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Spike came to see Rarity from a letter that was given. But Sweetie Belle was the one who send the letter to him, so she try's to kiss him to see her in a new light.

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Another SpikeBelle? No thanks.

Comment posted by RarityEQM deleted May 28th, 2016

7253169 what's wrong with SpikeBelle shipping?

Awwwww such a sweet story. While I prefer Spike getting with Rarity this was one I never thought of and it was good. Maybe cause I've only been a Brony a few months and we all have our prefered shippings I'm not apposed to new ones (at least new to me)

The obvious complaint about this fic is the grammar: the tenses are mixed up in areas. So grabbing an editor to clean through would make for a much better read.

Story-wise? Not something we haven't seen before, but still a nice treat. It feels like more content could've been packed it, but I'm satsfied with the snack I got.

Keep on writing, m8.

Loved it keep writing... :twilightsmile: mabye a sequel :pinkiehappy:

I like it, not bad for the 1st story :)

Well Thanks I'm glad you feel that way.

7253169 'Splain what's wrong, Lucy.

I am pleasantly surprised by the increase of spike x sweetie belle.

I like this story, but it feels a bit rushed. Oh well, good story all the same.

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