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In an alternate ending of the episode 'Growing Up Is Hard To Do' , something goes wrong and the Crusaders are now stuck as adults. How will they deal with being children in older bodies, and how will their friends and relations react to their new selves?

That's what we're here to find out.

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Well .... buck

Well now, this is going to be interesting.

OBJECTION! In the episode, the wish didn’t activate until all three CMCs made their wish. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that a wish can only be granted if all beings directly involved express consent. As such, Biscuit’s wish should not have been granted unless the CMCs expressed their consent.

Nice. I'm tracking this

I don't think there's anything in 'the rules' (if they exist) about only the original wishing ponies being in control of the power. If that was the case, the ones that used the flower before the Crusaders would've had to give consent for the CMC to make their wish. And I think it was used before, as most flowers have more than two petals. In any case, that's my head canon and I'm sticking to it. :raritywink:

Let's hope it stays that way. :duck:

Indeed. :twilightoops:

Cheers. Hope you enjoy what's to come. :yay:

Nice and to be honest this is kinda the what if scenario I wondered would happen like if they stayed like that

Rarity gets jealous because stallions keep checking out her little sister instead of her. Sweetie Belle just gets uncomfortable and weirded out that stallions ten-twenty years older than her are checking her out.

Should be interesting to see what happens next :pinkiesmile:

Hey, you remember the memory stone from Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship? What if there was a stone that can manipulate time around certain events?

My point was about the beings directly involved with a given wish, not the original users of the flower, but fair enough.

well... this doesn't bold well

I like how Scoots seems to know the Reality of being adult. Like getting a job :rainbowlaugh:

That is disputed by the fact that by the time the CMC used the flower it had already lost most of its petals. Meaning they weren't the original users either. They were just the most recent to make a wish.

We all get to that stage, I'm afraid. :ajsleepy:
P.S Long time no see! :twistnerd:

That's what I thought. :moustache:

I miss this show so much... :fluttercry:

Indeed, been some time since I was on here. How have you been?

Not too bad. I took a mini-break from this site myself, but now I'm back and busier than ever. What did you think of the series finale?


I’m mixed about it. I didn’t really like how Groger was handle or used at all... The whole Discord building a evil team just to make Twilight look good or relearn something didn’t work for me and the ending was a bit sad to see only one of the M6 having one kid... I would think at least Rarity would find a Prince or Applejack a Strawberry farmer :twilightblush:

With the whole series about redeeming villains I’m surprise that a filly was turn into stone forever! :facehoof:

I was really liking the villain friendship building but sad they had to be turn into stone instead of saving Equestria from Groger.

I liked the Friendship school but felt it should have been its own spin off series at least. That way it could have more episodes of the young M6

There were some good episodes like Apple Parents one which was really good. But overall I felt like the last 2 seasons (even though there are some good episodes) felt rather disappointing.

Boy, I wish they kept Sombra longer...


Others may have had kids. Pinkie wouldn't even have shown up with hers if she had managed to find a sitter.

Also, don't assume the villains are stone forever; they took Discord out of stone, they'll probably make reformation attempts on each of them. This is because they could all prove useful if reformed. Cozy Glow could be made useful if reformed as a diplomat and administrator. She wants authority over others, and there are ways of giving her that, provided she uses that authority to Equestria's benefit rather than hers. Tirek could be useful as a weapon against powerful magical creatures. And the changelings probably want to have their big queen back at some point if she can be reformed, and the ability to rule them again is a good personal incentive for her to make reform.

Meanwhile, Biscuit is hanging a life size adult Scootaloo poster on his bedroom wall.

I really liked the Grogar twist, but it would be interesting to see if he had been real. Never mind, that's what fanfiction is for. :yay:

Overall though the quality dipped in places I'd say the show was pretty consistent. Better than others I could mention, anyway... :moustache:

The latest convert to her fanclub I'm sure. :coolphoto:

Featherweight, don’t you bucking dare.

Let me give you some advice on those pictures, Featherweight. Whatever you're thinking of doing...don't! :twilightangry2:


Sometimes, the thrill of an 'exclusive' is enough to seduce even the most level-headed of ponies. :fluttershysad:

Featherweight, buddy... I am begging you...

“When ya get back, don’t ya be worryin’ ‘bout a thing. Ya maybe big now, but inside we know ya still the adorable little filly I made apple turnover for jus' this mornin’.” Granny Smith affectionately pinched the cheek of a blushing Apple Bloom. “Of course you’ll be needin’ bigger portions now… and a larger seat at the table… and what will that nice Miss Cheerilee have to say ‘bout all this chicanery?”

They're going to have to stand at their desks because they don't fit into the seats.

If only they wished like We want to be adults for 48 hours they would not have that issue now.


True enough. But I think they've bigger stuff to worry about right now...

Hindsight is a wonderful thing... :moustache:

I think Rarity took the news pretty good, all things considered. :raritycry:

Well then This is a sticky situation now And a very interesting take on as well Kind of reminds me of that movie big i wonder this will turn out

Featherweight Please don't you dare They already have enough problems already 😥

Well... that could have gone worse...

:rainbowderp: Welp, back to the mirror pool and see the next Rarity doesn’t break... also where’s the shovel :applejackunsure:

Yep. They didn't even need to use a respirator this time! :ajsmug:

Alas, if only the Press had a conscience... :fluttershysad:

It's not over yet. Wait 'til she wakes up... :moustache:

Now you're over-exaggerating a bit. :flutterrage:

I never even contemplated the possibility of what would happen if the cmc'c didn't change back but this sounds about right. I wonder what Rainbow Dash's reaction will be?:rainbowhuh:

No, not the paparazzi!

Featherweight I swear don't you dare Send those newspapers again they already had enough problems here already Anyway rartiy took it pretty well I guess and such a sweet moment between those 2 sisters and now its Scootaloo turn to Talk to her aunt's and More importantly rainbow dash I wonder how they're gonna take the news i guess we will found out next time

Featherweight, I beg of you, have some decency! Don't you remember what happened to The Foal Free Press the last time it started printing tabloid news? :pinkiegasp:

As for Scootaloo: Don't worry about her aunts, they'll come around in due time. It's Rainbow Dash who's gonna be in for a shock. :rainbowderp:

Still, time spent in the tub scrubbing off the muck later was surely worth the exclusive to be printed tomorrow, when the Foal Free Press might just break it’s all-time sales figures under his editorship!

So that’ll be around fifty copies then.

there can't be that few ponies in PONYville?

I loved to the interaction between Sweetie Belle and Rarity. Also I am really beginning to hate Featherweight.

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