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By the request of Rarity, Sunset Shimmer and Twilight both remember back to how they first started going steady.

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This was a real funny and sweet story. Well done.::twilightsmile:

Yes must have at least ten sequels to it :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiesmile: :rainbowkiss: :raritywink: :heart:

7142804 Oh noes. I is not prepare.

God dammit, Conj, you put out a SunLight fic before me! It wasn't supposed to be this way!

Cute story, though I suggest you go over it one more time. Missing quotations and slight perspective shifts here and there, but nothing too offensive. You're doing good, kid. Keep it up, and you'll go far in this biz.

Cute, but could use improvement. In a good Rashomon, the stories usually aren't quite so different, but it was still a fun read.

Funny story! The three differing stories made me laugh. If you're comparing the story to the Titanic, sometimes it just takes a bit for people to realize how good it is.

7143309 That's seems to be a reocurring theme with me. You'd think I learn.

7143471 Thanks. If I ever try a story like this again, I'll keep that in mind.

It's cute, but I'm confused. This seems to have Equestria Twilight and Equestria Girls Spike. Equestria Twilight did the Ursa thing, but Equestria Girls Spike is a dog. :rainbowhuh:

7144855 This is definitely both Twilight and Spike from Equestria. Just for future reference, what threw you off?


Did you actually nurse an Ursa to sleep with a water tower?” said Sunset with a chuckle. “I didn’t think such a thing was possible.”

Sunset asks Twilight this about the Ursa, but the Ursa incident's not something that happens on EQ Girls earth, since there aren't any Ursa's there.

7146531 Oh, that.

This line implies that Sunset and Twilight were having a conversation in which Twilight was detailing that event, which Sunset had no reason to know. Basically, she was telling Sunset about how she once nursed an Ursa to sleep, and Sunset commented with disbelief.

Sunset knows about the Ursa (Ursi?) as a species because she is actually a pony who moved to Earth.

7147357 Wait, I see what happened now. I assumes this was EQ Girls Twilight because when Spike walks in he jumps on Rarity's lap. To me, that's something a dog would do, not a dragon. Dragon Spike usually hops on ponies backs and usually with permission if it's not Twilight.

“I am,” said a voice near the door. Spike walked in and jumped onto Rarity’s lap.

That's what messed me up. Damn two world doubles confusing me all over the place. :moustache:

7147357 i like this story very much, it's kinda funny to see a couple arguing how they got together

7291705 Thanks, and sorry for the late reply... I kinda forgot.

Very sweet, I like it. :twilightsmile:


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