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After an explosion of temper, Apple Bloom flees the family home to be alone. Fortunately for her, her big sister is wise enough to know it would be a bad time to be by herself. The two sisters talk about life, and loss, and filling the empty hole left inside when someone you love leaves you behind.

Meanwhile, two dense but well-meaning pegasi try to figure out the best way to cheer up their marefriends.

Chapter one was written for a speed writing contest over at Quills and Sofas. The theme of the contest was 'Love', with the prompts 'You Promised' or 'Unafraid'. Come join us for the writing fun!

Prereading by Undome Tinwe, The Legendary Bill Cipher, Mushroompone, Princess Cadence (Sorry I don't know your fimfiction name!), and Vis-A-Viscera
Editing help by AuroraDawn and SunlightRays

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This was a beautiful, beautiful, heartwrenching story. Thank you.

This was beautiful, a real tear-jerker as I remembered times with my own pets. This is certainly the hardest part of owning a pet. Still, I loved this story, very well written and filled with raw, real, emotions.

I had no clue you were married with kids! That's great.

Hello! A review of your story has been posted. I hope you find it helpful. :raritywink:

This was a sweet story, and everyone was written well. I was expecting it to be Granny Smith who died, up until it was outright said to be Winona. It was fun seeing the stories of both the Apples and their girlfriends.

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