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  • 174 weeks
    Process for Tools of the Trade: A Thing


    This story originally started as a comedy, based on the comment from Estee: what if there was an MLP equivalent of a Kickstarter program run by Flim and Flam? Except, of course, it would be a lot more focused on scamming than it already is.

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  • 186 weeks
    A random TwiDancer tidbit

    “Hey, Twilight! Moondancer! You finally came!”

    “Well, Minuette, this pony here was stuck to her desk again, and you wouldn’t believe how much work it was to pry her away.”

    “Hey, that’s not fair! I just needed to write a draft of my letter to Thorax! It’s going to be the anniversary of their freedom from Chrysalis, and Equestria might want to send delegates.”

    “I might expect Moondancer to be late, but you, Twilight? Princess I-have-a-schedule-for-everything?”

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