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It was a normal day. As normal as Celestia shuffling her off to some backwater town in the middle of the morning could be. Spike was yammering, ponies were getting on her nerves, the coming celebration that night was weighing on her mind. And then she'd gone to the town hall to meet with Rarity. They were greeted by somepony's daughter and Spike hadn't said a word since. Not when the filly talked to him for over an hour. Not when the pegasi with the birds was asking all sorts of questions on his health. What on earth had gotten into him?

Current Cover Art by Xx Sk3tchiix3 xX, https://mobile.twitter.com/SKETCHIIX3

Reader Reviews;
"Aimless mess," by Fanreader999999

AU starting at S1E1. Stories set in this continuity;
Alewhine's Gun (After Schoolmates)
The Brothers

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I like this you do excellent job showing emotion. The only thought that comes to mind.

Is that no one ever? Asks the question? Why is a child because in a lot of storys he is one, not going to school?

It would be a different story if he wanted to train to become librarian in apprenticeship but, that doesnt convey the past when he was even younger?

Or write a single line that he learns with Twilight?

Over all this is not something ONLY you do practically most authors do do this. Its only I feel when authors want to really explore Spike as a actually character istead of a footnote to the story. To be honest it always weird to me when I watched the show. How he is conveyed? And shown to be stupid?

As writers we could do better I think especially when your adding romance and since we know sweetie belle is a child. Its would be weird if we take other peoples rebuttals that HE is a adult?

So what would he be doing with a child?

Other then larger implications of born into serviude its a good story from what I have read. I especially appreciate your use of silence for his character. Because he is a kid. Which ounce again makes the idea that he has what amounts to a fulltime job?

Is a child or not?

Thank you for this intresting story. My thoughts are open to criticism.

Have a kind day!

Ps. I think in my opinion it would be interesting since you havent gone past NM that you could touch on the implication of his crush haveing a larger impact on the story? Maybe? Just a thought? I dont know? Thank you again

Very interesting.

My best guess is that he's been tutored/learned by osmosis from Twilight. Aside from this, one of the near-future chapters will actually be Twilight talking to Cherlilee about enrolling him in school.

Ah thats cool! Thanks for the heads up!

This could be interesting. In fact, it works well even as a one-shot that leaves the reader's imagination to fill in the gaps as to what happens next, but if you plan on continuing it, all the more power to you! Hope you update soon.

Finally! A new Spikebelle story!

Oh my Gosh! You didnt! You didnt! This. Is just. beautiful!
I cant stop smiling.

Thank you now Im going reread the other chapter.

On a side note this really works because as we know Celestia was the one too release her sister.

I like that there was no giant long time for Twilight to realize that she had friends all along. I personally always liked the idea of Spike gaining something since he just has so much to give and receive?

Thank you again!

Have a kind day!

Oh my gosh, this is getting good! 😁

Looking forward to the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

Thank you, it's actually snowing pretty heavily here so I am in quite a good mood today.

Twilight stood from her seat, placed her hooves at her side, and bowed her head. “Of course, Pr- Ceslestia. I’m sorry for taking so much of your time. I’ll leave you to ready for the ceremony.”

Celestia is spelled wrong in this line.

Rarity turned to AJ and asked "Your sister, Applebloom? She's in Sweetie's class, isn't she?"

Apple Bloom's name has always been two words.

Overall, this was an improvement since the last story of yours I read by a lot. Your pacing is notably stronger, and I think you're finding the start of your own style. I would suggest having a proofreader in the future, just because those little errors here and there still keep cropping up. There's a nice sense of fluff to this little AU of yours, and I hope you keep updating it. Also, remember that things like Summer Sun Celebration are proper nouns and need to be capital. They're holiday names.

Thank you, I may try for another later today.

This is a nice spin on the classic story line and I am looking forward to where this goes more than any other story I am currently reading!

well the molt was brought up. i am glad that twilight knows about it.

Yep, though Flutters mentioned it in chapter one.

Edit: Tried to mention it.

A very interesting take so far. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Really loved seeing Twilight go though enrolling Spike into the school, I believe he's already pretty advanced in terms of classes with all the stuff he helps Twilight out daily on her studies. Also good nod to the rotten EEA at the end there, wonder if they will start up trouble earlier than canon in regards to Spike attending? :applejackunsure::moustache:

Ah yes, indeed.
-Pretends I have a cohesive, pre-existing plan for this story.-

Good chapter. Can't wait to see more. It's a good story.


Poor Celestia.

Celestia is broke lol. Spike calling Celestia a fat pigeon is hilarious and if Twilight is basically Spike's mom in the story does that Celestia his grandma considering how Celestia and Twilight have a mother-daughter-like relationship.

As of right now, yes for Celestia being motherly to Twilight and yes to Spike seeing Celestia as a grandma/cool older sister.

Quite literally.

A monarch who ran out of money, am I missing something here?

Loved that banter between Celestia & Spike, it was hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

I'm curious about the bit thing though (or almost lack thereof), did she sneaked pass the guards without money on her? :applejackconfused:

Technically yes, yes she did.

Pretty good talk between Twilight & Rarity here regarding their younger sibs, looking forward to that first day of school for Spike when it arrives! :moustache:

Sad Celestia...

Awww man, felt bad for Celestia when she started thinking of her little sister.:fluttercry:

Come to think of it that *event* is coming soon, should be interesting! :rainbowdetermined2:

Essentially, it won't be. Celestia hasn't freed Luna as Twilight didn't meet the M6 properly.

I may need to tweak chapter 2.

Very nice setup in this chapter, looking forward to see who's first (Twilight/Spike) in the new few days! :twilightsmile::moustache:

Well now I have to, don't I?

I like the picture, but why was it drawn on notebook paper?

Because that was what I had available. I'm going to digitize it at some point.

I'm working on the next two chapters. I'm kind of stuck on Twilight's interactions with Sweets.

Make it awkward. Twilight has no interactions with love, crushes, or other children, as far as I know. Being a bookworm should probably make her socially inadequate. Make sweetie not feel any awkwardness cause she is young.

General goal, yeah. Twilight isn't the embodiment of national Divinity so Sweetie has no hangups around her. Sort of like the contrast between meeting Cadance and Celestia earlier.

How did I not notice an honorable Blood Raven in my comments section?!?!

Confession, the chapter as it is now has been finished for several days. I just couldn't think of a way to alter or extend the conversation at It's current point.

Sweetie looking about The Elements? Interesting...

Is the reason why she search for it has been stated before? Just asking so if it did I don't need to reread the whole chapter.

Sweet first day for Twilight (so to speak:rainbowlaugh:), loved that interaction between Twilight & Sweetie during this time! :twilightsheepish::unsuresweetie:

Still gotta wonder how Spike's first day went though, especially after Sweetie spoke this famous line :

The filly broke her attentive look at the book in her hooves and stared rather intensely into the mare's eyes. "Miss Sparkle, where do dragons come from?"

Oh boy, that's gonna be a toughie! :rainbowlaugh:

That part about summer classes is quite uncouth of Rarity and I don't think she would actually say somthing like that, just a thought. I

She was reading through every title, skimming for something Rarity was wanting. I threw in the Elements as a nod.

He's on deck, I've got an oDaM tie-in in the works and then I'll type that up.

That's reasonable, but she said it to Sweetie in private and, especially early on in the show, Rarity has been known to make remarks that are better left not being repeated.

Added: I wouldn't say it's indicative of her character or what her actual, full thoughts on the summer classes are. Sweetie was just repeating what she heard with no other context to the why or when it was said.

"The 'or Guardian' is assumed; I should have ordered new forms a while ago." Cheerilee mused off-hoof, trying to hide the hint of... Concern? Curiosity? She wasn't sure how to respond to the moment. Twilight obviously wasn't Spike's mother, but how did she see herself?

This paragraph really does a great job of highlighting the conflict in how they view their relationship.

She knew that griffons had recently started being accepted into schools and training camps in the past few years without much fuss, but dragons?

The fact that they have the word race instead of species really shows how used to hippocentrism ponies are, and that it pervades their society in the littlest ways.

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