Sweet Kiss

by Dylan Tha Bandicoot

First published

Spike came to see Rarity from a letter that was given. But Sweetie Belle was the one who send the letter to him, so she try's to kiss him to see her in a new light.

Spike came to see Rarity from a letter that was given. But Sweetie Belle was the one who send the letter to him, so she try's to kiss him to see her in a new light.

Sweet Kiss

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"Hey Sweetie Belle. I got this letter from your sister asking for me to help her move some things." Spike enters the show room of the Carousel Boutique. Sweetie Belle is sitting on a display stage as her hooves dangle below her. She looks up at Spike with a shy smile as he continues to scan the room for Rarity.

"Oh hey Spike. Ya my sister had to leave suddenly. Something about a fashion disaster needing to be fixed." She jumps down from the stage and trots over towards him.

"Oh, well I will just come back later." He starts to turn and walk out when Sweetie Belle rushes to block his path.

"Wait... um... why don't you just wait for her. I am sure she will be back soon." She nervously squeaks out as she tries to stop him. He starts to look at her funny and continues to move towards the door when she puts out her hoof to stop him. "I got some gems you can snack on while you wait."

Spike stops quickly and spins around towards her. "Gems! Well why didn't you say so. I could use a snack."

Sweetie Belle smile joyfully as she leads him away to her bedroom were she pulls out a small box filled with gems of all different types and hands it to him. "Here you go. Have as many as you want."

"WOW! You mean it. Thanks!" Spike sits down on the edge of Sweetie's bed and starts to eat his new found prize. He does not realize that Sweetie Belle has now sat down next to him and has inched her way closer to him.

"So, Spike. I heard you like my sister, like... a lot?" She stares at him closely as he munches on a ruby.

"Oh, well ya. She is really beautiful." With out missing a beat he picks up the next gem and continues.

"Why though. She is a lot older then you? Maybe you should go for a girl closer to your age." She slides a little closer as he is still oblivious to her next to him.

"Age does not matter. I know she likes me." He licks an emerald before placing it in his mouth. "Why do you think she asked me to help her. She obviously digs me."

Sweetie Belle stops moving and looks down at the floor with a slight ting of red to her face. "She did not send you that letter." Spike stop and turns to look at her puzzled with a gem in his mouth. "I..I wrote it. I wanted you to come over."

Spike gulps down the gem as the box slides out of his hands to the floor. "Why? Why did you want me to come over?"

Sweetie looks up at him with a coy smile and a deep red face. "Cause I like you, like.... a lot."

Spikes eyes go wide at the sudden revelation as he starts to move to get up. "I think I better go....." He is stopped as Sweetie Belle takes his hand and pulls him to her. They both collide together as their lips meet. Sweetie Belle quickly reach up and takes hold of his face gently as she closes her eyes. Spike on the other hand is to shocked to react to his first real kiss being stolen by the love of his life's, sister. He gains himself shortly into the kiss and pushes her back onto the bed as he wipes his mouth with his arm. "What are you doing?"

Sweetie is a little disorientated at his reaction. It was not what she was hoping would happen. She thought he would change and realize that she was worth chasing after. "I...I thought that you might..." tears start to fill her eyes as she looks at his slightly disgusted face. "... like me."

"You stole my first kiss." Spike's voice raises higher with more force from his anger. "I WAS SAVING IT FOR RARITY!" He looks at her as she slightly shakes still crying that things are going so wrong.

"Just...." She looks away afraid to look him in eyes. "...pretend I am her."

Spike quickly turns away and stomps towards the door. As he starts to walk out he stops for a moment and looks back. "Your not her." He close the door as he can here her crying behind him. He knows she is upset but he feels even more so. He wanted to save his first kiss for the one he loved. As he walks down the hall he can here Rarity's voice coming from the entrance.

"Oh darling, do come in." Spike starts to move quickly to see her and tell her about her crazy sister. As he is about to round the corner and enter the main entrance he stops as he hears a male voice cough. "Please do relax for a moment. I normally don't bring my dates home with me, but we were having such a wonderful time. I hope you don't think the wrong things of me." Rarity comes around the corner were Spike is standing and stops suddenly when she sees him. "Oh! Spikey, what are you doing here?"

Here, anywhere but here is what he wants. The sudden realization that he was wrong. She was not attracted to him. She was not even remotely interested in him. And not he was here and did not know what to do. His heart was tearing apart but he could not let her see this. "I... I came over to see... " He pauses to hold back his tears. "... to see Sweetie Belle."

"Oh!" She looks at him closely sensing something is on his mind but stops herself from asking when she hears her male friend moving in the entrance way. "Well her room is just down the hall. Please tell her I have a friend over myself and would like to not be disturb."

"Uh... sure." Spikes voice cracks a little as his through wells up. He quickly turns and rushes down the hall back to Sweetie Belles room and enters it. Sweetie Belle looks up from the pillow she had been crying into, confused to see him there. She was about question why he was back, but stops when he falls to the floor and presses his face into his arms to cry. She doesn't know what is going on. Why is he sad now? She gets out of the bed and starts to walk over to him when he looks up suddenly. His face is wet from tears as he looks at her. "I... I'm sorrry."

Sweetie moves quickly to him. She does not know why but she reaches out and hugs him while he cries. They just got done fighting and she did not want to see him, but now she just wants to hold him. "I am sorry to." She lays her head on his shoulder. "I do really like you, even though you don't feel the same. You like my sister."

Spike reaches his arms around her and squeezes a little at her words. "She.. she doesn't even know I exist. She has other male friends to be with."

Sweetie Belle realizes now why he is upset. She knew Rarity went on dates now and then, but she must have brought one home. She squeezes back to try and comfort him. "I may not be much, but..." She pauses as her voice shakes with her word. ".. you can still pretend I am her. If it makes you feel better."

Spike quickly puts his arms on her shoulders and pushes her back. "NO! You are not her." He looks at her as she looks away quickly. He can feel her trembling scared and braking down at not being able to say the right things. Spike quickly wipes his tears away as he reach out and places his hand gently on her face. He turns it to face him as he smiles. "You are Sweetie Belle and you should always be you."

Tears are still in her eyes as she tries to look away. "But being me is not enough to be with you."

Spike can feel her chin quiver as she is holding back her emotions. He lets a little sigh and then pulls her close to him. "Then maybe I should give you a chance to show me who you are." Sweetie Belle reach around and hugs him harder then before. Her tears still fall down onto his shoulder but they are not so sad anymore. After a few moments of this they spend the rest of the afternoon and on into the evening playing and talking. As the evening wears on they both fall asleep on the floor, tired from all the emotions they felt and energy spent trying to control them. Spike wakes up as he feels himself moving. He looks around to see he is on Twilight's back. "Huh.. wha... Twi?"

"Shhh. We will be home soon."

"What happened?" Spike sits up on her back as he rubs sleep out of his eyes.

"Rarity called me over to get you. She peeked in on you and Sweetie Belle and saw you both fell asleep." She looks over his shoulder to she him slightly blush. "So, are you ok?"

Spike looks at her a little confused at her question. "What do you mean?"

"You saw Rarity's possible new special somepony. I just thought you might be upset." She slows her walk down to look back over her shoulder with concern for him.

"Ya I saw him." Spike looks back to see the boutique fading in the distance. "It hurt, but..." He turns and looks at Twi with a smile. "I think I found something better then what I had."

Twi smiles at him. "Well good. I am glad you are being so mature about this." She picks her pace back up as home can now bee seen getting closer.

Spike looks up at the sky and thinks of all that happened today. He thinks about Sweetie Belle and all the talking they did. As he does he places his hand over his chest to feel his heart beating faster at every thought and smiles. "Ya! This feels better." He thinks to himself as he goes home with Twi to end the day so a new one can begin.