 :raritywink:

This was a nice simple day for both girls and I think they both needed it.

7385200 I couldn't agree more. Sometimes, that's all I want the characters to do :twilightsmile:

"Can't you just feel the sparkles?"

Does it brighten up your day?

Cute. Your writing is a bit rough around the edges, but you've got it where it counts. Keep up the good work.


Seconding the crazy-looking Eliatrope here. Keep at it, refine your work but don't lose what you've already got.

"With knowledge and advanced technology, Twilight. What this world lacks in magic, it makes up for in technology. Through studying, hard work, and experimentation, this world has developed tools the likes of which Equestria has never seen! Even Equestria's most innovative inventions pale in comparison to the most modest creations here," Sunset shook her head. "The most stunning thing is that most of the technological wonders of this world were created in just its last century."

From what we saw, Equestria is technologicaly at the begining of 20th century. So they will probably have the same technological development during next 100 years.

"Yes..." Sunset's voice became more somber. "Like everything else that's ever existed, this world has its dark side. If you read some history books from here, you'll notice this world's inhabitants have knack for war much more than ponies do; They happen fairly often, all across the world. And these wars aren't against some evil villain or mythical creature; They're against each other, sometimes for just reasons and other times trivial," Sunset sighed. "And it's actually through these wars that technology was able to flourish."

The world where Sunset is, is close alternate reality of Equestrian world. So it should have similar history. It isn't close alternate reality of our Earth. It always shows lack of imagination when writers aply our history to world that practicaly doesn't have anything in common with our history.

"Really? What are they used for?"

"Well, they can be used for riding, transport, pulling carts, carrying stuff, plowing fields," Sunset then remembered glue, milk, and certain delicacies. "And, uh, other useful things."

Very useful things.

"That's nice."

"Hehe. Yes..." Oh, Celestia, please never let her know.

"You're a very useful pony, aren't ya?" Twilight complimented Patty.

Never let her know.

(Un)Fortunately for her, everyone's favourite Book Horse/Girl will find out about the more 'useful' uses of ponies and horses, with or without her having to explain it all.

Aw, that was really sweet. This is definitely my favorite pairing. :yay: Fun to see Sunset giving Twilight a more in-depth introduction to the human world. I wish we could see more of the two of them just talking, but then we don't get enough Sunset screen time as is anyway.

If she reacted like that to a pony, imagine her reaction to a CLYDESDALE. Especially the stallions. :trollestia:

I'm dead. I'm fucking dead. The interactions that led to romance in this one-shot? Beautiful. The description of the sunset at the lake? I was in awe like Twilight from imagining it. Sunset having Twilight wait until high school graduation to return to Equestria? I almost shed a tear.

It's been a fairly long time since I read a one-shot this well written. 10/10 in my book :twilightsmile:

The only quibble I had with this fic was how Twilight didn't have any pain in her legs from riding Patty. For somepony that never rode a horse before, there should have been at least some muscle atrophy.

Then again, they didn't go very far; that sort of thing increases with time.

It's just a small quibble; not enough to ruin the story.

7385495 Writing some SunLight usually brightens up my day :twilightsmile:

7385529 Heh. I know I still got a lot to learn about writing :twilightblush:. Thanks for liking my story :raritywink:

7385816 I just hope I'm not the one who has to tell her :twilightblush:

7385862 Thank you! :raritystarry: SunLight is one of my absolute favorite ships. I wish we could see more Sunset in the show. (Come on, writers, let her visit).

7386094 I actually did consider putting a Clydesdale, but I decided to pony simple and pretty, sort of like the one in Friendship Through the Ages.

7386146 :pinkiegasp: No, live! You must live! Haha. Thank you so much :twilightsmile:

7386184 Thank you :raritywink:. I haven't rode many horses, so I wouldn't know :twilightblush:.


Actually, I never really considered it until after reading one of Mercedes Lackey's books.

I really enjoyed this! Excellent writing here despite some minor errors, but you brought out the chemistry of Twilight and Sunset beautifully here! :twilightsmile:


My only objection? You set up a lovely skinny dipping scene, and then the fiction ends!


7386860 Haha sorry :twilightblush:. I knew someone would point that out. I don't think it would've been much of a problem considering they're actually ponies who normally don't wear clothes, but I decided to leave it out to keep the E rating. Sorry

So much Sap. Sap EVERYWHERE! I feel like a CMC after a crusade...

...and I love it!

7387093 Thank you :twilightsmile:. Love that episode.

Once again, another great story! Keep'em coming!
The Sunlight shines on! :scootangel:

7387286 Thank you! I'll keep trying :raritywink:

Nice story!

Though I thought satellite cell phones were quite rare. Most use cell towers, don't they?

7387704 Hehe...maybe. I'm not he best with technology. Oops :twilightblush:

I'd like a sequel to this please.
Where they actually enter the relationship.

7388164 With all the requests I've been getting, I am now considering one sequel. I just have to find the right fit if I'm going to do it.

All have you know

I'll have you know

She's does

She does

I'm sorry, I really am. I love SunLight, and want to like this, but two extremely distracting errors in as many minutes just makes me uninterested in making the attempt to get invested. Will keep an eye out to see if you get this edited at some point.

Might want to clean up the dialogue a bit too. Onomatopoeia's for laughing/sighing and stuff like that are fine in some mediums, in this it just doesn't work and detracts from the conversation. It's more readable to say something like: "Twilight giggled and said 'Something something.'" rather than "'Hahaha. Something something.'"

Aaaand it slowly but surely morphed into a shipfic. AND you just turned down the opportunity for the perfect skinny dipping scene. *Facedesk onto horizontal-standing pencil*

7390301 sorry :twilightblush: wanted to keep the E rating.

This fanfic has made me question the purpose of toes.

7390172 I'm sorry about that. My proofreaders and I went through the story plenty of times, but I guess we still missed a few.

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