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I hope that when the world comes to an end, I can breathe a sigh of relief, because there will be so much to look forward to.


Not long after winning the honor of carrying the Ponyville flag for the Equestria Games, Scootaloo finds herself struggling with schoolwork, friendships, and of course, her inability to fly. While working on an assignment for school, she discovers the existence of a group of powerful psychics that Equestrian royalty consult for many things - including helping parents choose a name for their newborn foals.

Curious, Scootaloo pleads for Princess Twilight Sparkle to meet them and ask the one question that she direly wants to know - "Will I ever be able to fly?"

Despite Princess Celestia's warning, Twilight meets with them - but is the truth worth the price she may have to pay to herself and Scootaloo?

Story takes place after "Flight to the Finish," and then branches from there.

Beautiful cover art was completed for me by my wonderfully talented sister!

Currently undergoing revisions for conventions and grammar issues. Being my first story, there are more than I would prefer.

It has a TVTropes page, put together by Godzillawolf! Right Here!


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Cheerilee shook her head. “Be that as it may, the standard I am trying to set here is a zero tolerance policy on violence. If Scootaloo got in trouble for hitting Diamond Tiara, how would it look to the other classmates if you got away scot-free after bludgeoning her?”

Zero tolerance policies only benefit the bullies, you moronic teacher :facehoof:


The whole reason I even started this story was because I wasn't happy with how Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, once again, avoided punishment for their antics in Flight To The Finish. Diamond Tiara got her comeuppance, but you can expect to see the issue of bullying brought to light and addressed later.

Thank you for reading, by the way!

If Cheerilee was truly operating a Zero Tolerance policy,things would never have gotten this far, because when Diamond Tiara openly humiliated Apple Bloom back in Call of the Cutie, Cheerilee would have stepped on it, rather than letting it slide. Ultimately, what happened here today is Cheerilee's fault for being so completely oblivious up till now.

This, is really god. I mean really really good. I still think Cheerilee is a low grade moron for not stopping things before they got to this point, but at least she's taking action now.

4371203 Thank you very much for your kind words!

I was also not fond of how Cheerilee did that. I want to think it's more to do with her underestimating just how much prolonged exposure to teasing can cause these kinds of issues than anything else.

Very interesting fic, though I want to hear what punishment DT will be getting. I am a little disappointed in Silver Spoon, for a moment I thought she was having a guilty concience and would breakout from DT's shadow. Hopefully Twilight can foster a better relationship with Scootaloo and work on helping her each her dreams.

I'm shocked by how little likes this story has. It's actually pretty good. Keep it up! ^.=.^

This has been in my read later list for a while, glad I started it, its really good :pinkiehappy:

From the writer of the legendary "Promises" story and it's sequel, that's high praise indeed.

Thank you very much.

4437319 legendary? Aww shucks I wouldn't go that far but thanks.

So, scootaloo's an orphan. And has been living on her own for what i can tell, judging by how youve implied she has to buy her own food and drink.

You might be on to something...

Suffice it to say that I believe in the economy of words, and generally don't like putting things in the story that bear no relevance later.

I'm getting hints of Twimom here, I can totally see her adopting Scootaloo. I'm so glad she's determined to help Scootaloo.

I know it's not likely, but if that forehead bruise is the beginning of a horn growing to make Scootaloo an Alicorn then I can't wait to see Princess Scootaloo enter the schoolhouse and make DT and SS sweat over their previous treatment of her.


Nicely done building up Scootaloo reaching her breaking point.

Also...I like how Scootaloo's losing it and beating her down was not portrayed as karmic but that it did go too far. It shows both were in the wrong.

I like how Scootaloo is conflicted on her actions towards Diamond. IE, she KNOWS what she did was wrong, but still feels satisfaction and isn't entirely proud of herself for it.

I like that part.

Hehe. Even poor Twilight can't escape ponies assuming Princesses will be brutal with punishments.

I find this chapter over all interesting, but particularly when it came to Cheerilee's letter. Good job capturing the professionalism she'd need to have in that situation.

I also do love your detail and the amount of effort you put into this. It definitely feels unique.

Nicely done! I like the fact Twilight has to work for getting Scootaloo to open up and that Scootaloo's tempers still flair a bit, poor girl's been through the wringer.

Finally caught up!

I like the interaction here. Even though we've seen this bullying described multiple times by now, it doesn't feel like it's retreading old ground. It serves a good purpose each time and is presented well.

I also like the heartwarming moments you presented here and feel you did a great job with them :)


Oh my goodness, GodzillaWolf, thank you so much for all of the words of praise, and for taking the time to craft that page. With as busy as you've been, it couldn't have been easy.

That's simply amazing! I dropped you a PM for your perusal.

It's good to hear from you again!

Well, a fair start. Intriguing with enough detail missing to inspire more reading. Although I am expecting to find out what Scootaloo was doing when she should have been doing the project. :pinkiehappy:


I appreciate the feedback. I sometimes worry that the concept of a late school assignment is not a very strong one to lead in to the rest of the story, because it's so mundane.

Did you sneak a gears of war refrence in here? :pinkiehappy: I like you. (In a baird and cole train kind of way.) :twilightsmile:

I like this story. I like iiiiiiiit a looooooooot.

4554195 Indeed it is!

It was actually first mentioned (in greater detail) in Chapter 2 during the presentations. I wanted an event or instance that "core" gamers like Button Mash would recognize, yet wouldn't be immediately apparant to non-gaming afficionados.

Truthfully, I played very little of the Gears of War games, but from the bits I bore witness to, Damon Baird and Augustus Cole were my favorite characters by far. Their banter and wisecracks were hilarious.

You know, I wouldn't put it past Diamond Tiara to make a disparaging remark on Scootaloo's choice of holiday if she was presenting it. I can't wait to see the Cabinet of Seers appear, I'm honestly amazed they haven't shown up yet and we're 8 chapters into the story when their name is in the title.

Wow. You managed to tell a lot of story in two chapters. :rainbowderp: I can honestly say I didn't expect to see that.

Charming and especially touching chapter. I giggled at the "Three for three, Crusader approved!” line. (Yes, giggled and I'm not ashamed of it either. :pinkiehappy:) and I teared up at the ending paragraphs. Bravo good sir/madam. Bra-vo! :fluttercry:

Well, I have to know what happens after this! :pinkiehappy:

For the record, Babs' betrayal (both of them) was not any sort of scheme by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, Babs chose to do what she did on her own. First she betrayed her cousin when she arrived, then she betrayed a friend when she left.


That's a a really neat insight that I hadn't really given too much credence to - about Babs betraying Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

However, I firmly believe that Babs would not have started to mistreat the Crusaders had Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon not gotten involved the way that they did. Though it was still her choice, as you said (you are absolutely correct), I'm going with Apple Bloom's possibly unreliable account that Babs being teased like she was at home inadvertently convinced her to join forces with Diamond Tiara.

Wow...didn't see that one coming but awesome twist there!

If someone is scamming Scootaloo... well I can just see Twilight tracking down the paper trail and ripping the pony responsible a new A-hole. I am impressed with the methods Scootaloo used, but also saddened that she had to resort to them. Hopefully Cherilee and Twilight will come to her for answers and figure things out. Then Twilight can adopt her!

Heh, you make her give herself fictional parents, then ask questions on why no one has spotted the falsifications. Very Clever.

Wait... Scootaloo works for Filthy Rich and Diamond Tiara just got put in the hospital because of her.... I can't see her getting to keep that job.

I really enjoy this story. I admire your attention to detail and it honestly feels like you put your heart into it. This is already in my top 3 fics and is currently number 1 on my most anticipated updates.

4675917 Thank you very much. Knowing that someone enjoys the story is incredibly motivating.

You know, whether or not she was in the right or not, you have to give Scoots credit, that's pretty dang impressive for a little foal to manage by herself.

I also like the general conversations and how the tension built up to the conclusion at the end, great work!

Another nice chapter. A bit slower.

I like how Scootaloo's boss is a nice guy and generally threats her well.

This was a good chapter to cool off after the hectic last chapter. Good work.

So Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom are the closest thing to family Scootaloo has? :fluttercry: That is the sweetest saddest thing I've ever heard of in my life. :raritycry:

I have a question. If all that had happened to Scoots, then how is it neither Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, nor Rainbow Dash noticed the fact that the house was largely unfurnished.
4675331 Personally, I'll doubt that will matter too much. Business is business, after all.
Also, wow. :rainbowderp: Just... WOW! :pinkiehappy:

4730429 I want to say that Scootaloo didn't show them her house until she was comfortable with the areas on display. Most of the the house is behind closed doors save for her room and the areas that her friends see. What's more to the point, are the lack of family photos and pictures.

4739801 Plausible, I suppose. It's a bit of a stretch, but I could see how it might be accomplishable (given the way the three of them were fretting over Scoots rather than her house).
Although, to be entirely fair, does any kid have family portraits in their room (save for maybe one or two by the bed or on the desk)?

Ooooh... So much potential now. I am really enjoying this story and I have no doubt I will no matter what direction you take this in, but I really, really hope it will end in the way I think it will.

I wish Scoots told Cheerilee what DT said, you know "No wonder your parents gave you up"
Oh well, I have no idea, maybe it comes up in future chapters. If it does, ignore this comment.

Is this on EqD? It should be :heart:

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