• Published 3rd May 2017
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Prom Night's Light - RS-Belle14

It's prom night! Time for the girls to dress up, take pictures, and have a good time.

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Under the Night's Light

Twilight shivered as she felt the cool night's breeze brush over her skin as she and Sunset silently walked out of the gymnasium. Neither of them spoke as they began to cross Canterlot High's parking lot.

They had just finished telling their friends that they were leaving the party and promised that they would meet up with them at a later time before Twilight would have to leave. Their friends merely replied with a few giggles, winks, an embarrassed look from Fluttershy, and wished them both a pleasant night.

Twilight and Sunset continued to walk through the dark, quiet parking lot until they finally reached Pinkie's car. With a click of a button, Sunset unlocked its doors and they entered.

"You okay, Twilight?" Sunset finally broke the silence. "You've been pretty quiet."

"You're one to talk," Twilight shyly smiled. "I'm fine, Sunset."

"You sure? You look like you got something on your mind."

"Just..." Twilight cheeks lightly blushed. "Things."

Sunset smirked. "I see," Sunset buckled up and turned the key in the ignition. "Oh!" Sunset reach up and removed her mask. "Don't want to drive with that on."

"Ha. No, that doesn't sound very safe," Twilight nodded. "So, where are we going?"

"Huh...Good question," Sunset looked up at the moon and thought for a moment. "I know," Sunset shifted the gears. "Ready?"

Twilight nodded. "Yes."

"All right," Sunset began to back up. "Let's go."

Sunset slowly steered the car around the parking and onto the main road. She drove down the street and took a turn after about of a quarter mile down later. Soon enough, the apple trees of Sweet Apple Acres began to appear with the farm itself popping soon after. Sunset drove Pinkie's car halfway down the Apple Family's driveway and then steered off road into the orchards. She slowly drove deeper into the fields and stopped in a secluded space surrounded by apple trees, completely hidden from everything but the stars and moon.

"Here we are," Sunset parked.

Twilight giggled. "We never seem to not come here together, do we?"

"Hehe. Yeah, sorry. It was the only place I could think of."

"It's fine," Twilight answered. "It's just fine," Twilight looked around and saw nothing but the moon, stars, and apple trees. We really are alone. This...This is really happening. Twilight gulped and slowly turned her attention to Sunset. "Soooo?"

Sunset seemed as calm and relaxed as ever. "So?" She leaned in.

"Um..." Twilight took a deep breath to try to calm her nerves. Relax. Relax. Relax. She slowly exhaled and let her anxieties go. "Thank you for inviting here tonight, Sunset. I've had a real good time," She calmly spoke.

"It was nothing," Sunset answered. "Thank you for coming. I was really worried you wouldn't have time."

Twilight reached out and held Sunset's hand. "I always have time for you, Sunset."

Sunset looked into Twilight's sparkling eyes. "...You're always so good to me, Twilight," Sunset shook her head.

Twilight frowned. "What's wrong?"

"No, nothing's wrong. It's just..." Sunset chuckled. "It's hard to believe we've gotten this far."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I mean, think about it. When we first met, I was anything but nice to you. I stole your crown, humiliated you to all the Canterlot High students, and even tried to destroy you and our friends, and now-"

"And now, none of that matters," Twilight placed a finger on Sunset's lips. "That's not you anymore, Sunset. You've changed," Twilight moved her hand to Sunset's face and caressed her cheek. "You've changed."

Sunset moved Twilight's hand back to her lips and kissed it. "Thank you," She whispered. Sunset then reached over and lightly tugged on Twilight's mask.

Twilight closed her eyes as Sunset gently removed the mask over her head. Once she felt it was off, Twilight slowly opened her sparkling, purple eyes and looked back at Sunset's.

Twilight and Sunset locked their eyes on each other, silently admiring each other's beauty.

Twilight pulling Sunset out of the crater. Twilight and Sunset talking to each other that late night in Pinkie's kitchen. Defeating the sirens together. Writing their first messages to each other. Sunset taking Twilight on that holiday around the town. Twilight taking Sunset on that tour of Ponyville. Sunset asking Twilight to the prom. Twilight saying yes. Sharing their first dance together. Having their last dance of the night. Their first kiss. Their second kiss. Everything was flashing back to them. As they were gazing at each other, all those precious, wonderful moments they've had together throughout the moons were flashing back to them. Sunset really was right; it was amazing just how close they've become since the day they met. They started as enemies, and now-

"I love you," Twilight whispered.

Sunset leaned in closer. "I love you, too."

Twilight and Sunset leaned in and closed the space between them with a soft kiss. Sunset purred as she placed her arms around Twilight's waist and pulled her closer and planted another kiss on Twilight's warm lips. Twilight lightly moaned as she felt Sunset's lips again and decided to wrap her own arms around Sunset's neck to pull her in for another kiss, and then another, and then many more.

Sunset continued to kiss Twilight's lips over and over again before she slowly began to descend from Twilight's face; Sunset gradually went from kissing Twilight's lips to pecking Twilight's neck, inching lower and lower until she reached Twilight's collarbone.

"Ah..." Twilight breathed out as Sunset nibbled. "...Sunset..."

That was it.

Sunset pulled back her head, opened her eyes, and looked directly at Twilight.

"Sunset?..." Twilight curiously looked back. "What's wrong? Why did you stop?"

Sunset did not say anything. She merely played with her eyebrows and gave Twilight a little smirk.

Twilight became even more confused. "Sunset, what-"

Before Twilight could even finish, Sunset opened the driver's door and climbed out.

"Wha-?!" Twilight's jaw dropped when she saw Sunset close the driver's door from the outside.

Thankfully (and much to Twilight's relief), Sunset then opened the door to the backseat and made her way back inside. After taking her seat and closing the door she entered, Sunset looked back up to Twilight and gave her a very flirty look as she nudged her head to invite Twilight to come back and join her.

"Oh......OH!" Twilight felt her cheeks flared up.

Sunset giggled when she saw Twilight's reaction and even sparked a light little blush, herself. "Well," Sunset nudged her head again. "Are you going to join me, Princess?" She patted the seat next to her.

Twilight blankly stared back for a moment before giving Sunset the tiniest of smiles followed the quickest of nods. Twilight hastily shuffled around the passenger seat as she made her way outside. She closed the passenger door behind her and was about to open the backseat door but stopped just before she reached the handle.

Instead of entering, Twilight turned around, placed a hand on her chest, took a deep breath, and then slowly exhaled as she pushed her hand out. Ah, much better. Twilight turned back around and grabbed the door handle. Thank you, Cadence.

"You okay?" Asked a very patient Sunset as Twilight entered.

"I am," Twilight blushed. "Sorry about that."

"All right," Sunset pointed outside. "Ha...What was that just now?"


"The thing you did," Sunset placed her hand on her chest and moved her arm out. "That."

"Oh, it's just something a friend of mine showed me. It...helps me."

"Hehe. Okay, then," Sunset sneaked her hand across the seat toward Twilight's. "Soooo...?" She interlocked her fingers with Twilight's.

Twilight interlocked her fingers as well. "Soooo...?"

Sunset leaned in and caressed Twilight's cheek. "You...sure you want to do this?"

Twilight closed her eyes and nestled on Sunset's hand. "Yes...With you, I do..." Twilight opened her eyes. "Do you?"

Sunset blushed. "Yes...I do...You're..." Her eyes shimmered. "You're my princess."

Twilight placed her free hand behind Sunset's head. "And I'll make you mine."

Twilight pulled Sunset in for another kiss as she wrapped her other hand around Sunset's neck. Sunset responded by wrapping both her arms behind Twilight and returning the kiss. They both pulled each other in closer as they continued to explore the other's soft lips.

As they were getting lost into the passion, Sunset's hand roam around Twilight's back until it felt the metal zipper hanging just under the back of Twilight's neck. With only the gentlest strength, Sunset pulled on the zipper, steadily descending it down Twilight's back.

Twilight paused as she felt the bust of dress loosen. Without uttering a single word, Twilight reached up, removed her tiara, and undid the bun in her hair, letting it fall naturally onto her shoulders, all the while never looking away from the beautiful pair of cyan eyes.

Sunset stared silently, admiring the princess. Slowly, Sunset raised her hands and placed them on Twilight shoulders. With the utmost care, Sunset gently began to push, slowly guiding Twilight down on her back.

Twilight was now lying down, breathing, waiting for Sunset to act again. She wouldn't have to wait long; after taking off her own heels, Sunset sat her knees on the seat, undid her hair, and carefully lied herself on top of Twilight. Once they were both comfortable, they resumed to kissing once again.

They went on enjoying each other's lips for a good while, pecking one another and even exploring a bit with their tongues, pausing only when they needed to catch their breaths. They went on and on for what felt like an eternity until suddenly Sunset broke away.

"Hey..." Sunset took steady breaths.


"You, uh, mind if I put on some music?" Sunset blushed. "It's kinda quiet."

"Sure," Twilight nodded. "Go ahead."


Sunset reached over to the front of the car and grabbed her phone. She tapped it a few times and, soon enough, music began to play from the car's speakers.

Whoa, Sunset! :pinkiegasp:

Sunset returned. "Is that okay?"

Hmm. Catchy. "It's fine," Twilight wrapped her hands around Sunset's neck. "Now, come here."


The Equestria Girls stood near the Canterlot High statue, waiting for Princess Twilight and Sunset Shimmer to return like they said they would. The prom had been over for about half an hour, and all the other attendants had already gone. They were the only ones left.

They hung around, passing the time by recounting everything they had done today, discussing about how fun they all were and which ones were they favorite. The fashion show, their prom pictures, dinner, dancing, the girls loved them all.

They continued to wait until they finally saw a familiar pink car turn onto the street. It slowly drove closer to the school and came to a halt once it approached the statue. After it had parked, the girls watched as Twilight and Sunset emerged from the car's doors.

"Oh my," Fluttershy covered her mouth at what she saw.

Twilight and Sunset came out of the car with their dresses loosely fitted on and some frizzy hair that were a far cry from their elegant and tidy style that they spent a good amount of time working on earlier.

"Oh dear," Fluttershy covered her cheeks and blushed.

"Hey, girls," Sunset was the first to greet her friends as she and Twilight approached.

"Hey," Everyone responded.

"Whoa-ho-ho!" Rainbow Dash played up. "And just what have you two been doing, tonight? Wait, let me guess, each oth-Ow!" Applejack had elbowed Rainbow right on her side and then followed up by giving her a glare. "Uh, I mean...What's up?"

"Oh nothing," Twilight nonchalantly answered. "We just spent some time together is all."

Rainbow tittered. "I bet."

"Did we miss anything?" Sunset asked.

"Oh, nothing really," Rarity started. "After you departed, Principle Celestia got up on stage and-"

As Rarity went on explaining, Pinkie Pie quietly sneaked away from the rest of the group and approached her car. She crept around it, looking for any new dents or scratches. Thankfully, she found neither of those but did notice some dirt spread around the bottom of the car and wheels. Curious, Pinkie leaned in and sniffed area.

"Hmm," Pinkie recognized the scent. "Sweet Apple Acres. Orchard. Reclusive spot. Ideal location for some alone time," She got up and tapped her chin. "Hmm."

Pinkie turned her attention the backseat door. She eyed the door, theorizing what it could possibly be hiding. Cautiously, Pinkie raised her hand and reached for the door handle. Carefully, she opened the door and was suddenly hit with an overwhelming, powerful smell of vanilla.

Pinkie sniffed the air. "Hmm...They used the air freshener I keep in the glove compartment. Interesting," Pinkie squinted her eyes. "They're trying to hide something," Pinkie then slowly descended her sight from the windows to backseats and saw-

"Whoa!" Pinkie hopped back. "Wow. That's...a lot," She inspected the seats again. "Meow. Mercy."

Faced with the reality of what had happened inside her car, Pinkie Pie turned to face you the reader and smiled. "Oh, don't worry about me. I'm fine. I was due to get some new seat covers, anyway. These old ones were getting pretty worn out and ugly. Besides, I expected this to happen," She crossed her arms and smirked. "You think I was gonna was lend my car to SunLight over there and not expect this to happen on prom night? Pssh! Puh-lease! Give me some credit, here," Pinkie giggled. "Well, we've got to start wrapping this story up. Why don't you head on back to my friends over there? Go on. Get out of here. I'll be there in a moment," Pinkie playfully shooed you away. "You can read this part again later, but right now, you gotta go. Shoo," Pinkie Pie waved as you read on. "Bye!" She winked as you finish reading this sentence.

"-And then we all just decided to leave and to come wait for you here," Rarity finished explaining.

"Yeah, so you really didn't miss anything," Rainbow added.

Twilight nodded. "Well, that's good to hear," She stretched out her arms and yawned.

Sunset placed her hand on Twilight's shoulder. "You okay?"

"I'm fine. Just a little..." She yawned again. "Tired."

Sunset pulled Twilight in to rest her head on her shoulder. "You really should get some rest."

"No, not yet. Please," Twilight looked at the rest of her friends. "Just a little longer."

Sunset smiled and patted Twilight's shoulder. "All right."

With her request granted, Twilight stood in the human world for another while longer. She spent her time with talking with all her friends, recounting everything they had done that day. Everyone gathering together, having a fashion show, having their prom pictures taken at the park and the school, going to that fancy restaurant for dinner, seeing Miss Twilight and Spike being crowned, and dancing with each other like there was no tomorrow. The girls loved them all.

Everyone just went on and on about how much fun they had together. They had been standing there talking and laughing for so long that none of them realized just how long they had been there. They felt like they could have gone on forever until they heard Miss Twilight's phone begin to ring.

Miss Twilight pulled out her phone and answered. "Hello?...Oh, I'm fine. I'm just here at the school with my friends...No, we're just here talking. We're not doing anything like that. You don't have to worry about...Wait, what?" Miss Twilight looked at her phone and saw what time it was. "Oh my gosh!" She quickly placed the phone back on her ear. "Sorry! We just lost track of time. Spike and I will be home soon, okay?...Okay. Thank you, Dad. Bye," She pressed a button on her phone and looked up at her friends. "That was my dad. He told me I just missed curfew," She said. "I think I have to get going, now. Sorry."

Everyone else laughed.

"Oh, don't worry about it, sugarcube" Applejack comforted. "We've been here a mighty long time," She let out a yawn. "Maybe it's time we all go home and get some shut-eye."

"Yeah..." Everyone else shrugged or nodded in agreement. Almost immediately after agreeing, they all turned around and switched their attention to Princess Twilight.

Twilight looked back and laughed. "All right, then," Twilight got up from Sunset's shoulder and began to walk up to the rest of her friends, first approaching Miss Twilight.

"Well," She started. "It was really nice finally getting to spend some time with you, Miss Twilight. I had fun."

"Me, too," Miss Twilight replied. "I hope you can come back, soon. I really would like to get know you more."

"Likewise," Twilight nodded before looking down to see the little puppy Miss Twilight was holding.

"It was nice seeing you again, Spike," She patted his head.

"You, too," Spike wagged his tail.

"Take care, and promise me you'll keep Miss Twilight safe, okay?"

"I promise on my favorite squeaky toys!" He barked before Twilight patted his head one last time.

Finished saying her farewells to that pair, Twilight moved on to the other two friends she had made that day.

"It was really nice meeting you, Tree Hugger."

"Like, it was nice meeting you, too, Twilight," Tree Hugger quickly came up pulled her in for a surprise hug. "You and your extraterrestrial aura have been a joy to experience."

"Oh! Uh," Twilight hugged back. "Glad to hear that."

"Peace out, sister," Tree Hugger let go.

Regaining her balance, Twilight looked to her side to see Pinkie's sister. "Hey, Maud. It's been really-"

"I know, Twilight," Maud interrupted. "I had fun, too. Please, let's not make this any more difficult than it has to be. I don't want to get too emotional in front of everyone," Maud opened her arms and hugged Twilight. "Goodbye, my friend."

"Goodbye, Maud," Twilight happily hugged back and bid her last new friend farewell.

Once finished, Twilight turned around and found all of her original five Canterlot High friends looks at her.

Twilight smiled. "Girls, l-"

"We know, Twilight," Applejack tearfully led her friends into a group hug. "We know."

A teardrop fell from Twilight's face as she embraced her friends. "I'm going to miss all of you."

"We're going to miss you too, darling," Rarity replied. "Thank you so much for joining us, tonight."

"It was my pleasure," Twilight and her friends silently held each other. "I'll come back soon. I promise."

Slowly, one by one Twilight's friends separated from the hug and opened a path to Twilight's final farewell. Letting go, Twilight slowly walked up near the portal where a patient Sunset was waiting for her.

"Well..." Sunset softly said.

"Well..." Twilight replied.

Sunset chuckled. "Thank you so much for coming tonight, Twilight," Sunset pulled her in. "It really meant a lot to me."

"I'll always come back for you, Sunset," Twilight rested her head on Sunset's chest. "Always."

Sunset brushed her hand through Twilight's hair. "Thank you."

"Come visit Ponyville, soon. We all miss you."

"I'll go as soon as I can. You still coming to graduation?"

"Of course," Twilight looked up. "I love you."

"I love you, too," Sunset leaned over and softly planted her lips on Twilight's.

"Goodbye..." Twilight whispered as she pulled away.


Twilight broke away from Sunset and slowly began to walk toward the portal. It was not a very long walk, but Twilight took her time to make it toward the statue. This was always the hardest part of any reunion; the end. Today felt nothing less than fantastic for her; it was joyful, emotional, passionate, and much, much more. It was perfect, but now it was time to let it end. It was hard, but at the very least, Twilight could take comfort in all the new memories she had gotten this day. They were all wonderful, and Twilight would not trade any of them for the world.

Finally, Twilight stood before the portal. With one final deep breath, Twilight turned around and waved at her friends. "Goodbye, everyone!"

"Goodbye, Twilight!" They all waved back.

With a single tear running down her cheek, Twilight stepped through the portal and disappeared.

"Goodbye, Twilight..." Sunset whispered.

Sunset breathed out and took a moment to herself. Thank you, Twilight. I'll see you soon. Finished, Sunset turned around and was the surprised by the sight of all her friends crossing their arms and smirking at her.

"Uh...What's up, girls?"

"Sunset," Rarity playfully shook her head. "What are you still doing here?"


Twilight emerged from the mirror feeling incredibly dizzy. Ugh...Yes, I will definitely find a way to make these interdimsenionsal trips more pleasant.


Twilight had no time to recover as she opened her eyes and saw Spike and her Ponyville friends running up to her.

"Twilight!" Pinkie Pie was the first to reach her and squeezed her into a hug. "You're back!"

"Oh, hello...Pinkie...Pie," Twilight choked out.

"Hello!" Pinkie dropped Twilight. "Welcome back!"

Everyone else soon caught up to them.

"How'd it go?"

"What did you wear?"

"Did you have fun?"

"What did you eat?"

"What happened?"

"Did any evil, magical teenagers attack you, this time?"

All these questions came pouring in at once. Twilight would be glad to answer all of them, but her adventure across the portal (and crossing the portal itself) had left her pretty exhausted.

"Please," Twilight spoke up. "Give me a minute. I want to tell you all everything, I do, but I just really need a moment right now."

Twilight's friends respectfully stepped back. "Okay," They all nodded and passed her a pillow.

"Thank you," Well, at least that was easy. Twilight rested herself on the pillow and took a moment. "Okay, I'm ready."

Everyone leaned in on their pillow. "Yeeees?"

Twilight chuckled. "It was great. I don't know to where begin."

"Well, don't leave us hanging!" Rainbow Dash hovered. "Come on, give us some deets!"

Twilight playfully rolled her eyes and began to tell her story to her friends. "Well, it all started a few weeks ago when I went to have my fitting with the other world's Rarity. It started out simple enough; I crossed the portal where the other Rarity was waiting for me, and we left for the boutique," Twilight snickered. "That's when things got interesting. You see, I was expecting to have my fitting alone but ooooh no. That wasn't happening. Turned out, I was having a very special surprise guest with me that day, and it was all thanks to a less-than-informative-"

A bright light suddenly began to flash behind Twilight. Startled, Twilight turned toward the source and saw something really surprising.

"Sunset?!" Twilight breathed out.

"Heya..." Sunset wobbled around, trying her best to hold down her dinner. "Ugh!" She gagged. "No wonder I don't visit often."

"Sunset!" Twilight rushed over and helped her friend stay steady. "W-What are you doing here?"

"Wobbling, mostly," Sunset wobbled.

"Sunset, look at me," Twilight held Sunset's face. "Easy. Easy," Twilight's horn glowed and briefly enveloped Sunset in a layer of magic.

"Ah...Much better," Sunset now steadily stood on four hooves. "Hey, there," She smiled.

"Sunset, what are you doing here?"

"What? Am I not welcome here, anymore?" Sunset teased.

"No, it's not that. I just mean-"

"Wait..." Sunset interrupted and inspected the alicorn. "You're not wearing anything. Does that mean..?" Sunset turned her head and noticed her current state. "Oh, horse feathers, my dress! Oh man, I really hope I get that back! I loved that dress! It was gorgeous!" Sunset then gulped. "And if Rarity finds that I lost it..." She shivered. "Uh-oh."

"Uh, Sunset?" Twilight tapped her hoof on the floor.

"Oh. Right," I'll just have to deal with that later and pray for the best. "Sorry for just dropping in like this, but after you left, I did some thinking," And got some encouragement from our friends. "And I thought maybe it'd be cool if I spent some time here with you for the rest of the weekend. I mean, if that's okay with you."

"Really?" Twilight's eyes widened. "Um, sure! Of course you can."

"Great," Sunset then shifted to her side and waved at the crowd behind Twilight. "Hey, everypony. How's it going?"

"Hey, Sunset!" They all greeted.

"It's been a while, huh?" Sunset took a few steps closer. "Spike, Starlight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash," Sunset's cheeks began to lighten. "R-Rarity."

"Hello, Sunset," Rarity happily waved.

"Hiiii," Sunset dreamily smiled until she noticed the Twilight's very annoyed glare. "I mean, uh, it's good to see all of you again!"

Twilight patted Sunset and nodded her head in approval. Good save.

Thank goodness. "So, uh, what's up? Looks like I walked in on something."

"Twilight was just about to tell us about your prom night," Spike answered.

"Was it fun?"

"Was it romantic?"

Sunset tapped her chin. "It was...a bit of everything," She chuckled. "*Yawn* Like some help telling the story, Twilight?"

"Sure," Twilight then leaned into Sunset's ear and whispered. "Just don't tell them everything."


"Yeesh, what time is it?" Sunset asked as she followed Twilight down the castle hallways.

"I'm not sure," Twilight yawned. "Pretty sure it's morning, though."

Sunset nodded. "Definitely."

Twilight and Sunset had just finished seeing their Ponyville friends off. They had spent the past hour or so telling everyone all about their dresses, their Canterlot High friends, and of course the prom (though, they left out certain details of what happened afterwards). Twilight and Sunset had already talked about their entire prom experience when they were on the other side, but repeating everything again to their pony friends was just as fun as earlier; their friends' reactions were actually quite a joy to see. There were many questions afterwards, but everyone agreed it could wait until morning.

Now that everyone had left, Twilight was leading Sunset down through some familiar looking hallways.

"And here we are," Twilight stopped in front of a sun-marked door just before opening it. "Come on in."

With a flick of switch, Sunset found herself in the familiar setting of an exact replica of her old room in Canterlot. Her bed, the bookcase, the mirror, everything was there.

Sunset's eyes twinkled as she looked around. "Have I thanked you for this, yet?"

"Once or twice," Twilight joked.

Sunset yawned. "It's been a while since I slept in my own bed. It actually sounds pretty good right now."

"Haha," Twilight laughed. "Well...Spike is over across the hall, Starlight is two doors left of the broom closest, and I'll be three doors down the right if you need anything."

"Gotcha," Sunset trotted up and gave Twilight a warm hug. "Thanks, Twilight. For everything."

"You're welcome, Sunset," Twilight hugged back. "You're welcome," She pulled out of the hug and planted a small kiss on Sunset's nose. "Goodnight."


Sunset watched as Twilight trotted out of her room and disappear behind the door. Now alone, Sunset let out the biggest yawn she's had all night. Time for some shuteye. She trotted over to her mirror and began to reach for her hairbrush. Wait a minute. She caught herself and enveloped her hairbrush in a magical aura. I don't even know what species I am anymore. She chuckled.

Sunset casually brushed her hair, trying her best to stay awake for just a bit longer. She was absolutely exhausted. Sunset has been fighting dark magic, monsters, and midterms for years now, but nothing has ever made her feel this tired. Sure, she had partied with her friends before and ended up all right, but partying with Twilight both during and after the dance was just something else.

Twilight. Sunset paused. She looked around her room and noted its perfect resemblance to her old one back in Canterlot. She really did get everything. Sunset then focused her attention at her bed and remembered how this night all began.

"I was hoping that...you'd have some spare time to be my date for the prom?"

"I'd be honored."

It all started here. This night full smiles, laughs, and passion that Sunset would enjoy remembering for the rest of her life all started in here.

No. It all started with her.

Sunset looked back at mirror. "What are you doing here, Sunset?"


Twilight had just finished lying herself to bed, ready to drift off to sleep. What a night. Twilight smiled as her heavy eyelids slowly began to close, and she began to sink into her mattress...and then she heard a soft knock on her door.

"What the-?" Twilight raised her head.

"Twilight, it's me. Are you still awake?"

"Sunset? Uh, sure. Come in," Twilight watched as her bedroom door opened. "Is something wrong?"

"Well, uh..." Really should of thought of something before I got here. "Actually, yes. It's uh...It's this place. Yeah, it's just so big and different from what I'm used to nowadays that it's kind of making it hard to sleep. I'm just not use to being here all by myself, yet, so I was wondering if I could uh..." Sunset rubbed the back of her head. "I mean, if you don't mind."

Twilight smiled and open up her bed sheet. "Come on in," She yawned.

"Great," Sunset trotted over to the bed and gently lied herself beside Twilight. "Thanks."

"You're welcome," Twilight wiggled a little closer. "Is the castle still scaring you?"

Sunset gave Twilight a little hoof-bump. "Terrifying," She rested her hoof on Twilight's chest.

"Thought so," Twilight let out a big yawn. "Some day, right?"

"Heh. Totally," Sunset snuggled her head on her pillow. "I'm beat."

"Yeah, me too. I didn't expect this whole prom thing to be so exhausting," She yawned again. "But it sure was fun."

Sunset weakly snickered. "Tell me about it."

Twilight picked up her hoof and began to brush Sunset's mane. "So, the whole weekend, huh?"

"Eeyup. I gotta be back by Monday, though," Sunset yawned. "I still got a few more tests to take."

"I see," Twilight continued brushing. "So, what do you want do while you're here?"

"Eh, I don't know. I guess I'd like to go around Ponyville, again, check out some of the things I haven't before. " Sunset yawned again. "And get some breakfast. I definitely want to get some breakfast."

"Ha. Breakfast?"

"Yeah. I'm kind of hungry," Sunset's stomach rumbled.

Twilight giggled. "Well, I'll tell you what. When you wake up, go to the dining room and I'll make you some pancakes."

"Pancakes?" Sunset began to drift off. "That sounds good. Can I have some syrup with them?"

"Of course."

Sunset closed her eyes. "And...some butter?"

Twilight nodded. "And some berries, and chocolate chips, and a glass a milk."

"Really?" Sunset was able to murmur. "That...sounds...great," Sunset let it out one, final yawn. "Thank you...Twilight," Sunset finally drifted off and fell to sleep.

Twilight stopped brushing and planted a little kiss on Sunset's cheek. "Anytime, sleepyhead," She laid down.

Resting her head on her pillow, Twilight peacefully fell asleep next to her special somepony, letting herself drift away until the morning sunlight would bring them together again.


Author's Note:

Oh boy, this one took way longer to write than it needed to.

This story has almost been finished for months (since like the first half of January actually), but unfortunately that familial tragedy that happened in the end of December really took me to a dark place. I kept trying come back and finish the story, but I could never really get far. I just wasn't in the right mindset, so I took some time off and tried to recover. I think I'm in better shape, now.

I based a lot of these events on my own prom and those of some of my friends. I tried to mix and mash the most interesting ones to make the story interesting, both before and after the events.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story. I'm definitely gonna be carrying it with me for a while (for more than one reason). I promise I'll try not to take too long with any more of stories.

Have a good one!

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I am going to binge read this whole series ^^

Wee! You know, I don't think I've ever had first comment before! Exciting! Just wanted to say again that I loved this story, and thank you for the chance to pre-read it!

8136658 Really? Wow! Thank you :twilightsmile:

8136659 I can't thank you enough for the proofreading. You caught a lot :raritywink:

8136666 Anytime you need a hoof, drop a line.

hey do you have any advice for writing a fic? :unsuresweetie:

8136802 Write what you think is fun :raritywink:

8136820 But also know what you're trying to go for. Like, if someone is at a party, let them do party things, not solve the riddle to an ancient text.

8136665 next up: Graduation

Once again, you did a fantastic job! I can tell you put a lot of effort into this story! I enjoyed reading this from the beginning to the end, especially all the adorable moments between Twilight and Sunset! :twilightsmile:

Also, I love the part when Spike performed "Billie Jean" by MJ. You have great taste! :pinkiehappy: :moustache:

Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

Alright, ladies. Seriously, like put down a towel or something. That's just rude.

So what did Twi's dad think she was doing? Drinking? Drugs? Illegal drag racing? Knife fight? Lesbian orgy?

8137341 If I had to guess, drinking. That's the usual suspicion.

8137033 Thanks again, Sonicfan :twilightsmile:

Well worth the wait :)

8137356 Thanks! I was afraid I was taking too long.

*snort* Maybe for you. Some of us had interesting childhoods.

This may be the best thing I've read in a long time. I love how everything turned out and it's the best one out of the series. And look, it's featured :pinkiehappy:

i like that art more then the story <3

8137786 Ha You mean the upper class song?

8138172 Really hope you enjoy it :twilightsmile:

8138544 Thanks. I see that it's featured. I really hope it's successful.

8138715 It's a pretty good art piece, isn't it?

8138941 I'm sure the camp will be fine (there will be no side story revealing its fate ha). I just needed a legitimate reason not to have Timber be Sci-Twi's date. Thanks for the read :twilightsmile:

8138955 I did consider the Cha-Cha slide, but I thought the Macarena would be cuter.

Lol, I completely forgot that Sunset has that reaction to Rarity.

8138991 Just thought I'd reference a little bit of continuity :raritywink:

8139082 Believe me, the whole date thing was the hardest choice in the entire story. Readers can get very sensitive, especially if they see a ship they don't like. Not everyone likes the Soarin x Rainbow Dash ship nor the Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich ship, and I really didn't want to trigger anybody. That's why I ultimately decided to go with the Make New Friends but Keep Discord gala dates. Besides, I only confirmed one homosexual couple in this story and two other characters (Rarity and Rainbow Dash) implied to be gay or bi. Fluttershy and Tree Hugger are going as friends, Pinkie and Maud are sisters, and I implied Sci-Twi to be straight. I've left the sexuality of everyone except Princess Twilight, Sunset, Rarity, and Rainbow up to interpretation.

"Because the main characters are girls" is NOT a defensible reason. I find it hard to believe that of all the characters on Sci-Twi would be straight, it's the norm. Note that "not normal" does not mean wrong, it just means not normal. Heck in reality Twilight and Sunset aren't even gay, having been attracted to males in the past then they are bi. It just strikes me a highly unlikely that Rainbow and Rarity would go stag just because Fluttershy didn't ask them, Pinkie would bring her sister as a date and Fluttershy would bring Treehugger. Why would all the girls have no real dates because Twilight and Sunset are being shipped? Not saying focus heavily on the others dates, but seems more realistic some of them would have normal dates.

8141824 Ha. Sorry. We all have those memories (I actually put one of mine in this story :raritywink:)

8141838 It's all good. I had a 100 degree fever at my prom so it was bound to be not so fun. I've also never much cared for the popular music of my generation. It was nice in some ways to read about people enjoying their own though.

8141654 I don't even know all the words and I don't care to

Well like I thought I said twice, I can believe one or two of these scenarios happening, each one is believable on it's own. It's that ALL would happen at once that feels unrealistic. And even if not developed there are males at CHS or could possibly be there and they need not be developed in the story just mentioned as the guys the girls bring. Twilight and Sunset are the focus after all, their relationship is front and center everyone else's is window dressing. My criticism is that it doesn't feel like all the girls would go stag or have nontraditional dates. Oh and of course Applejack vanishing.

8140718 Okay, that part about Pinkie shows you really don't know her. Pinkie is CRAZY about her sister. All you have to do is watch last week's episode. She's a total Fangirl and stalks her sister given half a chance.

Just because they aren't going with any boys, doesn't automatically make them gay. It just may mean that there aren't any interest them. Like maybe the girls didn't go for Flash Sentry, since that would have made things awkward with Princess Twilight or Sunset, or because of the "Girl Code".

In terms of the dates, who could they ask? There's nothing really there. except for Big Mac or Flash Sentry, the latter of which gets taken by Derpy early on. That leaves Big Mac as the only real male. Which still isn't enough to go around. If anything, it's TREE HUGGER who is a weird choice, but she just seems to exist for the sole purpose of creating a funny moment between RD & Fluttershy. I mean what, are they supposed to go with someone who is took old for them? A boy whose name wasn't even mentioned in the movie, but only shown in the credits? All you have is criticism, and it's not even constructive. You have yet to actually give any logical alternatives that are Canon, much less an argument for why they would make sense to have as the dates for the girls.

It makes FAR more sense for them to want to bring GIRLS, considering how many and more popular they are. Doubly so if they wanted to date another member of the group considering how close they all already are, as well as how much time they spend with each other. Even FLASH SENTRY doesn't spend time with the other girls. The closest he's come is given some shipping fuel for Sunset Shimmer, and swoon over Princess Twilight, both of whom are with each other. That only leads to Big Mac, but he is only shown to hang out with Applejack, so the girls wouldn't really know him. Again, there's not really any male candidates, that wouldn't be overshadowed by a member if the Rainbooms.

I really love how you made Pinkie break the 4th wall and start talking to the readers! It's something that rarely happens on the show, and it is a great inclusion that almost nobody makes. Typically when an author has Pinkie break the 4th wall, it's just her acknowledging the readers, knowing she's a fictional character, or making some reference to the Real World, etc. So bravo for including this!

8144811 Thanks! :twilightsmile: Hey, I noticed that you seem to be having a conversation with another reader. Is something going on?

8144834 Just a disagreement about your story. Not a fight. More of a strong disagreement/debate type thing. I'm saying it makes sense for the girls to be all gay, and he thinks it makes more sense for them to be more straight.

At least that's how I see it. Hopefully that other pony isn't taking it too personal.

Also, why did you have Tree Hugger as Fluttershy's date? It just seems weird to me, considering she isn't Canon to EQG

8144925 Oh, I can explain everything.

See, I didn't want to start any shipping wars by hooking up any of the other girls with just any girl or any guy, so I went with the Make New Friends but Keep Discord Gala dates (hence the sudden Tree Hugger (completely platonic date)). I thought it would be okay since it happened in the show.

8144808 Why do you just dismiss the concept of date-able males in the school out of hand? I can't accept the "who is there?" argument when their are tons of options as every Pony has a human counterpart and a vast number of male ponies haven't had their human equivalents appear in EQG . And again they don't need to be developed. and again all the girls having traditional dates isn't necessary, it just again feels really really unlikely that they would all go to PROM and none of them would actually bring a guy. It feels unrealistic that they would NEVER associate with anyone outside their circle of friends. The guys didn't appears humans in the movies so they can't exist in a fanfiction? Why does it matter if they aren't officially cannon, fanfiction isn't cannon either you argument there is flawed because Treehugger isn't cannon to EQG either so if we go by the logic that "if they don't appear in Equestria Girls they aren't there" then Fluttershy can't have brought Treehugger as a date. if we how ever accept "ok she does exist" then why can't the Wonderblots human counterparts be high school aged? I mean human versions Fancy Pants and Fleur Dis Lee appear as Crystal Prep Students but their pony counter parts are clearly much older then the main six, human Celestia and Luna are in their 30s but the princess are over 2000 years old! Ages clearly aren't equivalent. So the "are they expected to bring people older than them" argument falls apart.
So no the "it's not cannon argument" doesn't stand up because this is a non cannon story, the "guys would be older" argument doesn't stand up because ages of ponies and their human counterparts are clearly not equivalent, the "they would only bring other popular people" doesn't stand up for me because 1 . That would make them really shallow and 2. There is no reason to think they are the ONLY popular students.

I'm sorry but I feel the state of the other 6 girl's prom dates was a weak portion of the story because all of them had non-traditional dates or vanished, I don't buy all 6 being in that boat, 2, 3 sure... but 6 seems unlikely. I see no realistic reason that it would happen. I see no reason Rarity and Rainbow wouldn't find out who Fluttershy was taking till the night of Prom. I buy both crushing on her and wanting to take her fine, not making other arrangements I buy for Dash but not Rarity. I buy SciTwi wanting to take Timber but being unable to and being too shy to as another boy. I don't buy Maud LETTING Pinkie take her instead of a real date. And we have glossed over Applejack's absence, I can't say she had a unrealistic date or not, she's not mentioned after they leave for the dance.

I never said this story was bad, I DID enjoy it and look forward to the next part. But clearly I have issue with some aspects of this particular part that don't seem right.

*hug* I hope life is treating you better mate!

8157311 Thanks. I've been feeling better these past couple weeks.

That was such a great story. I hope there'll be more in the near future.

8182034 There will be more, but first I want a story or two that's not part of this SunLight series. Writing three in a row has kinda left me a bit burnt out. I know where I want to go with this story, but I just want some time off it. Sorry.

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