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This story is a sequel to Ponyville Sunlight

After agreeing to be her date, Princess Twilight Sparkle crosses the portal to accompany Sunset Shimmer to the prom. They're not going alone of course; Sunset's human friends are coming, too. With good friends, beautiful dresses, fancy dinners, and formal dancing, Twilight thinks she's really going to enjoy the prom. Of course, what Twilight and Sunset are looking forward to most is spending more time with each other. The prom will certainly be a night to remember.

NOTE: Rated T for implications. Nothing explicit, here. It's my usual self with going just a bit farther but nothing explicit.

Third story in the Rays of SunLight series.

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I am going to binge read this whole series ^^

Wee! You know, I don't think I've ever had first comment before! Exciting! Just wanted to say again that I loved this story, and thank you for the chance to pre-read it!

8136659 I can't thank you enough for the proofreading. You caught a lot :raritywink:

hey do you have any advice for writing a fic? :unsuresweetie:

8136802 Write what you think is fun :raritywink:

8136820 But also know what you're trying to go for. Like, if someone is at a party, let them do party things, not solve the riddle to an ancient text.

Once again, you did a fantastic job! I can tell you put a lot of effort into this story! I enjoyed reading this from the beginning to the end, especially all the adorable moments between Twilight and Sunset! :twilightsmile:

Also, I love the part when Spike performed "Billie Jean" by MJ. You have great taste! :pinkiehappy: :moustache:

Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Huh, when Sunset went to request a horse-appropriate song I was sure it would be Gagnam Style. That other ridiculous fad dance song in a foreign language threw me for a loop. Though, that may only be because I had put so much liquoreffort into removing the entire second half of the nineties from my memory.

Alright, ladies. Seriously, like put down a towel or something. That's just rude.

So what did Twi's dad think she was doing? Drinking? Drugs? Illegal drag racing? Knife fight? Lesbian orgy?

8137341 If I had to guess, drinking. That's the usual suspicion.

Well worth the wait :)

8137356 Thanks! I was afraid I was taking too long.

I liked the minuetto best.


*snort* Maybe for you. Some of us had interesting childhoods.

This sounds pretty good. I can't wait to read the rest.

This may be the best thing I've read in a long time. I love how everything turned out and it's the best one out of the series. And look, it's featured :pinkiehappy:

i like that art more then the story <3

Nice chapter, I think I would of fleshed out sunset's and Twilight's​ meeting along with Twilight meeting miss Twilight's parents. But that's me. All of that a side nice calm chapter.

Damn that was surprisingly dark with them potentially loosing the camp again. Geeze...

Still, it was a fun chapter, it's sweet to see Spike as Sci-Twi's date ^^

I was expecting the Cha-cha Slide. But Macarena works too.

8137786 Ha You mean the upper class song?

8138544 Thanks. I see that it's featured. I really hope it's successful.

8138715 It's a pretty good art piece, isn't it?

8138941 I'm sure the camp will be fine (there will be no side story revealing its fate ha). I just needed a legitimate reason not to have Timber be Sci-Twi's date. Thanks for the read :twilightsmile:

8138955 I did consider the Cha-Cha slide, but I thought the Macarena would be cuter.

Lol, I completely forgot that Sunset has that reaction to Rarity.

8138991 Just thought I'd reference a little bit of continuity :raritywink:

The only issue I have is.. why are the only couples same sex pairs? I can't beleive out of 8 girls only one is heterosexual and that rests have NO intrest in boys and could not find a date. The standard match for Rainbow is Sorin and we all know Pinkie's husbando is Cheese Sandwich, I can buy three them being in same sex relationships and most swinging both ways but it seems unlikely to me that 5 Unattached highly attractive girls in highschool couldn't find dates on Prom night, I'll even buy Twilight being too shy but Rainbow, Rarity, Applejack AND Pinkie being either homosexual or unable to find dates? Most of the males in the school would give an arm to date Rarity.
*edit* I just noticed.. where IS Applejack? She doesn't seem to be in this chapter, or most of the last one, and she doesn't leave after the fashion show she's not not around anymore.

In a lot of ways this is a good story, the parts that focus on Twilight and Sunset are good but the sudden disappearance of AJ and only Futtershy having a real date or is it even a real date? We get no indication of Fluttershy's sexual preference, she might of brought Treehugger as a platonic friend.

8139082 Believe me, the whole date thing was the hardest choice in the entire story. Readers can get very sensitive, especially if they see a ship they don't like. Not everyone likes the Soarin x Rainbow Dash ship nor the Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich ship, and I really didn't want to trigger anybody. That's why I ultimately decided to go with the Make New Friends but Keep Discord gala dates. Besides, I only confirmed one homosexual couple in this story and two other characters (Rarity and Rainbow Dash) implied to be gay or bi. Fluttershy and Tree Hugger are going as friends, Pinkie and Maud are sisters, and I implied Sci-Twi to be straight. I've left the sexuality of everyone except Princess Twilight, Sunset, Rarity, and Rainbow up to interpretation.

I didn't see those two vying over Fluttershy's affections! Certainly an interesting surprise.

Honestly, knowing Pinkie, I bet she likes this way better, since she gets to travel with her favorite sister in her car.


Because the main characters are all girls.

That's why shipping in general is so primarily F/F, the only really developed male characters are either really young (Spike and such), married (Shining Armor, Carrot Cake), or not super fleshed out (Doctor Whooves, Caramel). So you have like... Big Mac and Soarin' and Discord and that's pretty much it. Again, generally speaking, there are always exceptions.

And in this case at least there's Flash dancing with Derpy. Not sure if they're together but hey, it's a hetero pair dancing.

"Because the main characters are girls" is NOT a defensible reason. I find it hard to believe that of all the characters on Sci-Twi would be straight, it's the norm. Note that "not normal" does not mean wrong, it just means not normal. Heck in reality Twilight and Sunset aren't even gay, having been attracted to males in the past then they are bi. It just strikes me a highly unlikely that Rainbow and Rarity would go stag just because Fluttershy didn't ask them, Pinkie would bring her sister as a date and Fluttershy would bring Treehugger. Why would all the girls have no real dates because Twilight and Sunset are being shipped? Not saying focus heavily on the others dates, but seems more realistic some of them would have normal dates.

8138049 Same I was forced to sing it in school:pinkiesick:

Very well written, but ugh does this bring back cringe-inducing memories of high school. Too accurate. Gonna go dunk my head in a barrel of progressive rock, brb.

8141824 Ha. Sorry. We all have those memories (I actually put one of mine in this story :raritywink:)

8141838 It's all good. I had a 100 degree fever at my prom so it was bound to be not so fun. I've also never much cared for the popular music of my generation. It was nice in some ways to read about people enjoying their own though.

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