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A bunch of short fluffy one-shots about Spike and Sweetie Belle. Rated Teen for safety
Story description are in the Author's Notes, comment below on a story that you like to see.

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you want a comment well first i have to read this story not a big fan of this ship so you better hope its good

The gentle snow that fell on pond her mane,

did you mean upon needs correction let's see what else you missed.....


it made the young unicorn filly; Sweetie Belle sticks out her tongue.

again tense check your tense remove the 's'

oh found another two tenses

From what Sweetie Belle remember from the nose accident. Well, that what she calls it. called Is that both herself and Spike was rushing towards the Carousel Boutique,

again tense it's wereand remembered

He did look shocked, sweat rolling down the back of his head. His eyes widen,

wide or widened is right

Sweetie Belle knows he was nervous

knew is correct

Spike always scratches behind his head whenever he was nervous

scratched or when either change would be right

She didn't speak, silently nodded her head. Spike let out a chuckle, brushing away the snow on the bench to sit next to The Unicorn Crusader.

again with the tense nodding as/while spike let out a chuckle

It felt like the two of them was sitting there for hours, just waiting for the other to finally say something.

again its were

I like it too


Sweetie Belle eyes widen feeling his claw on top of her hoof.


it wasn't as good as i'd hoped hey you're almost as bad as me

Her nose rubbing against Spike's nose. She thought the two of them would have stayed like that forever until that loud snap sound filled the air. It felt like all of Ponyville, no all of Equestria grew silent while the two of them were pressed against each other. But, that snap caused everything to begin again. The birds twitter, the ponies stomp pass and Sweetie Belle and Spike quickly departed.

Hey, just be thankful that that SNAP didn't make Spike and half of Equestria disappear a la Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet.

Not that that could happen since as far as we know Equestria is in an entirely different universe and as such the Infinity Gauntlet wouldn't affect anything there, unless Equestria is merely another planet in the same universe as the MCU.

Sorry, off topic.

I like this so far. There's a few mistakes in your grammar but honestly it's fine. It's a sweet and fluffy story and I do kinda like this ship. Let's see where it goes.

Most of these are because of Grammarly. A so-call great site for any spelling errors. :ajbemused:

Cute things are cute.

Love to see Spike bride carrying Sweetie Belle.

Congrats! You get a like.

This was so adorable!

I hope this one-shot series never goes Rated M, cuz these are so adorable & fun!

Yeah, I change my mind after planning the stories. They're not going to be any mature stories in this series of stories. If I want to make any, I'll just make a side story. Or not, I have plans but who knows if they'll happen or not.

That's very reasonable enough. :twilightsmile:

The Romeo & Juliet effect, never gets old

What if those two get interrupted every time?

Comment posted by chazkopa deleted Jun 29th, 2019

" want to be just like you. I want to fight and defeat evil. Become; Flurry Heart Vs. The Forces of Evil. Alongside her best friend, Sweet Heart!"

I dig the reference :pinkiehappy:

This might not be the best chapter. Wrote it on GoogleDoc with my Cellphone to kill some time, listened to the rockin' music of Shantae Half Genie Hero. Great game, play it if you hadn't already. I did somewhat read over it, I didn't see any spelling errors. But, since this chapter is so short, I don't think it matters. I will come back to it and finishing editing it. But, well it just a simple story that's all.

This was a nice, sweet chapter, but why was it added between The Love Letter & Caught?

Wonder what would happen if they unexpectedly make out?

That's because when I first made the chapters. I made an order, but since these stories are one-shots I just write whatever one comes to mind. Chapter two is a story called 'Stupid In Love' while chapter three is 'Spin The Bottle' but if I don't have an idea for that story but another, I'll just write that one. But, I want to start working on Stupid In Love since I got a strange idea for that one.

I can't be the only one that's getting a "Beauty & the Beast" vibe, right?

I'm impressed of your story.

But I was wondering that can you do a chapter of Spike and Sweetie Belle's wedding please?.

I was in the middle of writing one of those, but when I got to the halfway point in Sweat Heart: The Wedding of SpikeBelle. The story was just going to skip over the whole wedding part of the story, it was going to be more of a Flurry Heart and Sweet Heart. I miss it, just because of the line. "You'll be like, wow. Flurry Heart, you're so normal. I think I'm in love." Right after the point where Sweet Heart asked Flurry Heart to her mother's wedding.

Sorry about that, the story may still be possible. But don't hold your breath. The closest Sweet Heart story is the one that takes place before The Monster That Lurks In The Woods

These are better outlines than they are stories. Saying that, I really want to read those stories.

"I call him my schmoopy-doopy pie. My sweet crumb cake."

OH MY GOSH!! Is that a reference to what I think it is!? 🤣

Who is Sweet Heart's biological father?

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