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A lot has happened, and I mean A LOT. But... I'm slowly coming back. May need help with that.


When everyone else turns out to be too busy to do it, Spike volunteers to babysit Princess Flurry Heart for the day. He does his job all right for the most part, but things begin to shake up a bit when Sweetie Belle stops by and insists she help Spike take care of the baby. After some hesitation, Spike relents and decides to let Sweetie Belle help him. The day goes on and Spike and Sweetie Belle babysit Flurry Heart together, almost like their own little family.

Cover Art by Silcy, Commissioned by me.

Special thanks to Silcy and my proofreaders.

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That was adorable.

Thanks! Glad you like it :twilightsmile:

I give this a *HHHHNNNNGGGG* :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

:duck: So you and My Spikey Wikey?
:unsuresweetie: You snooze you lose
:twilightoops: The baby's Flurry Heart
:raritystarry: Oh! I knew that!
:unsuresweetie: Yeah right :facehoof:

:pinkiesmile: cutey patooty

Is that a good thing or a heart attack :rainbowlaugh:?

I personally think Rarity would support Sweetie Belle and Spike :twilightsmile:

Pretty much both my brony friend :raritywink:
So cute it almost hurt me inside

Thanks! Always appreciate your support :twilightsmile:. I'm really hoping this one takes off.

The best kind of heart attack :raritywink:

I'm I like the only person here who enjoys everything you write? Aw who I'm I kidding, I enjoy everything you put out! Have a fave :D

:rainbowlaugh: Glad someone got the Good Burger reference.

Always glad to have your support, Shady :twilightsmile:. Let's hope others like it, too.

8419554 And I'll continue to support you no matter what! I'm sure others will love it as much as I do <3

Ayy would you look at that, it's featured! :yay:

Kinda weird but hey Well writen

I can respect that. Thanks for the read.

This is a very sweet and a well written story! Excellent job as always RS-Belle14! :twilightsmile:

And once again, thanks for your support, sonicfan :raritywink:

I may not read a lot of romance, but even I have to admit this was pretty adorable. Uncle Spike and Aunt Sweetie Belle, I like it. And a fun way to start a ship.

Also poor Shining Armor. Makes me wonder how long it took to get him out.

First, off topic, I really like your Infinite Avatar. Anyway, thank you so much for liking the story :twilightsmile:. I'm sure Shining Armor will be fine. His determination to see Flurry will make his exit quick.

This was great. I think my favorite part was where Sweetie defuses the tension by rolling with what her folks said and playing house. It's a very creative and fun twist on the trope of two characters acting awkward around each other when someone points out they make a cute couple.

"Welcome to Hayburger, home of the hayburger. Can I take your order?"

You clever bastard.

Spike and Sweetie Belle..my otp

Would like to see Spike with an official family of his own someday.

I personally prefer Buttonbelle, but I'll give this a pass. It was cute. I would have to complain about Shining Armour falling down a well, as I don't think that it was really necessary given the story plot. It kinda through me off a bit.

:rainbowkiss: Oh well, its your choice

I loved this! :raritystarry: it was perfectly balanced, not to fast, not to slow. You nailed it right on the head here. and I'm a personal fan of SweetieSpike so that's also a plus. :pinkiehappy: Great job here.

Thanks! I thought it would be nice to have Spike and Sweetie play quick game of house :twilightsmile:.

You certainly did put a lot of great work and research into this story. You also did a superb job of putting Spike and Sweetie Belle into a very natural position to have crushes on each other.

One of my favorite parts is when you had Sweetie play as Spike's wife. She certainly took playful control of the situation. It's something I could believe would happen as Spike is certainly more submissive than Sweetie Belle.

Reading on how Sweetie Belle has been getting better wit her magic was fun, too. You described her usage of it very well. When she helped bring Flurry down when she was in the air was a perfect illustration of her growing control of magic along with the perfect trigger for Spike to consider her to stay and help foal sit.

Definitely a lot of win in this story. Adorable, fun, and great references back to the show.

Thanks! Glad you got the reference.

Who knows? Maybe the show or comics could give us a possible flash-forward someday. I doubt it, buy hey, doesn't hurt to hope.

Thanks for the read! I sent Shining Armor down the well because I needed a reason not to have him and Cadance be the ones picking up Flurry, reason being I wanted Twilight to make that comment in the end. I didn't originally intend to keep the well the reason (it started as a simple joke), but I decided to keep it because I thought it was a little funny.

Always glad to please a fellow SpikeBelle fan :raritywink:

I really like the part where they played a mini game of house, too :twilightsmile:. Glad you like it!

Yeah, I see that now. I really hope it does well.

I don't ship SpikeBelle, but DAMN this was cute.

Thanks! Always glad to please :twilightsmile:

I didn't ship this. Now I do. XD Thanks!

Dang... YEARS ago I had a great Sweetie-Bell/Spike writing planned, but not enough detail into what would happen, other than something similar to this...

Then again, I've had a terrible case of writer's block for--*checks invisible watch*--the past 8 years.

Ha. Thanks! I consider that a great accomplishment :twilightsmile:

Hey, no time to restart writing than the present, right?

So cute I'm gonna die. The great RS-Belle14 has done it again.

Amazingly done.

Ha. I wish I was that great.

It was just a fake title. There really wasn't much known about it other than the speculation that Spike was going to babysit Flurry Heart.

Firstly I want to warn anyone who reads this they may die from cuteness and adorableness overload.

Secondly I love Sweetie Belle and Spike ships they are my OTP. This story was awesome, it was really well written and it left you guessing at the end if Sweetie and Spike will get together? loved it and well worth the wait.

i greatly enjoyed the story only to be slightly soured with the whole shining armor down a well. it was just super jarring and IMO doesn't fit the tone of light romance you had going. guess i'm just jaded by the fandom treating them like brothers. maybe twilight teleporting directly to the castle leaving furry's parents behind in yakville to take the long ride back by train?

before the well: 8/10

after: 7.5/10


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