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Rainbow Dash is used to doing dangerous things. Deadly stunts? That's just a normal workday. But illness is something worse. Something scarier. Something she can't control.

So even though the diagnosis turns out benign, her brush with mortality has still left Rainbow feeling...


Time to take a look at her bucket list. But when a mare has already mastered the skies, what more is their to reach for?

The sun itself?

First place in a Quills and Sofas Speedwriting contest.
Pre-reading and Editing by ninjadeadbeard, as well as the contest participants Bachelor-ette, dziadek1990, Vis-a-Viscera, wishcometrue, PearlescenT, and The Hat Man.

Chapters (2)
Comments ( 33 )

You've done it again.

This was super cute.

it’s true. If anypony could get a date with Celestia, it’s our Rainbow Dash.

Will we get a sequel? :pinkiehappy:

I like this a lot, but it feels… incomplete, for lack of a better word. Like you've isolated the first two chapters of a four/five-chapter fic, if that makes any sense.

Regardless, what was there was great. Have a thumbs up! If you ever elect to revisit this storyline, I will gladly come along for the ride.

Funny thing was, my original plan was to leave it more incomplete. The first idea I had was to cut off Celestia's answer mid-sentence Sopranos style.

I might revisit, but I'm really not sure.

Hmm... Maybe. It's possible I'll look at it again some day. I've given some thought to what their date would look like, but I don't know if I ever will.

My two hundredth favorite! A wonderful story to cap it off! :pinkiehappy::heart:


Well if you do, I shall be here to read it! :heart:

Obviously not Flurry.

Given Rainbow's singular penchant for handling other ponies' children I would not scratch that name off the list too hastily.

But yes, Celestia’s single right now. And to preempt your next question, yes, she is into mares. And stallions. And non-binary ponies. And non ponies.”

And cake. And certain potassium-rich varieties of fruit.

Rainbow Dash and Princess Celestia. I have never thought of that before, but you made it make a lot of sense. Granted this story could of been a few chapters longer, but none the less, bravo.

Okay, that was cute 😊 I expected a bit more development, but. Let's face it.

It's Rainbow Dash.

I plan on reading this later today. And I HATE reading.

So job well done with the concept alone.

Cadance being the evil mastermind as always XD

The first idea I had was to cut off Celestia's answer mid-sentence Sopranos style.

Well... that is how one gets subject to another tradition... that of the horse head in the bed ^^;;;;

Discord forbid Rarity and Cadence start planning together.

I guess you could say Rainbow Dash was shooting for the stars with her bucket list. Maybe for a sequel Celestia could help her with it.

I loved the characterizations in this. A delightful and humorous story throughout. Nice job, zombi.

Silly Rainbow, you didn't realize that pink princess Heartbutt is BEST AT PONIES IN LOVE!

Never enough RainbowLestia around here, might there be more?

I don't like what you're implying about Scootaloo.

Finally got around to reading this. Just like always, your writing is impressive. This was above and beyond cute fluff, I give it 20/10 Rainbow's.

Not just Scootaloo. Remember the time that Rainbow snatched some random crystal filly with a flag in her mouth off the ground while her friend looked on in surprise? Man, that episode was a riot, even if most of the humor was unintentional.

This is a convincingly adorable Rainbow . . . good job! :rainbowdetermined2:

Liking the story, but the comments are lmfao

Wait, NO! You can't just end it NOW!

But ever since I was a teenager, I’ve… hadagiantcrushonCelestia.”

Understandable. Quite a natural part of a young pony's life. :eeyup:

Sweet lil' thing. Would have loved to see it proceed but it's fine to end it there. Cadence pushing Rainbow to do what she does best (wing it and improvise without thought) was a very clever stroke.

I'm into Apache helicopters.

Also, I like trains...

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