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I like writing about the worst day of a character's life; it lets us see the mettle inside.


This story is a sequel to Luna's Daughters

(Can be read without first reading the prequel.)

Centuries ago, in the years after Nightmare Moon's banishment, Luna and Celestia's descendants helped Celestia build the new nation.

Luna's great-granddaughter, Gale Glider, forged the Royal Equestrian Coast Guard, imbuing it with traditions of valor, sacrifice, and bravery. Her final words remain their sacred motto:

"We have to go out. We don't have to come back."

Preread by Sledge115 and RDT, thank you!

Cover art found on Google without any attribution, alas.

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TCC56 #1 · May 21st · · · Five ·

As usual, Sock - amazingly done. A worthy sequel to one of the site's best.

RDT #2 · May 21st · · · Five ·

It was a pleasure (and honor) prereading this story. Woven in this story were several compelling narratives and themes about sacrifice, the responsibility of leadership, and coming-of-age. And the trees, dammit. Beautiful imagery.

If you enjoyed this, then I would heavily recommend the prequel, Luna's Daughter, and vice versa.

Not finished reading yet, but I have to say, 'as nervous as a one headed hydra' is a simply incredible expression.

I swear these stories are some of my favs on the site.
and the message that these show are always great to hear.


Hewolf #5 · May 21st · · · Five ·

*Reads the story and thinks then I Tip back my Head and gives a Mournful HOWL. then I push my front paws out as far as I can, giving all those who have given their lives a full Bow*

Well Done I say! WELL DONE

"How can man die better: than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his Gods."

~ Horatio, Lays of Ancient Rome

To see it, here...

A greatly moving work. It just didn't really resonate with me as much as I thought it would. I imagine it will touch many others more deeply, however.


She's quoting the prequel, "Luna's Daughters."

That's fair. I still think Luna's Daughters is my best, never-to-be-surpassed work.

Well-told. Very well-told.

[Wipes eyes]

Where did all this dusty air come from...?

You've done it again. Excellent work and I do hope you continue this series.

A most excellent sequel and one far too long in coming to our eyes. Lot of a feeling of the Honor Harrington series as well.

I for one think this one equals if not surpasses it's prequel, bravo Gale and Red Sky, true marine heroes and bright examples to your craft.

A strong start from you, just like with ASTRT or RW. Let's see the rest.

"In those early days, I had few allies, and even fewer I could trust without reservation. I leaned heavily on your children, and mine." Celestia's ears drooped and her tail thrashed. "Far too many of them died as I forged Equestria. I treated them as a blacksmith treats her anvil. I have never forgiven myself, because they thanked me for my trust and basked in the honor of being used and broken."

Brings to mind the ending of Kipling's "Hymn of Breaking Strain":

Oh, veiled and secret Power
Whose paths we seek in vain,
Be with us in our hour
Of overthrow and pain;
That we - by which sure token
We know Thy ways are true—
In spite of being broken,
Because of being broken
May rise and build anew
Stand up and build anew.

I never cry at what I read. But THIS.

I love your Baron Red Sky MacIntosh. Thank you for writing this.

Blik #17 · May 22nd · · · Five ·

Are you familiar with Douglas Malloch's Good Timber? The heroes you write remind me of these lines:

Good timber does not grow with ease:
The stronger wind, the stronger trees....
By sun and cold, by rain and snow,
In trees and men good timbers grow.
Where thickest lies the forest growth,
We find the patriarchs of both.
And they hold counsel with the stars
Whose broken branches show the scars
Of many winds and much of strife....

This story was so engaging.
How much so?

It’s now 04:20am.
I have been trying to get sleep for the past several hours, but my mind kept coming back to this story that I opened in the evening - when I thought I’d just read the first chapter, then go to bed.

But during the night... my mind kept coming back to the story instead of letting me sleep.
And so, a few paragraphs at a time, I read more of the story before before rolling in bed and telling myself that I had read enough to satisfy my mind’s curiosity. Hour after hour went by.

Of course, sleep would not find me until I had found the end.
You wrote an enrapturing story.


Good timber does not grow with ease:
The stronger wind, the stronger trees....

I was going through the comments and I read yours and inadvertently found myself humming a couple of sea-shanties with these lyrics (Wellerman for example)

Thank you!

This story was languishing, missing the "X" factor to make it come together. I then re-read Shadow of Saganami and realized that the background character of the officer-cadet needed to be the deuteragonist, and it came together.

Goodess, no, but I have now!

Not explicitly, but I bet I read it years ago and it influenced me subtly.

I know that several people have quoted one of the trio of poems in this video, but your writing causes me to consider the wisdom of all three and more.

Shadow of Saganami is a great book. It's due a reread soon.

I finished reading, and I really liked it. You really have a knack for military-themed stories, and I wish I was half the writer as you.
With that said, I think this had less of an impact than Redheart's War, but of course I also realize the themes were quite different here. Although that ending couldn't have been more beautiful. And now I'm seriously thinking about reading the prequel, too.
I was only a bit surprised that the story was so focused on the original characters. Not that I minded, as you wrote them well, but some might be surprised, as there isn't an OC tag on the story.
So bravo to you, and good luck on finishing the sequel to RW. I know you're working on it, and I'm sure you will whip up quite the tale with that one, too.

Glad you enjoyed! I'll agree that "Redheart" and "Luna's Daughters" are better outings of mine, but this was still fun to write and thank for reading.

I used [Royal guard] as a specific sort of [OC] tag.

One of the best stories on the site, yours or anyone else's. Outstanding work, and a most worthy sequel. Thank you for it.

Thank you! I appreciate the kind words and the read.

As a military Brony, I must say that you have encapsulated something that I have struggled to put into words time & time again. Bravo!

I had a gut feeling this would be one of those stories that would nearly make me cry from the time I read Gale's last words, and I wasn't wrong. Outstanding work. I applaud your capabilities in building fascinating characters within just a few chapters.

Can I ask what sort of research/where you looked in order to find information for this story? I can't imagine the attention to detail could've shined without it.

Hard to say, really. I've been a voracious reader since I was six, and I remember almost everything I ever read.

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