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In a small outpost near the war front with the griffons, a young apprentice tailor named Needle Point learns the ins and outs of living this close to a large military camp.

Specifically, the dangers of becoming romantically entangled with a soldier pony.

But youth is the perfect time to break rules and make mistakes. Especially when the cutest military medic ever drifts into Needle Point's shop, looking for some thread.

A side story for Rekindled Embers. No knowledge of the other story is necessary to enjoy this one.

Written for a Quills and Sofas Speedwriting event.

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This was such a lovely piece about teacher and student. I loved it when I read it for the contest, and I'm very happy to see it here.
*Pat pat*

Awww, this is incredibly adorable, I love it! :heart:

This was so adorable and sweet, I just loved it! :heart: If you were to write more with this, I would be all over it! Such a sweet sweet, story. :raritystarry:


Thanks guys! It was fun to write something outside of my usual (ahem, darker) tone.

Thank you, Chryssy! I probably don't plan on any more chapters, but obviously those of you who've read Rekindled Embers know at least some of what the future holds for these two.

However, there is a possibility of a sequel down the line showing some of their married life.

Hmm thank you Fimfiction, for giving me notifications that become lost amidst the various group updates for when an author i'm following writes a fic. Glad I was able to find this, regardless.

Short and sweet, but sometimes all you need to show is that little spark that started it all. Curious to think about - if these two never met, Emberglow's story would have never happened. Life is odd like that. I've had my own experiences where I could have missed my life paths by a thread. You even added a mini arc in that short time.

You're welcome, and either way I am just glad to get some cute stuff with them. ^,^

This is wonderful fluff! Are you going to be doing more one shots like this soon?

Yes. Some will be connected back to Rekindled Embers, others will not be. I've written one already, but I can't post it yet because it has spoilers to the main story.

WowI even read this before starting Rekindled Embers, and somewhere along chapter 15 or so I realized... wait... this couple seems awfully familiar for some reason.

This is the reason. D'awwww! This is how her parents met! I love it, and it means it got a happy ending after all. At least by thew start of Rekindled Embers, and nopony should dare to spoil me if otherwise!

Howdy, hi!

Quite a while ago, you submitted this story to be reviewed by the Pens and Couches Review Group. This group has since undergone some changes and rebranding, and your story now has a review.

A cute sweet fluff piece, If you ever did build on this I'd be interested in Cashmere's story, as well as the mysterious "grandma..."

This is one of my favorite QnS stories of all time. It hit all the right notes for me. Sweet and light fluff on the outside, well done characterizations (for Needle Point, Cashmere, and most especially Textile!), with a hit of tragedy (WHO DID YOU LOSE CASHMERE? YOU HAVE TO LET YOURSELF LOVE AGAIN!!! 😭) underneath, and a great, ambiguous, but hopeful ending. (The rest of your Rekindled Embers is on my very long to read fic list.)

Also if Textile dies and leaves Needle Point alone you will give me emotions. And I do not like emotions. :twilightoops:

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