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Engineering student, writing fluff and smut to relax

Hello People

Hello people who have stumbled across my Page. Welcome to the weird and wonderful play I like to call my mind. I don't know how often I'll update this thing, but I'll try to keep things current.

Who is BurnyWrites: Burny is a Canadian Computer Engineering student who reads and writes when homework has them stressed out. This is usually between classes, although for saucier works, they write at night to relax after a long day.

What does BurnyWrites Write: Burny is a novice Fanfic author, having never written anything besides fantasy and roleplay content. DnD and the like.

When is BurnyWrites: 19

Where is BurnyWrites: Canada

Why is BurnyWrites: does anyone really know why they do things? Burny got in to MLP at the tail end of primary school. After discovering Fimfiction and reading many Fics, they fell off the fandom in secondary school. After being accepted in to university, Burny began getting back in to the series with a new creative outlook on it

How is BurnyWrites: Doing pretty good, how about you?

Current Projects:

Love on the Air (T) - Chapter 5
Flurry's First Friendship Adventure (M) - on hold until Love on the Air is completed
Secret project(M) - somebody suggested an idea to me and I plan on writing it, oneshot

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I would love to see an update to Love is on the Air. I really adore that story

Good luck to your midterms and ill always be waiting for the awesome plots ur gonna write.

I agree to this comment

Have a follow!

Yo dude! Just here to tell ya that you are an awesome writer! Good luck in the future!

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