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A different story each, drive into a tale about Spike with a different member of the mane six in a different chapter. In this series of one-shots

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Interesting idea, though maybe you should write a sequel after this is over and do more then just the Mane Six.

Nice Sparity chapter. :twilightsmile:

You guys really need to change the shipping name of Rarity and Spike it so hard to remember and I'm pretty sure it is impossible to say.

This is literally the first time I heard someone complain about that. I always say this properly and memorized it on top of my head.

You have my interest. Do not fail me.

Also, you need an editor to help you out.

Is it going to be the mine 6 and then it's done? Or is it going to a lot more about them and spike? because there is only 4 left.

There are a fair amount of spelling errors. Not enough to make the story bad, but enough for it to be annoying. I highly suggest getting an editor before doing another chapter.

The writing is just genuinely hard to read. You don't seem to understand tenses and how to use them, and sadly your story is paying the price in a big way. You need a proofreader or editor to look over this, and to improve your grammar as a whole.

"Sorry I'm just really tired. I stayed up all night yesterday to see where the sun went. Then it dawned on me"

Classic! I'll need to remember that one.

"No need to worry." Where I heard that line before?

Good story. Need to correct a few things though

Hey i like what you did here. Maybe clean up a bit and you got real potential

All the chapters have grammatical errors, despite that it's comfortable watching each one of these shippings clicking.

Good taste in games! Btw this was good

Short but sweet would of liked to see more of an development of how their relationship would of been like.

Well so will the notes, see you all in Applespike the final chapter because there will be no sequel.

Umm... past me we got a lot to talk about.

Will you ever do a Tales of Love with any of the Cutie Mark Crusaders?

No, but I do have for SpikeBelle fans Mistletoe Kiss and After The Mistletoe; for SpikeBloom fans Sweet and Sour Apples and for Spikeloo fans there's Homework... It better than it sounds. Gabby in Tales of Love 2, Lending A Helping Claw, never wrote one with Babs, and got a plan for Diamond and Silver since I'm counting them as Crusaders now.

Lovely story. I think you have a real nack for finding how Spike would interact with each of the Main 6 :twilightsmile:

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